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In case you are in search of a trustworthy, professional cleaning company in Dublin City 12, you’re in the right place! Our friendly, yet professional, cleaning team covers all of the Dublin 12 areas, including Bluebell, Crumlin, Perrystown, Terenure, Drimnagh, and Walkinstown.

Following Is The List Of Few Services That We Offer To Our Clients:

Domestic cleaning in Dublin 12: This includes multiple services like carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, scheduled cleaning, once-off cleaning and window cleaning.

Official and commercial cleaning in D12: This includes services like commercial carpet cleaning, cleaning of schools, malls, factories and so on. 

End of tenancy cleaning in Dublin 12: This includes proper cleaning of the property once you are ready to leave the house of your landlord. 

We are available for cleaning your properties 7 days a week. You can book a slot for yourself online as per your convenience.

We can travel to the all of the D12 areas, including; Bluebell, Crumlin, Perrystown, Terenure, Drimnagh, and Walkinstown.

In case you wish to see how we can help you, get in touch today on 1800 938 831 or 089 452 3433.

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Has your office become too dusty after months of lockdown period? Or, do you want to give your bathroom a deep cleaning? Cleaning your home or workplace all by yourself is not simply feasible. Your life is already hectic – thanks to your work schedule and never-ending household chores that keep piling up with every passing day. So, it is a prudent decision indeed to hire professional commercial or house cleaning services in Dublin 12. Instead of looking for a cleaning lady Dublin, you should hire the professional services of a cleaning company. If you are confused about which company to hire, know that you are in the right place. Clean 4 U is a premium cleaning agency Dublin 12 which offers the best cleaning services across the Dublin 12 region. We cover all the areas like Perrystown, Terenure, Bluebell, Drimnagh and Walkisntown. So, if you live in or nearby any of these regions, or have your workplace here, you can get in touch with us for an easy and convenient cleaning session.


Wondering how to book your commercial or house cleaners Dublin? We will show you the right way to do so:


At Clean 4 U, we offer a multitude of cleaning services to our esteemed clients. No matter whether you need residential cleaning service or a commercial one, we are here to offer you top-notch professional cleaning services at feasible rates.

It is of utmost significance to clean your home on a regular basis. Not just it will make you look presentable, but also a clean house is the base of a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Your kids, pets and family will remain happy and healthy only when your house remains dust-free. Earlier self-cleaning was sufficient. But nowadays, people are getting busy with their lifestyle and work schedule. You can hire Clean 4 U, one of the best house cleaning services in Dublin 12, for giving your house complete cleaning.

Commercial cleaning service:

Whether you have a large office complex, or you are a small business owner, your workplace needs to be clean, neat and organised. Not just this facilitates easy and smooth business operations, but will also help in enhancing the productivity of your employees. Clean 4 U has years of experience in cleaning commercial properties like schools, gyms, offices and malls. We know how to assign a team of cleaners accurately depending upon the area to be cleaned and the amount of dust and grime.

Whether you are the landlord or the tenant, you can avail our end of tenancy cleaning services. A tenant should definitely hire our end of tenancy cleaning services in order to claim the full amount of security deposit from the landlord. On the other hand, a landlord can hire our services to make his property clean, clear and organised so that he can attract the attention of new landlords. 

Carpets make your place look elegant and plush. Also, they keep your room warm, and your kids feel comfortable to walk and crawl upon them. It is therefore essential to keep your carpets clean and dust-free by cleaning and washing them regularly. Our team of expert cleaners at Clean 4 U will remove all the stubborn stains from your carpet. We will undertake multiple cleaning procedures to make the carpet dust-free, free from allergens.

The last thing that you will ever want is the dirty rags lying here and there at your home or workplace. Let us sort things out for yourself. Our fully-trained and reliable team of cleaners will provide you with effective rug cleaning service at the best price range.

Cleaning your upholstered furniture is of immense significance if you want them to look good for long and also make them durable. Regular upholstery cleaning help in preventing the accumulation of the layer of dust on your exquisite furniture. At Clean 4 U, we have expert cleaners who can remove all the stains and dust from your furniture without tempering their quality. 

Has your window become too dusty? Are you worried about how to clean these windows from inside as well as outside? Worry not as Clean 4 U is here to provide efficient window cleaning service. Our cleaners use multiple techniques to clean your windows thoroughly. Also, we pay attention to minute details like wiping dust off the window sills as well. 

Do you want us to clean your driveway? Our team of experienced cleaners are always available for you. Our special power washing technique removes all the dust, dirt and grime from your driveway and makes it shiny and clean.

Power washing cleaning is quite different from pressure cleaning. We provide both types of services, depending on the cleaning requirement. Pressure cleaning is when we use normal water with extreme pressure and cleaning agents to clean your places. In case of power washing, we use hot water so that the grime and grease get removed quite easily. 

After party cleaning service:

Throwing a party and enjoying it is quite easy. But cleaning up the mess the next day can give you a headache. Whether it is an in-house party or a corporate one, Clean 4 U offers top-notch after party cleaning service. We will clean up all the mess and make your place pristine and clean.

Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Cleaning Services FAQs

Deep cleaning involves intense cleaning and disinfecting your property which you generally miss out during self-cleaning. At Clean 4 U, our team disinfects, sanitises and creates a dust-free ambience at your office or home.

No matter how hard you try to keep your office or home clean, you will definitely miss out on some of the critical areas. With passing time, they become the breeding ground for pests, insects and germs. Clean 4 U will offer effective cleaning service even in the hard-to-reach areas. Our expert cleaning service will keep your property neat, clean and organised, free from any kind of pest attacks.

The frequency of deep cleaning depends on multiple factors like lifestyle, proximity to the main road, pets, kids and so on. As per our records, it will be perfect for you to hire our deep cleaning services every three months.

Not at all! You can carry on with your errands and need not be present at the house or office when we clean your home. Our cleaners are trustworthy, honest, dedicated, and we get their background checked.

We offer our cleaning services across the entire Dublin 12 area. We cover areas like Perrystown, Terenure, Bluebell, Drimnagh, and Walkisntown. You can simply book a cleaning appointment and leave the rest upon us.

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