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If you’re looking for a reliable, friendly, yet professional cleaning company in Ranelagh, look no further than the Clean 4 U team. We offer a wide range of cleaning services, covering both residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. Need a one-off clean up of your home? Here’s a quick list of just some of the services we can provide:

One off Cleaning Services Include:

  •   Floors and carpets
  •   Doors and frames
  •   Windows and sills
  •   Skirting boards
  •   Switches and sockets
  •   Lights and fittings
  •   Corridors and stairways
  •   Rails and bannisters
  •   Radiators
  •   Furniture and cupboards
  •   All appliances
  •   Bathroom (including de-scaling)
  •   Fridge, toasters, coffee machines, dishwasher

Need a steady schedule of commercial cleaning for your business premises? Our team can create a bespoke cleaning plan just for you. Here’s a quick list of some of the jobs we can do for you:

  • Removal of dust
  • Removal of dirt
  • Removal of grease and grime
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Cleaning the inside of windows (outside available with extra cost)
  • Emptying bins
  • Washing any used kitchenware
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If you’d like to see what we can do for you, get in touch today on 1800 938 831.


Whether you have a plush bungalow or a small apartment, you should keep it neat and clean always. This will ensure that your kids and pets will stay healthy, away from any kind of diseases, infections, or allergies. Also, a clean place always exudes positive vibes. Cleanliness at your workplace helps your team operate better and increases your productivity. However, you cannot take time out from your exceedingly busy schedule to clean your properties. It is, therefore, necessary that you hire the services of a professional cleaning service company at Ranelagh. 

Are you confused about which local house cleaning services to choose for your workplace or home? Do not worry as you are in the perfect place! Clean 4 U is a premium house cleaning Dublin company that offers both domestic and commercial property cleaning at feasible rates. We have been serving our highly valued clients for many years now. Because of our top-notch services, we have been able to carve out a reputed position in the industry. Our consistent performance delivery has helped us garner accolades and praises. When in doubt, you can go through the positive reviews of our huge client base. Clean 4 U is indeed one of the best professional local house cleaning services providers in Ranelagh.


Commercial property cleaning: Are you looking for a professional cleaning service company in Ranelagh? Clean 4 U is the best option you can ever experience. We offer a premium quality cleaning service at different types of commercial properties. We have years of experience in cleaning commercial properties. Clean 4 U sends an accurate number of cleaners to your commercial property so that the required work can be done in minimum time effectively. Below given are different types of commercial property cleaning services which we offer at Clean 4 U:

School cleaning:

It is necessary to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in a school. Multiple students come to a school every day and use the classrooms, toilets, wash taps, and similar other places. Clean 4 U offers effective cleaning services at your school, enduring that the entire place is dirt-free, free from any kind of infection or bacterial growth, and so on.

Gym cleaning:

Are you a gym owner? Then you should definitely hire our services to make sure that your place looks attractive as well as hygienic. Our team offers the best services so that your gym smells good, remains free from any kind of dust and dirt, and is safe from bacteria, germs, and microbes.

Restaurant cleaning:

If you are a restaurant owner, then you must have the idea that foodies will visit your restaurant only when you maintain the hygiene and ambience of your place. This is possible only when you keep the place neat and clean. Clean 4 U offers supreme quality cleaning to all the restaurants. Our trained cleaners make sure that there is no speck of dust on the table, floor or any corner of your restaurant.

Hospital cleaning:

Hospital should always be neat, clean and hygienic. No wants to get admitted in a dirty and messy hospital. Also, a clean hospital reduces the risk of contamination to a great extent. You can hire our team for cleaning your hospital on a regular, weekly or monthly basis.

Office cleaning:

Clean 4 U team has years of experience in cleaning several offices. We pay attention to areas which often go ignored by the untrained eyes.

Hotel cleaning:

Clean 4 U offers high-end housekeeping and cleaning services for all the major hotels in the Ranelagh area.

Domestic property cleaning: Your house is your safe zone. You cannot live in a house which is contaminated, dusty and dirty. However, it is not possible to clean your house all by yourself. You will need to hire maid cleaning services which will be quite costly and unprofessional as well. We understand that you are busy and hence we can clean your apartment on your behalf. Clean 4 U offers a wide range of house cleaning services at Ranelagh, such as:

Carpet cleaning:

Do you want to get your favourite carpet cleaned? Are you worried about its quality of getting deteriorated? Clean 4 U team uses multiple techniques to clean your carpet. Also, we use mild and non-toxic solutions and tools which clean your carpet efficiently without imparting any damage upon the carpet quality.

Rug cleaning:

If you are worried that your snuggly rugs are getting dirty with each passing day, and now they do not look appealing and fresh anymore, make sure you hire our services. Clean 4 U offers professional cleaning for your rugs at the lowest possible rates.

Power washing cleaning:

If you want to clean some hard surface, then power washing cleaning is highly beneficial. We use hot water in this process to clear all the dirt, dust and grime quite effectively. However, this process is different from pressure cleaning technique.

Driveway cleaning:

Do you have an attractive driveway at your place? Is it getting dusty and dirty with passing the time? Clean 4 U offers excellent driveway cleaning service by using power washing technique. 

Upholstery cleaning:

If you have upholstered furniture at your place, then make sure you clean them regularly, especially if you have pets or kids. Try our premium cleaning services that too at feasible rates. Our top-notch services make it possible to clean your house.

Mattress cleaning:

Do you want to get your favourite, cushiony mattress cleaned? Clean 4 U offers supreme quality cleaning service for your fluffy mattresses. We use effective tools and mild cleaning solutions to clean your mattress aptly.

End of tenancy cleaning:

Suppose you are moving out to a new house, and you want to get the property cleaned so that you can claim the full deposit from your landlord. You need not waste your time cleaning the place where you won’t be staying any more. Simply hire our services and focus on significant works. Clean 4 U will clean the property and make it look pristine and tidy. If you are a landlord yourself, then too, you can hire our services to get your property cleaned.

Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Cleaning Services FAQs

You can simply mail us or connect with us over a phone call. We have very friendly and knowledgeable customer care executives, who are available round the clock to cater to your doubts and queries.

Yes, we definitely have a cancellation policy, although we will love to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients. Yet, if you feel like cancelling the cleaning appointment, you need to inform us at least 48 hours before.

Definitely not! We make sure that our cleaning services are quite flexible. You can opt for periodic cleanings, one-time cleaning, ongoing maintenance services, weekly cleaning and so on.

Yes, we are completely insured. Clean 4 U team carries different insurances which are highly essential. Booking our services, therefore, will keep you stress-free.


Our team of cleaners will travel in our vehicle only, which flaunts our brand logo. They will wear Clean 4 Uniforms which display our logo as well. Each cleaner will be carrying the IDs of Clean 4 U.

You need not be at the property during our cleaning service. You can do anything or simply sit back and relax. We will handle the entire cleaning job. All you need to do is to provide us with access to your home.

Reviews from our awesome customers

If you are serious about cleaning your property but do not have enough time to cater to it all by yourself, the instead hiring maid cleaning in Ranelagh, let Clean 4 U do the needful for you. Hire our services for the best cleaning experience ever!
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