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An expert cleaning company that cares! We help restore the shine and beauty with a professional cleaning service in Ashtown.

Welcome to Clean 4 U. We are delighted to serve you with top-notch house cleaning services in Ashtown. You have a beautiful home…and we are among the best cleaning companies that appreciate its value as much as you do. With attention to detail and a personal touch, we promise to deliver the highest quality cleaning service at your doorstep. 

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Ashton House Cleaning– How Does It Work?

When you hire Clean 4 U for expert cleaning service in Ashtown, the process is fast, simple and hassle-free. We are the most trusted cleaning company in Ashtown and its adjacent areas. Here are a few highlights of our working procedure. 

Cleaning Service in Ashtown– What We Do?

With our professional house cleaning service, we promise that your home will be looking fresh, shiny, and beautiful all over again. We have a team of expert cleaners in Ashtown who are professionally trained and efficient in performing all types of cleaning work. Based on their knowledge and expertise in local house cleaning in Ashtown, we deliver best-in-class services that exceed your expectations. 

Here’s what we can do as part of our professional house cleaning in Ashtown:

Bedroom Cleaning:

At Clean 4 U, we ensure that you come back to a clean and healthy bedroom at the end of a tiring day. The bedroom is an integral part of our Ashtown house cleaning services, getting rid of all dust, dirt and allergens. 

We will vacuum or mop the floor, change the bedding, polish the mirrors, wipe the skirtings, and empty rubbish bins. If required, we will also disinfect the room. If there’s any stubborn spot on your bedroom walls, we’ll also make sure we remove it.

Kitchen Cleaning:

Did you know that kitchen is the dirtiest room in your house? It is the breeding ground of bacteria and allergens which can significantly affect your health. 

The worst thing about this is that the kitchen is the place where we prepare our food. As a result, having bacteria, viruses, and other detrimental microorganisms in the kitchen leaves us at high risk of suffering from infections. This makes it mandatory for you to include kitchen cleaning in all your house cleaning packages. 

We will efficiently wipe and sanitise all kitchen surfaces and cabinets, clean the appliances from outside, vacuum & mop the floor, and empty the bins.

Bathroom Cleaning:

Your bathroom can easily become the breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. The only way to prevent such a situation is by cleaning it regularly and extensively using the right cleaning solutions. Here also Clean 4 U can assist you. In fact, Clean 4 U insists that you don’t forget to get your bathrooms cleaned when hiring us for house cleaning.  

Our bathroom cleaning services include sanitisation of all the surfaces, disinfecting the toilets, and scrubbing and wiping the shower or bath area to get rid of water rings and soap scum. Additionally, we also polish the bathroom mirrors and mop the floors. Our focus is to keep your bathroom sparkling clean and hygienic. 

If you are bothered by a lingering foul smell in your bathroom, we can help you get rid of it. We use disinfectants and air purifiers that will keep your bathroom smelling good when applied regularly. This is another highlight of our house cleaning services. 

Window Cleaning:

You can call us just for window cleaning or ask us to make it a part of your house cleaning package. 

We know that different homeowners use different materials for making window frames. So, we always choose cleaning agents based on the kind of window frames our clients have. For example, we never use the same cleaning solution for cleaning aluminium window frames and wood frames. 

We are also extremely fussy about choosing the right cleaning solution for the glass panes. Unlike regular windowpane cleaners, the cleaning solutions, and the wipes we use will not leave any stain on your glass panes. 

Depending on your needs, we can clean windows both from the outside and inside.

Carpet Cleaning:

Your carpet, if not cleaned regularly, can accumulate dirt, dust, allergens, mites, and odours. We specialise in professional carpet cleaning service, using high-quality eco-friendly products and proven steaming technique to ensure the carpet is thoroughly cleaned inside out. 

Upholstery Cleaning:

Looking for effective upholstery and fabric cleaning service in Ashtown? We have you covered. Our professionals will expertly clean your furniture, sofas, recliners, chairs, and curtains to ensure your home is always looking fresh, clean, and hygienic.

Driveway Cleaning:

You’ll come across several house cleaning companies in Ashtown that don’t offer driveway cleaning services. That’s because, for them, the driveway is not a part of the house. We are different, we consider your entire residential property as your home and can clean any part of that property depending on your needs. 

Cleaning driveways regularly is extremely important as the place gets exposed to all kinds of impurities all through the day. If you don’t keep the area clean, you’ll eventually carry those harmful agents to the interiors of your home. 

As driveways are concrete structures, we use a special cleaning technique to make the place dirt and dust-free. The technique is called power washing cleaning

We can proudly call ourselves the best power washing cleaning firm in Ashtown. No other house cleaning company in this part of Ireland has a collection of power washing equipment as advanced as we have. Additionally, our team of power washing technicians is also highly efficient.

Additional Services Our Cleaners in Ashtown Can Offer

Our local house cleaning services in Ashtown also include the following: 

Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Cleaning Services FAQs

You can contact us to offer house cleaning services in Ashtown and all other parts of Dublin.

We ensure every cleaning technician working for us is duly licensed. We also carry out detailed background checks before appointing a new cleaner.

We know that every home is different. So, we don’t have any specific cleaning packages ready for our clients. We customise cleaning packages only after inspecting our clients’ properties and assess their cleaning needs. 

The factors that decide our cleaning costs include the size of your home, the number of rooms it has, the condition it is in, and so on.

Yes, we always use our own cleaning equipment. We neither borrow them from a lending company nor use cleaning tools our clients have.

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