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In the contemporary world, everyone is fond of cleanliness. That must be why mankind has emerged as the proponent of hygiene and cleanliness.

We invest a big fraction of our time in making our household dust-free. Whether it is a cabinet in the living room or the quilts, bedsheets, and pillowcases from our bedroom, we include everything in the sight in our cleaning routine. But, there’s this one thing that we use daily yet, miss out on cleaning the same during the cleaning sessions. It is the mattress.

While performing rigorous spic and spanning, we do not realize is the fact that cleaning our mattresses is just as important as cleaning everything else in our surroundings. However, this task isn’t as easy as it sounds. People often mistake sun-drying the mattresses as a cleaning process but, that doesn’t practically count. The sunlight cannot wipe out the germs that seeped deep into our mattresses so easily. The need of the hour thus is to find a reputed and reliable mattress cleaning service provider to help us.

We recommend you approach someone who specializes in deep home cleaning. Hiring an experienced cleaning service provider always helps. This way you get to enjoy the second-to-none services at extremely competitive pricing.

Clean 4 U: A Reputed Mattress Cleaning Service Provider

We are Clean 4 U, a deep home-cleaning industry expert.

If you are someone who looking ahead to find a service provider for mattress cleaning Dublin, we have got you covered. With us at your resort, you do not need to feel troubled with the dirty mattresses anymore. We have a cleaning team that holds expertise in managing your grimy beddings. We hold expertise in providing you the highly professional mattress cleaning services in Dublin and nationwide.

Our in-house cleaning professionals use the latest tools and machinery besides the eco-friendly non-toxic sprays and shampoos to clean your mattresses. We have a name in the niche industry that synonymizes quality and standards. Rest assured, we offer stress-free cleaning mattress cleaning solutions with our modern cleaning techniques. We provide safe, healthy, and fast quality home-cleaning and mattress cleaning Dublin.

What Do We Do?

Renowned as the best cleaning service provider, we offer tailor-built, hassle-free cleaning services at competitive pricing. Using the best tools and cleaning supplies, we perform intensive mattress cleaning sessions in your home.

Clean 4 U is a cleaning company that understands your unique needs and avails customized cleaning services to make your surroundings neat and tidy. Once you approach us, one of our cleaning experts contacts you to discuss your needs and services. Thereafter, Clean 4 U sends one of its personnel to visit your premises, inspect the number of cleaning services you need and give out an estimated quote.

Armed with all the required tools and cleaning supplies, a team of cleaning experts from Clean 4 U reaches your home on the day decided. If you choose wet mattress cleaning Dublin, our staff takes your mattresses to our mattress cleaning unit for intensive cleaning.

Process of Mattress Cleaning Dublin @ Clean 4 U

When it comes to making your mattresses dust, mites, and grim free, we resort to nothing but the full-fledged cleaning procedure. Following are the steps we follow while cleaning your beddings.


Once your mattresses reach our cleaning unit, the primary step of mattress cleaning Dublin at Clean 4 U is the first inspection. When you hire us as your mattress cleaners, we start the cleaning process with pre-inspection where we analyze your mattress for the cleaning issues to be resolved including:

  • Molds
  • Stains
  • Colour bleeding
  • Odor
  • Wastes etc. 

High-Filtration Power vacuum

Once we are thorough with the pre-inspection, the actual cleaning procedure starts. We use a high-filtration power vacuum to pull out the dust sitting on your bedding. This step helps us get rid of dust, dirt, and other fine particles from the mattresses.

Eco-Friendly Non-Toxic Pre-Spray

Spraying the fabric cleaner after the power vacuum cleaning is done to lift the oil, dirt, and other pollutants. This helps in suspending the grim and dirt particles in the solution sprayed.

Scrubbing and Stain Removal

Using non-toxic cleaners, our cleaning staff scrubs your mattresses for stain removal. 

High-Pressure Extraction

The high-pressure extraction method is used to spray the water-based cleaning solution to rinse the suspended dirt. 

Sanitization and Protector Treatment

Thorough cleaning is not enough to destroy the hubs of molds and mites from your bedding. We sanitize and treat your mattresses with a fabric protector to hinder bacteria from developing.


Unless you want urgent delivery on the mattress cleaning, we prefer air-drying your mattresses. The dryers are used only when needed.

After Service Inspection

The after-service inspection is done to ensure that our cleaners did not miss our cleaning anything. If there’s a stain left uncleaned, we make sure to clean the same.

Why Choose Clean 4 U for Mattress Cleaning Dublin?

You need to choose Clean 4 U as your mattress cleaners because:

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