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Are you looking for high-quality power washing services in Dublin and Kildare? Trust Clean 4 U for best-in-class private and commercial cleaning solutions. Our service excellence features high standards of workmanship, top-quality and safe cleaning products, efficient techniques and affordable pricing – combined with decades of experience. Accentuate the look of your residential or commercial property and eliminate all dirt & dust with our professional pressure washing services.   

For us, health and safety are our topmost priority. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to maintain the highest standards of quality to complete each cleaning project in the safest possible manner. We use 100% safe and eco-friendly products and continuously upgrade our cleaning techniques to keep your property spic-and-span, safe and healthy. Our power washing in Dublin includes everything from your patios to driveways, roofs, cobblelock, and forecourts to name a few.

Driveway Cleaning Services

Domestic and Commercial Power Washing Services in Dublin 

Clean 4 U has over a decade of experience in the cleaning industry, catering to the unique needs of our valued clients. Our self-sufficient and self-contained cleaning vans and specialists enable us to provide the highest quality power washing services in Dublin for the project of any type, size or complexity. We understand that pressure washing in any area requires a different level of skill than regular cleaning. Therefore, we use only the best quality products and equipment that can thoroughly pressure-wash any surface, leaving it immaculate and 99.9% germ-free. 

The power washing machines we use for domestic or commercial cleaning work at 250° Fahrenheit and 3500psi, cutting through dirt, grime, oil, gum, and other particles quickly and efficiently. Whether you want to power wash the driveway or looking for commercial patio cleaning, we can deliver excellent results that exceed your expectations. Say goodbye to dirt and germs, and have the exterior looking beautiful and fresh again!

Effective & Reliable Power Washing Services in Dublin

Does your property look dull and ugly due to a lack of proper cleaning? Have harsh weather conditions take a toll on the beauty of your property? Are you wondering whom to trust for exterior house cleaning near me? Look no further than Clean 4 U. We specialise in a gamut of exterior cleaning services, power-washing the surfaces to make them spick-and-span and looking as new again. 

Interested to Hire Us for Power Washing in Dublin? 

Choose Clean 4 U for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Being one of the top cleaning companies in Dublin, it is our responsibility to protect the environment as well as the property of our clients. Therefore, we take definitive measures to ensure that all domestic and commercial pressure washing services are performed in an eco-friendly way. Here’s why we are the best choice for eco-friendly cleaning: 

100% Safe and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents:

Mostly, we use hot water for power washing cleaning projects. Where detergent or other cleaning agents are required, we use environment-friendly products that destroy all dirt, germs and grease but in a way that does not affect the structural integrity and longevity of the surfaces. We also ensure that the products are safe for your pets and children.

Efficient Cleaning Equipment:

Our team uses state-of-the-art power washing equipment that renders excellent cleaning effectiveness. At the same time, we ensure using as little energy and water as possible – another important step towards environmental protection and sustainability.

Fully Trained & Certified Cleaners:

We have a team of highly certified and fully trained professionals who have vast expertise in power wash control. They are aware of ways to prevent used wash water from going into the drains, thus, preventing contamination into the environment. We follow state regulations and guidelines pertaining to safe and effective wash water disposal after a thorough power clean.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

If you think eco-friendly cleaning is not effective, then think again. Our locally-owned and managed business can efficiently clean your property better with “green” products and techniques. We dedicatedly care about our work, ensuring the highest levels of quality that exceed your expectations.

Our Cleaning Process – It’s Fast, Simple and Hassle-Free

Want to hire Clean 4 U for power washing services in Dublin? This is how our cleaning experts perform the job for you: 

Why Choose Clean 4 U?

Here’s why we are the top choice for power washing in Dublin:

Below you can see some results of our Power Washing services:

Before After
Before After

Cleaning Services FAQs

Typically, we use hot water to pressure wash any surface. The power washing technique helps reach deep into crevices and corners, getting rid of germs, dirt, grime and mould build-up. When required, we use 100% eco-friendly and safe cleaners that are tough to dirt but mild on your surfaces. 


At Clean 4 U, we provide high-quality driveway pressure cleaning but at a price that is budget-friendly. Get in touch for the most competitive rates.


Your driveways see a lot of use, resulting in dirt, grime, stains and germ build-up over the course of time. Therefore, we recommend pressure washing your driveways at least once a year.


Yes. Pressure washing is one of the best ways to wash your driveways because we use high-power washing equipment and hot water that thoroughly clean all surfaces in a fast and efficient manner.


There are a number of chemicals used in power washing but we ensure using only the ones that are safe and effective for most types of surfaces. These chemicals powerfully clean all dirt and germs but do not cause any harm to the property.


Pressure washing is where we use a highly pressurized stream of water to efficiently clean tough stains, dirt and debris from different surfaces like brick and concrete. Power washing also uses the same technique of using a pressurized stream of water but stands out by heating the water used in cleaning the surfaces. This technique is more efficient in deep cleaning all exterior surfaces.

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