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end of tenancy

Does your rental agreement include an end of tenancy cleaning? Hire professional services in Dublin to do the job. Expert cleaners would arrive at the premises at scheduled time. Same day appointments are also available. Contact with the customer care department beforehand to explain your situation. State your requirements and ask for an estimate. Cleaning services usually have separate packages for different types of work. A typical end of tenancy cleaning package would include a complete clean up of the apartment or house. They would attend to the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room. Follow this checklist to know what you are paying for.

Doors and windows

All doors and windows receive a complete wipe on either surface. Professionals use a special cleaning pole for window cleaning. These poles can stretch up to twenty meters or more from the ground level. Window blinds receive dusting. Door and window handles get a clean wash by using special sprays. If you have allergic reaction to any specific cleaning sprays, let it know beforehand. They would arrange an alternate solution. You should also confirm whether all the products used for cleaning are eco-friendly.

Using non-toxic sprays are especially important so that there are no health hazards. Window glasses are cleaned with a wet sponge dipped in detergent mix, then with a dry microfiber cloth. Finally, a piece of white paper is used to scrub out all persistent grimy deposits from window corners.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

There is a lot of work to do in a kitchen or bathroom. However, in an end of tenancy cleaning, it may not be necessary to get the insides of the ovens or refrigerator cleaned. You would only require work on the property of the landlord. The kitchen taps tend to gather lime deposits. Brownish water rings also accumulate on taps and other bathroom fixtures. The experts would be using best quality cleaning materials to remove these deposits and leave the taps in a sparkling new condition.

Toilets also tend to accumulate yellow scales due to regular use. Professionals would be cleaning these using non-toxic sprays and liquid solutions. Mirrors receive special attention. First, they wipe them with a piece of wet sponge, followed by drying with a piece of white paper for that streak-free finish.

Floor Area

A good end of tenancy cleaning Dublin service always pays special attention to the floor area. Non carpeted areas receive thorough mopping followed by drying using a steam powered vacuum cleaner. As for carpet cleaning, it is done in stages. First, a steam powered vacuum is used for removing dust from either surface of the carpet, top and bottom. Then, a calculated mix of cleaning chemicals plus detergents is added to areas with stains.

It is allowed to rest for an hour so that the stains totally dissipate and dissolve. Finally, a steam powered vacuum is used to clean it thoroughly and dry it. At the end of the job, you will be having a refreshed carpet. Separate carpet cleaning packages are also available. Check out the website of the service provider to schedule an appointment. They would arrive at your place on time with their latest equipments.

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