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Why Spring Cleaning is Important? 

Happy Spring! After chilly winter months come the fresh, vibrant and exquisite spring season, infusing colour and liveliness to everything around. While nature is at its best during the spring, the winter season may leave behind its gloominess on your property. A thorough spring cleaning is the best way to restore its beauty and ensure your home or office is feeling fresh, immaculate and hygienic again. 

Additionally, spring is the time to reorganise and declutter. The cold winter months can wreak havoc on your driveways and patios. The gloomy and damp weather may cause germ and mould build-up onto the walls. Your windows and doors show signs of frost which may damage the glass if not cleaned properly. As the spring arrives, it is time to say goodbye to dirt, dust and germs…and make your property look clean and fresh again.     

After months of keeping your home shut-off and insulated during the winter, dirt settles and the air quality inside deteriorates. This may cause major respiratory problems. In-depth spring cleaning helps enhance air quality and makes the property feeling fresh and invigorating again. It is also the best way to eliminate clutter from your home which may impact your physical and emotional well-being.

DIY Spring Cleaning or You Need to Hire a Professional?  

When it comes to spring cleaning, this is one of the biggest dilemmas that property owners face – should I spring clean myself or hire an expert spring cleaning service in Dublin. Trust us; the latter can help you save more time and money whilst delivering quality results. 

One-off spring cleaning needs to be comprehensive, targeting all corners and crevices of your home to deliver exceptional cleaning results. Not everyone has the equipment and expertise to perform in-depth spring cleaning. Additionally, people also lack the time they need to devote to thorough cleaning. Trying to clean yourself may cause you to buy a range of cleaning products and tools, making you spend hundreds of dollars. And eventually, you will find the results aren’t that impressive. 

Therefore, most homeowners in Dublin trust Clean 4 U for fast, efficient and hassle-free spring cleaning services. We have a team of fully trained professionals who use modern equipment and eco-friendly products to deep clean your home after harsh winter months. Whether you are looking for home spring cleaning or want to deep clean your office, we have the expertise to handle every project with superior quality and precision.       

Wondering how to save money on cleaning? We offer competitive prices while you can have an expert cleaner working on your property to restore its beauty and cleanliness again. 

Spring Cleaning in Dublin – What We Cover?

At Clean 4 U, we follow a standard checklist for spring cleaning in Dublin. It includes: 

Carpet and Rug Cleaning

  • Steam cleaning carpets to thoroughly extract all germs, dirt and dust 
  • Using hot water carpet cleaning wherever necessary
  • Rug cleaning using modern techniques and safe products that are tough on dirt and mild on the fabric

Hallway and Staircase Cleaning

  • Wiping and cleaning banisters, skirting boards and radiators
  • Cleaning, mopping and disinfecting high foot-traffic areas 
  • Wiping light switches and lamp shades 
  • Mopping wooden stairs or vacuuming carpets

Exterior Cleaning

  • Driveway cleaning to eliminate all snow, tire marks, oil and grease 
  • Clearing branches, dry leaves and other clutter from the lawn 
  • Cleaning flower beds, garden and patios 
  • Gutter cleaning 
  • Soft washing the house if required 
  • High-pressure cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Wiping all kitchen appliances from outside and inside (upon request)
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and polishing all cabinets, chests and cupboards at the outside 
  • Mopping or vacuuming the kitchen floor 
  • Removing cobwebs and dusting all surfaces 
  • Washing the kitchen sink 
  • Cleaning and polishing countertops; wiping the door
  • Dusting light switches and lamp shades 
  • Removing bins

Bedroom Cleaning

  • Wiping and cleaning drawers and wardrobes outside 
  • Cleaning beds and linens (upon request)
  • Wiping the dust from lampshades, light switches, photo frames and other bedroom accessories 
  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Mopping or vacuuming the floor where necessary 
  • Removing bins

Bathroom Cleaning

  • Scrubbing and washing the bathtub and bathing area
  • Scrubbing and sanitising toilet seat and toilet bowl inside out 
  • Wiping and polishing glasses and mirrors 
  • Scrubbing and washing the bathroom tiles 
  • Mopping the floor 
  • Cleaning bathroom cabinets, tops and surfaces outside 
  • Wiping and cleaning the door, removing stains and fingerprints 
  • Cleaning the bathroom sink and polishing the taps 
  • Removing litter 

Living Room Cleaning

  • Cleaning all living room furniture from outside; cleaning inside is not included in our standard spring cleaning service in Dublin  
  • Wiping down all doors and door frames
  • Cleaning radiators, banisters and skirting boards 
  • Upholstery cleaning 
  • Vacuuming sofas and cushions 
  • Wet mopping wooden flooring or vacuuming soft flooring 
  • Cleaning windows for frost marks and stains on glasses 
  • Dusting all surfaces and lighting accessories


Why We are the Best Choice for Spring Cleaning in Dublin?

Here’s why property owners trust Clean 4 U for high-quality spring cleaning service in Dublin

Cleaning Services FAQs

Here are the answers to our customers’ frequently asked questions: 

For some, spring cleaning would mean vacuuming, dusting and mopping. For others, it is about eliminating built-up dirt and disinfecting your home or office to restore back its beauty and cleanliness. For Clean 4 U, it is about taking a proven strategy that focuses on cleaning from top to bottom. 

We specialise in cleaning with health and safety in mind. Therefore, we use modern equipment and cleaning products that efficiently clean up to 99.9% of dirt, allergens, dust and other contaminants.

Home spring cleaning at Clean 4 U includes everything from sweeping, dusting, mopping, scrubbing, cleaning and sanitising bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and staircases. We also specialise in exterior spring cleaning for your driveways, lawn and garden, patio and other areas. 

Our comprehensive services also encompass carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning, mattress cleaning, rug cleaning, curtain cleaning as well as office cleaning.  

Ideally, spring cleaning is done after the harsh winter weather is gone and it is warm enough inside out. However, one-off deep cleaning can be done at any time of the year, preferably twice. Here are some signs when your property needs spring/seasonal cleaning:

  • Dust accumulated over most surfaces, in kitchen and bathrooms 
  • Your house or office has a stale, musty odour 
  • Kitchen appliances are sticky and grimy 
  • There are cobwebs and dirt around lampshades, light switches, cabinet pulls, or door handles 
  • Mirrors and window glasses appear dull 
  • Your carpets, upholstery and rugs look dingy and do not smell fresh 
  • The bathroom has mildew, mould or soap scum build-up and is slippery 

On seeing these signs, get in touch with us and get your property looking clean, fresh and beautiful again.

Whether you need a home domestic cleaning service or want to spring clean your office, we offer solutions that are bespoke and economical. Following are the factors we consider when creating a price quote for you: 

  • Number of rooms that require deep cleaning 
  • Total square footage of the property and its overall condition  
  • What is the current state of uncleanliness? 
  • Type of flooring, special surfaces if any, upholstery fabric and type of carpeting 
  • Number of residents in your home; pets if any 
  • Level of expertise required for cleaning; special equipment, cleaning products or safety measures that need to be taken 
  • Experience and skilfulness of the cleaners employed for your cleaning project 

To book, give us a call at 1800-938-831 or chat with us online. You can also fill up our form online and allow us to get back to you within 24 hours. We will discuss your cleaning needs and schedule a suitable date and time. Our team will arrive on time and perform the cleaning job with the utmost efficiency to deliver excellent results.

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