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The first impression truly counts and when it comes to the hospitality business it becomes even more important. The clean environment is pretty important for creating a good impression. For that, you need the best cleaning from a professional cleaning company like Clean 4 U. Hospitality is a business where appearance or impression matters a lot. This is where Clean 4 U enters the frame.

With the increase in competition in the hospitality industry, people try different ways to attract customers. The most important thing based on which the rating is given to the customer is for its cleanliness and how best it is maintaining the restaurant, café, bar or a hotel. The spotless look inside and outside the hotel speaks volumes about its maintenance and safety standards.

Our professionals of Hospitality Cleaning in Dublin understand the importance of maintaining neatness in the hotel to attract new patrons and guests so we have a dedicated team who work relentlessly to create a pleasant environment and assure you with spotless cleaning in every inch of the hotel. We have the best and experienced cleaners to clean every nook and cranny of the hotel. Our Clean 4 U people will clean every area that comes in contact with the guests such as lobbies, fitness centres, spas, personal rooms, function areas, office cleaning, and commercial kitchens. We customize the cleaning program based on your cleaning needs. We create a positive impression in the minds of the customers who visit your hotel by keeping it clean. When the responsibility of cleaning is entrusted to us, we keep the premises neat, clean and hygienic. Our cleaning products are completely natural and spread good fragrance around. 

Our team of Hospitality Cleaning Services maintains cleanliness of the hotel by performing the duties efficiently. We use safe and chemical-free equipment to clean the flooring and keep it away from slipperiness. 

We use the best pest control methods to keep the infestation in the hotel at bay. We also take good care of the furniture, fittings and fixtures of the hotel. These are a few departments we take care of:

  • Carry out the administrative work
  • Washing, ironing, dry cleaning and staff uniform
  • Stitch and repair the linens
  • Sink water supplies, store vases and counter
  • Store the items that are left by the guests
  • Maintain the notice board

Daily cleaning vs periodic cleaning!

Periodic cleaning:

Weekly cleaning

Some routine tasks are carried out once a week. These are the Janitorial Services tasks that are time-consuming and can only be done one day in a week. These include:

  • Polishing the Brassware
  • Dusting the areas in the hotel where there are spider webs
  • Scrubbing the bathroom tiles rigorously to remove the stubborn stains
  • Vacuum clean the furniture that has dust
  • Scrub the balcony and terrace area of the hotel
  • Change the paper that is faded out in the drawers
  • Clean the windows 

Spring cleaning

The spring cleaning would be done annually when the hotel has low occupancy. Basically, it is done in the low occupancy period. There would be complete revamp of the room such as Carpet Cleaning and windows, polish the wooden flooring to give a new look, shampooing the sofas, paint the walls, add aesthetics, clean the vents of the air conditioner and vacuum clean different areas that are untouched throughout the year. 

Special cleaning

This type of café cleaning is done after a major renovation happened in the room to keep the area tidy. 


The furniture that is outside and inside of the room will be cleaned. The upholstery would be inspected for any stains and rips. 

High dusting

There is a dust wand with the long handle that is used to dust off the grime in the hard to reach areas in the guest room and other places in the hotel. We also clean the sprinklers and smoke detectors that are surrounded by dust. The door jams, armouries, and air vent grates are cleaned for industrial cleaning


The mattresses are replaced. The carpet that is placed near the bed would be cleaned. The bed frames are inspected thoroughly to detect the signs of damage to repair or replace it. The headboard is also detached from the walls.

Deep cleaning

There is an intensive cleaning schedule that is done either monthly, quarterly, twice a year or once a year. This type of cleaning is carried out in the clean the surfaces that are tough to clean regularly. This type of cleaning is performed by working closely with the maintenance department. We would clean the carpets, ceilings, lighting, furnishings and signage boards. 

The deep cleaning is carried out during the winter months in the guest rooms. In this process, the room is cleaned thoroughly by maintaining the cleaning standards. The guestrooms are cleaned around two to three times in a year based on the occupancy level.

Daily cleaning!

Here is the checklist for daily cleaning as per the General Contract Cleaning :

Hospitality Cleaning Dublin

Cleaning Services FAQs

Yes, cleaning is essential to retain your customers. When you maintain the clean image, it portrays the guests as you are the best in the market in maintaining the cleanliness of the hotel. If any of them observes the rooms with pest infestation would vacate the hotel immediately and never recommend the hotel to anyone who is planning to go there. From flooring to the laundry basket, every minute detail will be noticed by the guests. 


Housekeeping is one of the divisions in the hospitality industry. This is what brings a lot of profit to the hotels. The customer always demands a clean and wonderful ambience in the room that they are residing in. They want every corner of the room to be clean and free from dust and infestation. Any bed-sheet or towel seems to be untidy; the hotel reputation will be at stake. The housekeeping service will create a good impression on the customer minds. 


There are daily cleaning tasks that are carried out in the hotel. However, this depends on the frequency of cleaning schedule, type of soil, foot traffic in the hotel, type of hotel and the cleaning standards. Our workers are given the procedures on the type of tasks to be carried out every day. There are a few routine operations that are carried out regularly by the housekeeping department as part of Bar and clubs cleaning services. These would include cleaning the guest rooms, bathrooms, common toilets, suction clean the flooring and clean the carpets, especially in the areas where there is heavy foot traffic. 


There are different types of cleaning schedules followed by the housekeeping staff as part of restaurant cleaning services to keep the hotel tidy and neat. There will be daily cleaning and periodic cleaning. The daily cleaning would include cleaning of bathrooms, floors and servicing the guest rooms. 


The daily cleaning in the hotel would also include Washroom services. There are few other things done as part of daily cleaning by our housekeeping staff such as vacuuming cleaning the room, mopping the floor, dusting the TV and DVD players, disinfectant the tables and telephones, dispose of the debris in the trash can, check and clean the fixtures in the bathroom thoroughly, clean the toilet and flush handle. The bathroom amenities are also replenished.

Wrapping up!

If the housekeeping is attentive and is fulfilling the cleanliness needs of the customer, they would give good ratings for your hotel. The housekeeping staff would be the reflection of your service. The efforts put by the housekeeping staff will show how they take good care of the guests in the hotel. We perform the duties such as cleaning, organizing things in the hotel and doing every activity that you do at home to keep it clean.We have got the best equipment to clean your place from top to bottom. Clean 4 U knows how important guests are for your hotel, and that is why we make sure that all the cleaning jobs are done without any disturbance of any kind. We are professionals and know how to go about our work in a hotel or restaurant environment. Feel free to contact us for hospitality cleaning services and you will get nothing but the best.

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