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Clean 4 U is a cleaning service provider offering professional services in Dublin. We strive to offer excellent cleaning and janitorial services depending on individual requirements. Our trained staff also helps you with upholstery cleaning and sofa cleaning services in Dublin.


Upholstery cleaning and Sofa Cleaning in Dublin

Upholstered furniture is a big headache for most homeowners, especially if you have kids and pets at home. It easily traps dust, pollen, food crumbs and stains. Hire our expert upholstery cleaning and sofa cleaning services to restore the lost glory of your favourite piece of furniture. Clean 4 U is dedicated to offering professional upholstery and sofa cleaning services in Dublin. Get in touch with us now to avail our expert cleaning services.

Our upholstery cleaning experts are trained to remove the toughest stains. We use natural and secure methods that ensure your family’s safety. If you are worried about the use of harsh chemicals for sofa cleaning, leave it up to us and we will deliver the best service. It not only removes tough stains, but it also dries faster and prevents re-soiling.

At Clean 4 U, the professional cleaners use non-toxic cleaning solutions that remove dirt and grime from sofas and upholstery without damaging its texture. The trained staff understands the cleaning requirements of every product and utilizes modern methods that are ideally suited to your furniture.

Choose Clean 4 U for Best Services in Dublin

At Clean 4 U, we are dedicated to providing cleaning services for homes, offices, industrial spaces and other commercial areas. Regardless to your cleaning requirement, we have the perfect solution. We also offer free consultations, allowing clients to discuss their preferences before opting for our specialized services in Dublin.

Here’s what you get when you choose Clean 4 U.  

  • Reliable and Professional Cleaning services
  • Access to the best professionals in Dublin
  • Economic and competitive rates
  • Cutting-edge cleaning solutions designed for residential or industrial spaces
  • Scheduled services anytime

  • To know more about our upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning or other deep cleaning facilities in Dublin, contact us at 1800 938 831 or 089-452 3433 now.

Here are all the reasons that make Clean4U the best sofa and upholstery cleaning company in Dublin:

  • Thorough Removal of Allergens: Upholstery is fibrous, which is why it tends to collect allergens over time. Clean 4 U’s sofa cleaning services ensure that such allergens are completely removed, which in turn creates a better environment for you and your family. Bid goodbye to frequent allergies that irritate your throat, nose, and eyes and say hello to fresh air.
  • Fresh-Looking Furniture: As allergens, dirt and dust accumulate on your sofa and its upholstery, the look of your furniture goes for a toss. However, with Clean 4 U’s sofa cleaning services, you can get your furniture looking as if you bought it only yesterday.
  • Elimination of Musty Odours:A build-up of dirt and dust isn’t just bad for your furniture’s aesthetic appearance and your health; it can also make your furniture smell strange. Trust us; no one likes sitting on a sofa that smells off. With our sofa cleaning services, we can make your furniture look new and smell new as well.
  • Years of Experience:When you choose a company for upholstery and sofa cleaning, you should ideally choose one that has the right amount of experience. Clean 4 U is a company that boasts of cleaning professionals who have been catering to the cleaning requirements of residences and commercial spaces for years. That’s what makes us one of the top names in the cleaning business in Dublin.

So, look no further than Clean 4 U when it comes to sofa and upholstery cleaning services. Get in touch with us today!

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