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Apartment Cleaning Services in Dublin

With our cleaning team doing your housework, your apartment will never have been cleaner! With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the best techniques for all your hard-to-do jobs, you can rest assured Clean 4 U is the best choice for all your apartment cleaning needs. Our Dublin apartment cleaners work seven days a week to suit your lifestyle and work hours. Our team love to clean so you don’t have to! To make your cleaning appointments quick, easy and hassle-free, we always assign the same team member to you – ensuring they know your requirements and cleaning needs. By providing you with a regular cleaner, you won’t have to explain what your home needs or what you expect every time the cleaner calls. All of our staff members are covered under public liability insurance – so your apartment is in safe, capable and trustworthy hands.

So what apartment cleaning services do we provide? Here are a few examples to help you out:

Kitchen Area

• Clean outside of kitchen cupboards and inside on request • Wash outside of dishwasher • Clean outside fridge, inside on request • Clean outside washing machine • Clean all kitchen countertops • Sweep and wash hard surface floors • Clean sink • Wipe window sills, skirting boards, door frames and radiators • Clean mirrors • Clean windows (inside) • Clean dishes


• Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors • Scrub and disinfect toilet • Clean and remove lime scale from bath and showers, shower doors and tiles • Scrub and remove lime scale from bathroom sinks • Wipe all counters • Clean mirrors and windows • Wipe window sills, skirting boards and door frames


• Vacuum and mop (if necessary) • Clean mirrors and inside windows • Remove litter • Wipe windowsills • Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes (on request) • Make beds


• Vacuum and mop (if necessary) • Clean mirrors and windows (inside) • Wipe skirting boards and doorframes

Living room

• Vacuum and mop (if necessary) • Clean mirrors and windows • Polish table/ornaments • Clean and polish all surfaces • Clean pictures • Wipe skirting boards and door frame • Wipe window sills • Remove litter

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