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With our cleaning team doing your housework, your apartment will never have been cleaner! With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the best techniques for all your hard-to-do jobs, you can rest assured Clean 4 U is the best choice for all your apartment cleaning needs. Our apartment cleaning services are available seven days a week to suit your lifestyle and work hours. Our Dublin apartment cleaners love to clean so you don’t have to! 

To make your cleaning appointments quick, easy and hassle-free, we always assign the same team member to you – ensuring they know your requirements and cleaning needs. By providing you with a regular cleaner, you won’t have to explain what your home needs or what you expect every time the cleaner calls. All of our staff members are covered under public liability insurance – so your apartment is in safe, capable and trustworthy hands. We assure using eco-friendly and safe cleaning products and modern technologies for efficient apartment cleaning.

So, what apartment cleaning services do we provide? Here are a few examples to help you out:

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Wipe, clean and organise all exterior shelves, including shelves and cabinets from inside and outside
  • Wash outside of dishwasher
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen appliances from outside – microwave, stove, refrigerators, etc. We clean the inside on request   
  • Exhaust fans and chimneys are degreased externally 
  • Deep cleaning of all kitchen countertops, sink area and tiled walls 
  • Dry and wet mopping of kitchen floors
  • General cleaning such as dry dusting ceilings and walls, removing cobwebs, wiping fans & lights, etc. 
  • Effective surface management that includes windows, mirrors, steel & wooden surfaces, glass etc. 
  • Wash dishes or other kitchen utensils if required

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Scrub or steam clean hard water stains and soap scum from the tub and shower
  • Descale and disinfect bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling
  • Steam clean or scrub and sanitise bathroom basins, toilets and pedestals
  • Wipe and clean all taps, radiators, rails, surfaces and shelves
  • Remove limescale build-up from shower screens
    Clean bathroom mirrors and glass
  • Thoroughly scrub and sanitise floors

Bedroom Cleaning

  • Damp mop wooden floors using natural detergent or vacuum clean
  • Clean, disinfect and polish all mirrors, glasses and tables
  • Wipe all bedroom fittings and fixtures – lights, switches, fans, sockets and vents
  • Clean windows from inside and wipe window frames
  • Clean wardrobes and cupboards outside and inside (on request) using sanitiser and steam as considered appropriate 
  • Wipe and disinfect ledge areas such as radiators, sills, door tops and mouldings

Hallway Cleaning

  • Vacuum clean or damp mop wooden flooring with natural detergents 
  • Clean skirting boards, doors, door handles, plug sockets, switches, etc. 
  • Wipe and polish all mirrors and windows from inside 
  • Wipe skirting boards and doorframes
  • Clean fittings and fixtures that are easy to access

Living Room Cleaning

  • Mop, polish and disinfect all hard surfaces to eliminate dust and grime build-up
  • Wipe all furniture in your living room  
  • Clean and polish all mirrors, windows and glasses 
  • Vacuum clean the floor or damp mop non-carpeted flooring surfaces 
  • Clean the skirting, window and door frames, door handles, sills, etc. 
  • Empty your bins

Dublin’s #1 Professional Apartment Cleaning Services at Your Doorstep

Are you moving out to your new home but the stress of end-of-tenancy cleaning bogging you down? Looking for a professional apartment cleaner for deep cleaning? Moving to your new home? Beware! There might be hidden germs around! Clean 4 U can give you the peace of mind you deserve while we take care of your entire cleaning needs. 

Our expert cleaners treat client’s apartments the way they would want their own homes to be cleaned. So, you can be assured that every nook and corner of your apartment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised to remove all dirt, dust and grime. Continuously upgrading our cleaning skills and technologies, our professional apartment cleaning company aims to exceed the expectations of our clients.    

Do you know “the family that cleans daily gains back 730 hours or 30 days about a year by hiring a cleaning service?” Never let cleaning stress you out; hire us for expert apartment cleaning in Dublin. Our cleaning services are backed by 100% guarantee or we will be back and re-clean your apartment for free. 

Our tailored approach, high-quality cleaning products and attention to details make us one of the best cleaning companies in Dublin. Whatever be the size and complexity of the cleaning project, we employ trained cleaners who can render the highest standards of service. We are a fully licensed and insured company in Ireland, ensuring you complete peace of mind. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to provide excellent quality apartment cleaning services, restoring its beauty and cleanliness again.   

How does it work?

Hey, you are just 60 seconds away from booking the best apartment deep cleaning service in Dublin! No hidden fees, no long-term contracts! Booking cleaning services at Clean 4 U is fast, simple and hassle-free that gets you going right away.  

Apartment Cleaning Near Me? Choose Clean 4 U!

Here’s why Clean 4 U is a top professional cleaning company in Dublin:

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Cleaning Services FAQs

Our apartment cleaning prices are the most affordable in Dublin. Our cleaning experts will inspect the property to be cleaned and provide an upfront price quote that is economical and ensures good value. The cost will depend on several factors such as the size of your apartments, cleaning requirements or any addition that you may like to include.   


We will first inspect the apartment and determine the level of cleaning needed. Depending on the surface we are cleaning, our cleaners will use efficient mopping, scrubbing, cleaning and other techniques to remove all dirt and grime..


One of the best ways to clean your empty apartment is by hiring expert cleaners at Clean 4 U. They are fully certified and trained to efficiently clean apartments of all sizes and complexities. 


Our professional apartment cleaners will inspect the property and choose the right cleaning technique based on the level of dirtiness. They will vacuum the floor, carpets and rugs; empty trash bins; wipe the windows and doors; clean the cupboards and shelves; sweep the baseboard…and every technique that ensures your home looks sparkling clean. From vacuuming to steam cleaning, we specialise in all. 


We recommend apartment deep cleaning at least once in 6 months to keep your home looking and feeling immaculate, fresh and healthy.


Most tenancy agreements require you to clean the apartment when moving out. On failing to do so, the landlord has the right not to refund you the security deposit. So, that is the primary reason why you should definitely hire apartment cleaning services to move out. Another vital reason is an empty, non-maintained apartment may grow mildew and fungus which may continue to damage the property until it is rented out again. Therefore, it is your responsibility to have the apartment efficiently cleaned by our professionals before moving out.

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