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Don’t want to be stuck in the house cleaning all day? We don’t blame you! It’s summertime, Ireland’s due a heatwave and let’s face it – we don’t get much of a chance to enjoy the sun here. The need for cleaning and keeping up with housekeeping duties is still there, despite everyone wanting to relax and enjoy summer. Our solution? Summer speed cleaning (or hire us to do it for you!)

Speed cleaning means being organised and efficient in your cleaning, leaving more time to enjoy the good weather and time off in summer.

Tips for More Efficient Housekeeping

Here are our top tips to help get your summer cleaning done quickly, thoroughly and hassle-free.

1. Daily routines are essential

Little and often is the key to keeping your home spotless! If you keep up with the basics, the bigger jobs will be easier and less time consuming. Having a set cleaning routine will change your home for the better. Keeping up with a simple checklist everyday will keep your home spotless and you won’t find a mountain of cleaning to do by the weekend.

2. Dress comfortably but avoid pjs!

Want to speed up your cleaning routine? Don’t be running around in flip flops or high heels. Wear something comfortable, loose clothing and stick to flat footwear. Why avoid pyjamas? You simply won’t work as hard! Pjs are best used for lazy days on the sofa and sleeping. Wearing pjs make you want to curl up and chill out. Popping loose clothes on and a pair of runners say ‘do work, clean up and get on with the day!’ If you wear nice clothes, you won’t want to get them dirty or covered in detergents. Put on an apron and you can tackle any cleaning job that’s on your to-do list! Simply put, take into consideration what you’re wearing when you’re cleaning and see your efficiency shoot through the roof.

3. Stay on time and keep focused

If you’re anything like us, it’s easy to get carried away when you start cleaning. If you plan on spending half an hour a day cleaning, stick to it! You don’t want to end up spending hours on end doing this job, then that job – stick to your list and everything will get done eventually. Keep an eye on the time and enjoy the rest of your time in the summer sun.

4. Keep cleaning supplies where you need them

This can save you so much time it’s unbelievable. If you have an upstairs bathroom, keep toilet cleaner, shower spray etc. under the sink or hidden away in a cupboard next to the towels. This way, when you go to clean the room, you’ll have everything to hand; no snooping round the kitchen looking for the bleach, checking your Facebook, checking what’s on TV etc. It’s so easy to get distracted, turning a 5-minute job into an hour-long scrub-fest.

5. Clean as you go

For those that already do this, it seems like common sense. For those that don’t clean as you go, this will make a huge difference to your cleaning schedule. Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll soon be cleaning as you go as second nature.
Here are some simple examples to get you started:
– Clean the shower while you are showering
– Wipe down the sink when you wash your hands and after you brush your teeth
– Throw all the laundry in the washing machine while you wash your dishes
– Hang out clothes immediately once they have been washed
– Empty the dishwasher while you prepare your dinner, stock it up straight after everyone’s finished the meal
These simple steps can help you save hours in the day and spend more time out in the garden or with the kids in the sun.

6. Clean in a logical order

Vacuuming will kick up dust, so you do it first in any room you’re cleaning. Use your common sense when it comes to the logical order of your cleaning. If you do it in the wrong order, you’ll end up having to re-do a lot of the jobs. If you hoover your bedroom after dusting and changing the sheets, you’ll end up with dusty sheets and having to re-dust everything again.
When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, clean top to bottom. Wipe down your appliances and counters, hoover and then mop the floors. It’s best to wash your floors last, as you back out of the room. A little planning goes a long, long way in helping to reclaim some of your leisure time.

7. Declutter

With less stuff piled around the place, cleaning is so much easier. Summer provides perfect weather to have a car-boot sale or garage sale. Go through those stuffed wardrobes and attic space and get rid of unused and unwanted items. Either sell extra possessions or donate to a local charity. The main benefit of regular routine cleaning is that you can focus more on the productive tasks that add value to your life. This way, you can gain an excellent return on investment both in terms of time as well as money. The timely and organized cleaning will help you utilize your summer in the most effective manner possible. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself with cleaning the whole house in one day to stay productive!


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