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Cleaning for concrete and paved driveways with effective removal of dirt and other matter in your driveways

Cleaning services are absolutely essential for residential as well as commercial spaces. And if you are looking for impeccable service, get in touch with a reliable and professional company like Clean 4 U. We are one of the foremost cleaning service providers in Dublin and the title we’ve achieved with our quality services. We also offer the best driveway cleaning services in Dublin and you can rely on us for all your cleaning needs.

Driveway Cleaning Services

Driveway Cleaning Services in Dublin

If you are trying to find professional driveway cleaning services in Dublin, Clean 4 U is ready to deliver impeccable services. Our trained professionals specialize in cleaning and restoring driveways, patios and pathways, making them look as good as new. Whether you are decking up your home for a party or looking to renovate the office, driveway cleaning services in Dublin will make your life easier.

Our driveway cleaning services help to remove oil stains, dirt, mud, sand, tyre marks and weeds from the pathway.

What Makes Clean 4 U So Special?

Clean 4 u have been in the cleaning industry for years. Not only do we provide expert professionals in uniform to complete all types of cleaning needs, but we are also trusted for our efficiency, timely service and excellent methods. Here’s what makes us special.

Customer-Oriented Approach:

When you opt for our cleaning services in Dublin, rest assured about the best quality service. We aim to provide maximum customer satisfaction. As a result, our driveway cleaning services are completely customized according to client specifications.

Professional Service:

We choose trained professionals to complete all our services in Dublin. Our team of residential, commercial and industrial cleaners are qualified to offer impeccable service.

Top-Notch Cleaning Methods:

At Clean 4 U, we understand the need for cutting-edge methods to offer the finest cleaning services. We provide the latest cleaning equipment to finish the job as quickly as possible.

Affordable Rates:

Our rates are extremely affordable and you can access our services anywhere in Dublin without any hassle.

What are the Benefits of Professional Driveway Cleaning?

There is No Shortcut to Driveway Cleaning. We Clean Every Corner!

Concrete is porous in nature and a breeding ground for algae, moulds and mosses. Your beautifully paved driveways also undergo regular wear & tear, including general pollution, dirt, tree sap, tyre marks, oil and rust. Even your specially-built resin driveway can easily capture dust and dirt, making it look dull and ugly. Whatever is your driveway made of, regular cleaning may keep it looking great as new. 

Hire professional driveway cleaning services at Clean 4 U and transform your not-so-impressive looking driveway into a clean and beautiful space. Our expert cleaners harness professional-grade pressure washing tools that go deep into every nook and corner, efficiently removing all dirt, dust and grime. We are fully-trained in power washing driveways, ensuring no damage is caused to the surface. Thorough cleaning will help restore the original visual appeal and structural integrity of your driveway.

Do I Need Driveway Cleaning?

If your driveway looks dirty, dull or it is slippery, it is time to call Clean 4 U for professional help. We have decades of experience in pressure washing, thoroughly cleaning all corners and crevices using high-power cleaning equipment and hot water that goes deep into the surface and eliminates all dirt, oil and grime. Our team can efficiently clean various types of driveways, including: 

We recommend our customers to prep up the driveway before we arrive. This will help save more time and ensure deep cleaning. Ensure you clear the driveway of all vehicles, toys, plant pots, or if required, sweep away any debris or leaves. And if you are wondering how frequently should you have the driveway cleaned, then we would suggest hiring professional driveway cleaning services at least once a year, especially after a chilly, wet winter. 

When the snow in your driveway starts melting, it will cause the space to be wet and slippery. Mould and algae build-up is another primary factor affecting the beauty and safety of your driveway. Adding to this is the dirt and grime that accumulates due to daily wear and tear. If not cleaned thoroughly, this can even affect the structural integrity and lifespan of your driveway. 

On seeing any sign of tough stains, dirt and grime, give us a call for top-notch concrete driveway cleaning service.

Our Specialised Process of Driveway Cleaning

At Clean 4, we take a professional approach to driveway cleaning and ensure space keeps looking cleanest as possible. We use only the best quality cleaning agent that is tough on any kind of oil, grease, stain, dirt or other nasties that might be lurking on your driveway. We will then use steaming hot water that is injected deep into the surface through a high-power pressure equipment. 

The hot water, along with high-pressure cleaning, will efficiently extract most types of dirt and grime, leaving the driveway looking exceptionally clean and spotless. If required, we will rinse the concrete with a high-quality agent and then seal it with a solvent that helps preserve the driveway’s visual appearance and longevity. 

Sealing your driveway inhibits the growth of weed, lichen or mould and also prevents loss of sand from the joints. It functions as effective waterproofing and also helps augment the natural colours and visual appeal of the space. If you are looking for driveway cleaning service near me, get in touch with us today and request a price quote.

Below you can see some results of our Driveway Cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Cleaning Services FAQs

Driveway cleaning services prices would depend on the square footage of the space and extent of cleaning required. It will also vary based on whether you want regular driveway cleaning or one-off cleaning. The latter would cost more than regular cleaning. The price also depends on whether the surface requires pressure washing or simple soft cleaning. 

Clean 4 U offers the most competitive prices for top-quality driveway cleaning services in Dublin.

Pressure washing, using hot water and high-power jet cleaning technique, is one of the best ways to clean your driveway. The process helps reach deep into the surface, thoroughly cleaning dirt, oil, stains and mould build-up from all corners and crevices. 

We use best quality pressure washing equipment and cleaning agents that are tough on dirt and stains, but safe on the surface. Using the right technique, we ensure no damage is caused to the surface.

Vinegar is an all-natural and effective cleaner that can be used for concrete driveway cleaning service. When mixed in equal parts with water, it can help clean tough stains or heavily soiled driveways. It is a good and safe way to clean your concrete but make sure to seal it using a concrete sealer. 


We will first inspect the stains to understand the cause. If the black stains on your concrete are caused due to water, power washing can help to get rid of the same. We will then seal the concrete with an effective water repellent sealer or with a protective layer of coating that prevent stains from building up again. 


There are several reasons that can cause black mould to build-up on your concrete driveway. This includes water, snow, or lack of regular maintenance. To get rid of black mould, we will thoroughly scrub the concrete using a mould-resistant detergent or simply bleaching powder and water. This will help get rid of all black mould from your driveway.

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