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Everything you need to know about medical cleaning

There are two major functions of cleaning. The first major function is to make the area look clean and the second function is to disinfect the area. No doubt, appearance matters a lot when it comes to any type of organization. But, when it comes to hospital, hygiene and cleanliness is much more important than the appearance of a place. 

When it comes to Medical Cleaning in Dublin, every inch and every part of the hospital matters. Hospitals need to be clean as well as well sanitised so that patients can stay healthy. 

Hospitals can go through just regular cleaning services but they also need to be sanitized and disinfected well. While a place may look clean and shiny, it may not seem property disinfected. In this article, we will try to know why commercial medical cleaning in Dublin is essential and how to get effective cleaning experience. But, before we move towards getting to know all types of medical cleaning and how you can achieve the best cleaning experience, let’s understand every little detail about medical cleaning.

Most hospitals have a separate inspection team that provide adequate assessment of the cleanliness protocols of the hospital. It is important for hospitals to conduct regular assessment to ensure that patients are satisfied.

It is very important that the housekeeping team of the hospital, also called the environmental officers, are in close contact and communicate with the infection control team of the hospital to make sure that adequate measures can be taken to prevent all types of infection in the hospital. Try to look for local medical cleaning companies in such a way that the staff has extensive training as well as knowledge. The cleaning team should know the difference between janitorial services and disinfection of hospitals. Personal health and hygiene of patients is most important and thus, it is important to look for best power washing cleaning services by best cleaning agencies like Clean 4 U.

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Why choose Clean 4 U?

Clean 4 U will come up with a professional team with more than a decade experience in medical cleaning. Thus, you can get in touch with us to get the best cleaning experience without any hassles. Clean 4 U and the cleaning team at Clean 4 U are certified to clean all places that are used for offering medical services. We have more than 100 clients who contact us to get power washing cleaning for their hospital, clinic, and areas that homes patients.  We are in the cleaning business for several years. Our team of professionals has a lot of experience in dealing with medical cleaning. Every type of cleaning is quite different from the other and when it comes to medical cleaning, it requires a lot of skills and knowledge.  We use special materials and chemicals to clean hospitals such as:


This is a water-based formulation, which is also known by the name formalin. This is one of the highest level disinfectants and sterilants. This solution is helpful in getting rid of all types of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. The best part about this disinfectant is that it is also helpful in penetrating bacterial spores. Formaldehyde can also be used to sterilise equipment like surgical tools used by doctors.


This is a saturated solution that can be used as a potent sterilant. It is also a high-level disinfectant. If you are looking for low temperature disinfectant, using Glutaraldehyde can be the best option.

Quaternary ammonium

This is a chemical that is used in regular cleaning as well as power washing cleaning at the hospital. This is a low-level disinfectant that is useful in getting rid of all types of bacteria, viruses, and fungus. This solution can also be used for carpet cleaning and window cleaning. The best part about this solution is that it can also be used to clean hard surfaces. You can also use this solution to clean non-critical areas and surfaces like floors, bed-rails, trays, walls, blood pressure cuffs, and walls. 


This is one of the most commonly-used chlorine-based disinfectants. This disinfectant is also commercially available as a household bleach. The best part about this chemical is that it is chemically stable and fast-acting chemical used in hospitals. This chemical is used to clean bathrooms, food preparation zones, and blood spills in hospitals.

Clean 4 U uses all these chemicals to clean hospitals. Thus, you can expect high quality carpet cleaning, room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and window cleaning.

Basic steps that most hospitals use to clean hospital rooms:

Cleaning Services FAQs

Medical cleaning is a type of cleaning that is especially provided by local medical cleaning companies. The cleaning protocol followed is helpful in controlling and breaking the chain of infections. Hospitals are places that provide healing to people. Thus, it should not be the breeding ground for any type of acquired infection for patients.


Special methods and material are used to clean hospitals by cleaning hospitals. There are some materials, mentioned above, which are used to clean hospitals by commercial medical cleaning in Dublin such as Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, Quaternary ammonium, Hypochlorite and more.


There are special disinfectants and sanitizers that hospitals use to sanitize rooms. Each and everything placed in the room from bed sheets to beds to other furniture and equipment, everything is cleaned meticulously. For complete sanitization of the room, they also hire professionals like Clean 4 U.


If you own a medical office or a hospital, you need to make sure that the area is cleaned regularly and proper protocols for cleaning are used. If a building has a medical office, clinic, or a hospital the law requires the area to be cleaned every day. But, if the hospital or the medical office has lots of patients and workers, then it is important to clean the area at least twice every day. You need to choose the best medical cleaning Dublin to make sure that you get the best cleaning services.

Wrapping Up!

Being the owner of a hospital or clinic, you can’t ignore the safety as well as the security of your patients. One single hazardous infection can lead to poor health of your patients.  Today, the whole world is facing a huge issue of pandemic. And, in such a situation you can’t overlook the importance of regular cleaning.  Instead of looking for a cheap service provider, make sure to choose a cleaning agency that is known for offering quality cleaning services. Since medical cleaning in Dublin is different as compared to regular cleaning, it is important to look for experts. This is where Clean 4 U enters the frame. The health of patients at hospitals is very precious. Even a single mistake in cleanliness can be a cause of potential health hazard. It is very important to keep your medical facility as clean as possible.  So, choose Clean 4 U to get the best medical cleaning services. We have been in this service for more than a decade and you can totally rely on us to get the best cleaning services. Every little equipment and disinfectant will be carried by us so that you can get hassle-free cleaning experience. Let us know if you want to get more details about medical cleaning services.

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