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Do your windows look streaky and dirty? If yes, you need to look for the best commercial window cleaning Dublin. Windows of your home are the heart to your home. If the windows in your home are not clean your visitors may get bad vibes from your home. In this post, we will help you know why window cleaning is important and how you can achieve the best window cleaning experience. 

Gone are the days when people used to get a bucket of water and a sponge to clean the windows. If you want to spend your weekend standing on the ladder while cleaning all windows, this may seem a good option. 

But, hiring professional window cleaning services is a good option as they can help you get professional quality window cleaning. Professionals of commercial window cleaning Dublin have the needed skills, expertise, and products to help you get a shiny window.

If you are worried about how to choose the best window cleaning company, we are here to help you. We will help you know all about window cleaning and how you can get professional quality cleaning experience.

Steps followed for cleaning windows!

Follow all these tips to clean outside windows as these window cleaning tips are tried and tested by professional window cleaning company.

  1. Remove the window screen (If any) before you start cleaning the window. You also need to clean the window screens by using a water pipe to get rid of all types of dirt, dust, and the impact of high level pollution.
  2. Rinse the window before cleaning. This way, you will be able to get rid of all spots and stains on the windows with maximum efficiency. You can use a garden hose to rinse the window before starting the cleaning. You can also use a bucket full of water and detergent to rinse the window before the actual cleaning process begins. 
  3. Use a sponge to get rid of stains. Sponge can be used easily and you won’t find it uncomfortable to use the sponge. If you are a pro cleaner, you can also use quality scrubbers to clean the tough stains on your window. 
  4. Try to keep in mind that you need to make horizontal strokes to clean the window properly. Using horizontal strokes can be helpful in preventing any stains or water marks on the window.
  5. Don’t forget to wipe the window by using a quality lint-free cloth. If you don’t dry the window after cleaning it, you may find a watermark and detergent mark on the glass window once it dries off.
  6. At the end, reattach the window screen that you removed. 

All these steps of window cleaning are followed by best cleaners like Clean 4 U. Thus, instead of following all these steps by yourself, make sure to contact Clean 4 U to get professional window cleaning services.

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Here are the best tools and equipment that professional window cleaning services near me use.


The best part about using Squeegee is that it won’t cause any type of streaks on the you use a squeegee. The best part about squeegee is that it can also be used to clean other hard surfaces and parts of windows.


Most Professional Window Cleaning Dublin also use scrubbers to get the best cleaning experience for glass windows. Using a scrubber enables cleaners to get rid of every little piece of dust and stains from windows. Professionals like Clean 4 U use high-quality scrubbers so that you can get the best quality cleaning experience.


If squeegee and scrubber are too big for a small-sized window, apartment window cleaning Dublin also uses quality sponges. The best part about sponge is that it is easy to use and it can be helpful in cleaning all parts of your window. To clean the interior parts of a window, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar and use a sponge to get perfect cleaning experience.

Microfiber towel

Office window cleaning in Dublin also uses good quality microfiber towel to dry the window after cleaning it with water or liquid. This way, no stains and watermarks can be found on the window. 

If you choose Clean 4 U as your window cleaning services near me, you won’t have to purchase any of these materials and equipment for window cleaning. The Clean 4 U team will visit your home with all cleaning products and equipment. You won’t get charged any extra penny to get the best cleaning experience by Clean 4 U. 

Below you can see some results of our Commercial Window services:

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Cleaning Services FAQs

Window cleaning services charge different prices for different clients. The price of window cleaning services is dependent on different factors. It can be dependent on the type of cleaning you are expecting, the size and the number of windows, and the square footage of the window. Some window cleaning companies can also charge the price by the number of window panes. A small home with not too many windows may work within a flat rate. commercial window cleaning prices can vary anything from $2 to $7 per window. 


In bigger homes and multi-storeyed buildings, where counting pane by pane may seem difficult, window cleaning company have fixed commercial window cleaning prices. Thus, you can choose the pane by price or the fixed charges if you are looking to get the best window cleaning experience.Clean 4 U can help you get the best window cleaning experience at the most affordable price.


Do you keep on guessing what do Professional Window Cleaning Dublin uses to get a shiny and smooth window? If yes, following are some of the materials that are used to get qualitycleaning experience.Microfibre towels, squeegee, sponge, scrubbers, detergents, wipes, etc., are a few of the many materials used by professional window washers. If it is possible, then power washing is one method that is also used by professionals to clean windows.


Well, if you are looking to get clean and fresh windows for your home, anytime is the best time to clean windows. If you are calling apartment window cleaning in Dublin, make sure to book an appointment for early morning or an overcast day. In addition to this, it is advisable to get your windows cleaned in spring or fall season. This is because low temperatures in winter months can cause freezing of the window cleaner and summer cleaning may result in streaking. This is because sun may cause the cleaning liquid to evaporate. Thus, if you are thinking about calling residential or office window cleaning in Dublin, make sure to call them in spring or fall months. This way, you won’t have to face problems like freezing and streaking.


Try to work on a cool and cloudy day. Choosing an overcast day for window cleaning can help you to prevent evaporation of cleaning detergent and you won’t have to worry about streaking off the window. You need to use scrub, wash the window with some detergent, and wipe it with a clean cloth.  You can also make use of the chemicals if the window is too dirty.  It may require you to scrub it many times.  However, a professional company like Clean 4 U will always have better resources to do the job. 


The biggest problem associated with window cleaning is the streakiness. This problem is commonly caused, if you have cleaned your windows in summer months. This happened because the liquid part of the cleaning solution evaporates and leaves behind streaks that may look horrible. Thus, it is advisable to clean windows on an overcast day or make sure to clean your windows before the sun rises

Wrapping up!

We have been in the cleaning business for more than a decade and we can help you in getting the best window cleaning experience. You can call us for window cleaning anytime. Even if you are calling the cleaners in summer months, we will make sure to get your windows cleaned before the sunrise. You can get in touch with Clean 4 U to get additional details about which month is most suited for window cleaning. It may look like that window cleaning is a simple task, but it is not true at all. Now that you have read the post, you will it requires a lot knowledge, skill, tools and detergents to wash or clean the windows. Hence, it should be done by a professional company like Clean 4 U only. Are you looking for professional window cleaners? If yes, contact Clean 4 U to get the best window cleaning services at the most affordable price. Get ready to get crystal clean windows.

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