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Few homeowners in Ballybrack are not aware of the health benefits of having a perfectly clean home. However, for most maintaining the cleanliness of their homes becomes extremely difficult thanks to the busy life they have. 

Clean 4 U is here to help you by doing the house cleaning on your behalf. Our Ballybrack house cleaning technicians will take little time to convert your dirty, dust-filled home into a spotless and hygienic place. Read on to know more about our house cleaning services.

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Our Working Procedure for Ballybrack House Cleaning

We have an amazingly simple house cleaning process. Here are the steps we follow when someone hires us to clean their house:

Step 1:

When a person calls us and requests us to clean their home, we ask them to decide whether it’s a one-off booking or the individual wants us to clean his/her house at a particular frequency. For example, you can use our cleaning service in Ballybrack once every month, every fortnight, or every week. 

Step 2:

Once the booking is confirmed, we’ll send a cleaning expert to your home for inspection. He will determine the requirements you have and customise a house cleaning package for you.

Step 3:

In this step, Clean 4 U will begin cleaning your home. We ensure that we finish all the projects involving local house cleaning in Ballybrack promptly and do so without compromising the quality of our services.

Step 4:

Once the cleaning job is done, we inspect the property again to ensure that there’s nothing left for us to clean. Finally, you are left with a spotless, healthier, and refreshed home. 

What Do We Do as Part of Our Cleaning Service in Ballybrack?

When you hire us to clean your house, you can rest assured about the fact that we’ll clean your property as meticulously as possible. We only hire professionally trained cleaners in Ballybrack. Their knowledge and efficiency make us the best and most trusted cleaning company in Ballybrack. These people ensure that you only get high-quality cleaning services from us.

We work seven days a week. So, you shouldn’t find it difficult to schedule an appointment according to your convenience. As mentioned above, before beginning the cleaning job, we prepare a checklist and a package based on that checklist. This allows our cleaners to understand what exactly they will need to do beforehand; you, on the other hand, will know what exactly you’ll need to pay. 

Here are some services you can expect to be part of our regular house cleaning package:

Kitchen Cleaning:

A house cleaning package is incomplete if it doesn’t include kitchen cleaning. A study conducted recently revealed that the kitchen is the dirtiest part of most homes. You cannot afford your kitchen to remain dirty as that is the place where you prepare your meals and often store your food. An unclean kitchen easily becomes a haven for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. 

We always put in additional effort to clean kitchens when performing local house cleaning in Ballybrack. We’ll wipe every single surface in your kitchen and sanitise them thoroughly. Our cleaners will also clean your kitchen appliances including the hob. The kitchen floor will be vacuumed meticulously and mopped using a potent cleaning agent. 

Our kitchen cleaning service will also include emptying of bins and wiping of kitchen tiles and skirting. 

Bathroom Cleaning:

You cannot have a healthy home if you don’t have a hygienic bathroom. So, when you hire us for house cleaning, our cleaners put in a lot of effort to clean the bathrooms in your home. 

We usually begin by sanitising every surface of the bathroom for removing all the bacteria and viruses hidden in different corners of the space. Our cleaners use special solutions to get rid of the mould accumulating in different parts of the bathroom, which even include inconspicuous areas like tile cracks.

We thoroughly clean the bathtub or shower to remove water rings and soap scum. This is followed by disinfection and sanitisation of toilets. Our high-quality cleaning solutions will leave your toilet sparkling white. We’ll also polish the bathroom mirror and empty litter bins.

Bedroom cleaning:

If you don’t have a clean bedroom, you’ll never be able to sleep well. Clean 4 U will wipe all the hard surfaces in your bedroom and disinfect them to allow you to sleep in a dust and dirt-free environment. Our professional cleaners will hoover the floor and if it’s not carpeted, they will mop it to make it spotless. 

Depending on your needs, we can change your bedding, offer upholstery, and window cleaning services, empty the rubbish bins in your room, etc. 

Living Room Cleaning:

This is the place where guests spend most of the time. Often, this is the only place that guests get to see when spending time in your home. So, your living room must look neat and tidy.  

As a company offering professional house cleaning in Ballybrack, we take special care when cleaning your living room. Our cleaners will dust the hard surfaces in the room and polish them well. This will help them remove the oil and grime accumulating on those surfaces. This is followed by vacuuming the floor and cleaning the skirting. If the floor in your living room is not carpeted, we’ll also mop it. 

Staircases and Hallway Cleaning:

Most homeowners never think of cleaning the staircases and hallways in their house when doing house cleaning themselves. However, the fact is that these parts of a home often remain filled with more dust and dirt than the living room and bedrooms. Thus, Clean 4 U never commits the mistake of ignoring the staircases and hallways of the property they are cleaning. 

We’ll dust all the surfaces of your staircases and hallways, wipe the bannisters and skirting, mop the floor, and finally disinfect and sanitise the areas to make them germ-free.  

What Else Can Our Cleaners in Ballybrack Do? 

The above section talks about the basic services we provide when hired for house cleaning. You can expect much more from us. As our customer, you’ll be the one telling us what type of house cleaning services you need us to offer and we’ll make sure we finish the job for you with 100% perfection. Let’s explain with a few examples. 

Suppose you are planning to invite a few guests to your place but don’t have enough time to clean your home. We can be your best friend in such situations. Call Clean 4 U and inform the customer support executive talking to you about your cleaning requirements. We’ll ensure that your home becomes perfectly clean before the day of the party. 

Our party cleaning services can also include after-party cleaning. This is one of the most popular services among the young population in Ballybrack. Our after-party cleaning services ensure that the hosts can relax once the party ends and everything from wiping and mopping to utensil cleaning will be done by us. 

The other prominent service we offer is the end of tenancy cleaning service. Tenants use this house cleaning service of ours to clean their rented home before relocating to a new place. Landlords, on the other hand, use it to bring rental properties back in shape before they show them to new potential tenants. 

You can also hire us to offer garage cleaning service in Ballybrack, garden cleaning, patio cleaning, yard cleaning, and more. Some other services we offer are carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, driveway cleaning, etc. 

We use some of the most advanced cleaning technologies to satisfy the needs of our clients. Examples include power washing cleaning, extraction cleaning, commercial vacuum cleaning, and more.

Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Cleaning Services FAQs

If you rely on a trustworthy company like Clean 4 U, you’ll never be charged a whopping amount for any house cleaning service in Dublin and its surrounding territories. We offer a free quote before beginning the cleaning process and ensure we stick to that quote till the end of the project. You’ll not need to pay anything extra unless you add any other services to the cleaning package.

We are extremely prompt with our house cleaning services. However, it’s difficult to tell you the exact time we take for completing these cleaning projects. The time we’ll take would depend primarily on the size of your house and its present condition. A one-room apartment that’s cleaned regularly would obviously take less time to be cleaned compared to a dirty three-storied mansion.

Yes, our company has a dedicated team of carpet cleaners. You can even hire us just for cleaning carpets in your house.

We always use environment-friendly cleaning techniques and products. None of the cleaning solutions we use contain any toxic agents or harsh chemicals.

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