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Looking for a good Dublin Cleaning Service?

Clean4U is a licensed and insured cleaning company offering contract cleaning services by cleaners who have been interviewed, screened, identity verified, and well trained to bring you expertise that is second to none. Our customers love us because we offer the most wholesome cleaning solutions at extremely affordable prices.

What sets Clean4U apart from other cleaning companies, is that they love their customers.  Their aim is total customer satisfaction, and they work hard to develop long lasting relationships with all their customers all across Dublin. A good old fashioned business attitude using modern day equipment and products is a winning combination for us.

They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Their offering includes both house cleaning and company cleaning services on either a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Clean4U’s service is excellent, and they’re proud of having provided Dublin with consistent and efficient cleaning services for many years.

All of their cleaning services are flexible and are worked out to the specifications of their client’s requirements. The cleaning company will work hard to meet you at your specific need. The customized service packages, 100% guarantee of satisfaction, and professional staff is all the key reasons why we have obtained a position amongst some of the finest cleaning companies in Dublin.

House Cleaning

– Apartment & House Cleaning – Clean4U have covered all bases with their home cleaning plan, which always includes all cleaning supplies and equipment. They provide a thorough and detailed service.

– Services covered in all areas of the home are:

– the removal of cobwebs,

– dusting and wiping surfaces,

– mopping and vacuuming floors,

– emptying rubbish bins.

The cleaners cover the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom areas individually. Their standard service items can be added to – simply discuss it with the consultant when you book your cleaning service.

– Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.  Clean4U consider themselves to be carpet cleaning agency who will have your carpets looking as good as new again. Using a professional hot machine, the cleaning company ensure a spotless clean, which dries within two hours of application. A hot water extraction cleaner for carpets has the ability to clean that can’t be beaten. Even the most difficult stains are guaranteed to be removed. Cleaning products are safe and nontoxic. Unlike other cleaning companies in Dublin, we pay a very fine attention to the hygiene aspect of the cleaning experience even if it drives down our profit margins.

– Window Cleaning– ensuring a high quality quick window cleaning service is Clean4U’s aim. Using a pole fed water system and pure water, they have found that chemicals are unnecessary and leave a streak causing residue behind that may be difficult to remove. You can count on these contract cleaner’s expertise in all aspects of cleaning. Affordable prices, professional cleaning equipment and an end-to-end cleaning experience are just a few of the many reasons why our clients hire our team of cleaners again and again.

– Ironing – Who has time to iron?  Let Clean4U’s friendly trained staff take over this chore.


Building Cleaning:

– Small Office Cleaning Services

Ensuring that your company really does shine, Clean4U’s use of two person teams ensures that the cleaning is seamless, thorough, and easy.  Their cleaning services are flexible to meet their client’s unique requirements. They’re open seven days a week and will schedule your office cleaning for a time that suits you.

– Construction Site Cleaning Services

Clean4U is the best cleaning agency offers a construction site cleaning service that is tailored to suit the client’s specific needs.  No two sites are the same, but the need for a clean and hygienic environment is paramount to all.

– Industrial House Cleaning

Everybody loves an industrial house, their roomy warehouse like spaces inspire us to dream bigger.  They also require cleaning though, and as industrial houses don’t fall into the category of domestic services, Clean4U work hard to ensure that this very unique home gets a deep cleaning, too.

– Window Cleaning

The value of clean office windows can never be underestimated.  Dirty windows are the first thing that your clients will notice when arriving at your premises, and as first impressions make a difference, it is important to keep your windows spot free all the time. Our cleaning agency cares about your company’s image as much as they do their own.  They use no chemicals and only pure water to ensure that your windows really sparkle.

– Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

This is often a feature that is overlooked, especially in a high traffic area that an office invariably is.   Using a HOT process to clean your carpets and upholster, Clean4You can guarantee that your carpets and upholstery is cleaned and dried within two hours. Only a few cleaning companies in Dublin have the necessary equipment to provide such a quick cleaning experience. We can customize our carpet cleaning plans, according to your budget constraints, so that you can enjoy the benefits of affordable prices.

– Real Estate Contract Cleaning

A Real Estate Agency relies heavily on the properties that they sell or lease to be clean for viewings.  Clean4U provide contract cleaning services that will provide the best solutions for Realtors.   Taking the fuss out of cleaning the properties and ensuring that they’re spotlessly clean for show days, Clean4U work hard to get it right every time. Handing that property over to its new owners or tenants is a pleasurable task, knowing that Clean4U’s competent staff have been through it carefully ensuring each space is perfectly clean.

In conclusion, whatever your cleaning requirements are, Clean4U, the best cleaning company in Dublin, has a varied portfolio to offer the wider Dublin area. Their focus is not only on providing the very best cleaning service that they’re able to, but also to develop long lasting relationships with all of their clients.  Their priority is in understanding each client’s unique needs and applying the specific cleaning service at a rate that is affordable and within the client’s stipulated time frames.

Give us a call at Clean4U, and we’ll Clean 4 U!

Our team of experienced, fully insured cleaning team cover the whole of the Dublin area. Offering commercial cleaning and residential cleaning.

Our Services Include:

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Our cleaning agency is on time all the time, we are voted the #1 cleaning company in Dublin by our customers and we provide a 1 stop shop for all your cleaning needs. Why not call us today to make a booking on 1800 938 831 or 089-4523433. Book the most professional cleaning services in Dublin for an extremely affordable price today!

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