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Though every part of your house needs to be cleaned pretty well, the condition of the carpet at your home can say a lot about your personality. If you have spilled coffee, tea, or any other food products, you need help from a professional commercial carpet cleaning services. No matter how clean and updated your business is, your guest may not get the best vibes if the carpet of your commercial space is not clean. People will notice and complain. With regular visitors, carpets can get dirty pretty easily. If you own a commercial facility or a business, you can’t use short tactics for business carpet cleaning. In this article, we will help you in making the best choice for cheap commercial carpet cleaners. Clean 4 U offers the best commercial carpet cleaning services in Dublin. You can get in touch with us to get hassle-free carpet cleaning services.

If you have already made failed attempts by hiring poor quality corporate carpet cleaning services, we can help you. Our team has complete knowledge about carpet cleaning. With more than 2 decades of experience in business carpet cleaning, we can be your best choice to get clean and clear carpets for your visitors.

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How to choose the best commercial carpet cleaning companies?

If you are thinking about choosing the best commercial carpet cleaning companies in Dublin, you need to look at different factors that can help you in getting perfect cleaning experience:

Cost is the key

Since you own a commercial space or a corporate office, you need to take care of finances before choosing the best corporate carpet cleaning services. You need to pay for the services that you are expecting. Thus, if you are looking to get quality services for a bigger space, you need to pay more and vice versa. When you choose Clean 4 U, you will get the best services at the most affordable cost. The only end result you can expect is crystal clear floor and carpet.

Type of cleaning

Before you hire corporate carpet cleaning services, make sure to know about the type of cleaning you are looking for. When it comes to office carpet cleaning in Dublin, it is available in two variants by Clean 4 U. These include the dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning. You can choose any of these cleaning services as per your needs. Dry cleaning is a process in which low moisture and little amount of chemicals are used for cleaning. This is a faster method of corporate carpet cleaning in Dublin. The steam cleaning doesn’t offer too deep cleaning but, it is recommended for people who don’t have too dirty carpets. 

Steam cleaning involves using hot water and cleaning chemicals to get rid of the dirt and fibers out of the carpet. It takes more time to clean the carpet by using steam cleaning by most office carpet cleaning services in Dublin.

Know the needs

When it comes to office carpet cleaning Dublin, you need to know about your needs as well as the type of carpet you have. By knowing the type of carpet, the type of stains, and the age of the carpet you will be able to get commercial steam cleaning in Dublin. When Clean 4 U will visit your place, they will ask you questions related to the type of chemicals they can use, the type of carpet you have the type of office carpet cleaning services you are looking for. We will also ask you if you have pets or kids at your home and whether they are allergic to any type of cleaning products.

Know about insurance and license

Any company for corporate carpet cleaning in Dublin must be licensed by the government of Ireland. The company also needs to have proper license and insurance. The company needs to have proper paperwork so that customers can get the background check. In addition to this, if anything happens to furniture or property the company must be capable of covering for the losses incurred.

Cleaning material

It is also important to know about the type of cleaning fluids used by industrial carpet cleaning services. Try to check if the carpet cleaning product will cause any harm to pets or your kids. Try to get details about the type of chemicals and tools that will be used by the commercial carpet washer in Dublin. Clean 4 U uses only green products and materials to clean your carpets. Make sure that the chemical used should not cause allergies to users. 

Experience and expertise

It is also important for the industrial carpet cleaning services to have proper expertise and understanding about commercial steam cleaning in Dublin. Make sure to choose a company that has at least 5-years of experience in carpet cleaning. Make sure to choose a team that has expertise in offering commercial steam cleaning in Dublin. Thus, look for a Veteran company like Clean 4 U to get the best commercial carpet steam cleaner.


It is important to get guarantee for the services you are receiving. Commercial carpet washer in Dublin will definitely offer you guarantee for the work they are offering. Guarantee basically means that if the customers are not satisfied by the services offered by the company they can ask for changes or they can ask about getting their money back.

Read reviews

One of the best ways to choose cheap commercial carpet cleaners is to check their reviews on online platforms. You can look at unbiased platforms to know more about the company that offers commercial steam cleaning in Dublin. Reviews will let you know if the company will be able to work as per your requirement or not.

Ask for recommendation

It is always better to ask people around if you need to know the first-hand experience of the services that have been used by them. If any of your friends, family members or relatives has booked cheap commercial carpet cleaners in Dublin, you can ask them for recommendations. Getting recommendations from someone you know will enable you to get services as per your needs. Choose commercial carpet steam cleaner, by going through recommendations by your friends or relatives.

Clean 4 U team ticks off all these factors that you need to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning provider. So, when it comes to the best cleaning companies in Dublin, look no further than Clean 4 U.

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Cleaning Services FAQs

It is very difficult to pin point one commercial cleaner; still here aresome of the best commercial carpet cleaners. These are:

  • Bissell Big Green
  • Rug doctor mighty
  • Rug doctor portable deep carpet cleaner
  • Galaxy carpet extractor
  • Bissell 3624 professional carpet cleaner
  • Hoover spotless portable carpet cleaner
  • Bissell Multi Purpose portable carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner

Most professional carpet cleaners use extractor methods of carpet cleaning. This way, they help customers to get rid of 95% dusts, dirt, and impurities from the carpet. Even deeply ingrained dusts can be removed by using the extractor carpet cleaners.


Most industrial carpet cleaners work by using the shampooing method. Under this method, a foaming substance is applied on the carpet by using a brush like equipment. Wet vacuuming is also used to remove the dirt attached to the carpet. The carpet is then dried off to help you get clean and clear carpet.


Yes, commercial carpet cleaners are better as they have the needed skills and expertise to help you get the perfect cleaning experience. They will not only help you in getting professional cleaning services but they will also provide a healthier environment for your workplace.


Though there are many different methods used by different cleaners, the steam cleaning is known to be the most effective method of carpet cleaning. The best part about steam cleaning is that it can help you in getting rid of 90% germs and bacteria. Dry cleaning can also be a good method to get carpet cleaning.

Wrapping up!

Believe it or not, carpets are the most difficult to clean. It can be a huge headache to clean a carpet, especially if you haven’t cleaned it for a while. Try doing cleaning by yourself; you will get to know that it is not your cup of tea. All the dirt, spills and smell is very frustrating to deal with. Moreover, an unclean carpet can invite a lot of diseases. That is why it is vital to get your carpets cleaned by professional cleaners.  There are a few things that should only be done by professionals and carpet cleaning is one of them. Are you looking for the best carpet cleaning in Dublin? If yes, you can contact Clean 4 U to get the perfect cleaning experience.

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