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You may not have the time to do the entire house cleaning by yourself. Moreover, it is a time-consuming task that the professionals will do better. Clean 4 U is aware of the fact that every household is special to the individuals living there, and with that in mind, we serve every household with the best possible services. 

Clean 4 U offers professional cleaning services in Drumcondra to ensure a healthy and happier environment for people to live in. We aim to make cleaning services for households as simple as possible. Our team of expert cleaners delivers top-notch quality services to houses and operates in Drumcondra. Get your home clean and shiny at competitive rates. 

Get your office cleaned from top to bottom with Clean 4 U. We offer efficient and hassle-free house cleaning services for the utmost convenience of our clients. Along with exceptional support offered, you will rarely get such a service at cost-effective rates. With numerous options available, picking the best company is difficult to get your office cleaned. 

With Clean 4 U you will get a team of certified professionals who are well-aware of the cleaning processes. Our speciality is to provide trustworthy cleaners at your doorstep as and when required. 

Schedule the day and time and our team will reach your doorstep at the scheduled date and time. Are you looking for Drumcondra house cleaning services? Your search ends with Clean 4 U. We are one of the highly ranked cleaning services providers in Drumcondra.

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Frequency of Domestic Cleaning Services Provided

Our specialized team of home cleaners offers customised services as per needs. The frequency of services offered also depends on the specific needs of different clients. We offer: 

No matter what your needs are, our team will assist you with everything that is required. With all the required equipment and supplies, our team will clean every corner of your home and provide hassle-free services. When you get piled up with work and need a little help with getting your home cleaned, Clean 4 U is just a booking away. 

Our staff is all:

Different Types of Household Cleaning Services Offered

The types of cleaning services in Drumcondra offered by Clean 4 U are broadly classified into two categories – one-time services and recurring services. Opt for the services that align with your specific needs. One-time consumers are looking for cleaning services to get their residence cleaned once, whereas recurring consumers want regular cleaning services. 

One-Time Services

One-time cleaning services in Drumcondra are further classified into three types based on specific requirements. They are regular cleaning, spring cleaning and move-in or move-out cleaning services. 

  1. Regular Cleaning: Regular Cleaning services are the basic house cleaning services offered to a household. They will do a thorough cleaning of your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, vacuum the entire house, mope, make beds and dust all surfaces. 
  2. Spring/Deep Cleaning: Spring cleaning services include everything offered in regular cleaning services along with some extra cleaning tasks. For instance, carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, polishing brass surfaces, polishing furniture, cleaning cabinets, etc.
  3. Move-in/Move-out Services: Move-in and Move-Out one time services are provided by cleaning companies so that homeowners can easily move in or move out of it. They clean every area, be it interiors or exteriors. Intensive cleaning services in Drumcondra are offered that lifts the entire look and feel.

Recurring Services

Homeowners also opt for recurring house cleaning services depending on the frequency of services they require. Recurring cleaners in Drumcondra offer cleaning services at regular intervals as required. The different types of recurring services offered include: 

  1. Weekly Cleaning Services
  2. Bi-Weekly Cleaning Services
  3. Monthly Cleaning Services

Hire professional cleaning services for your house from leading home cleaners that offer different types of house cleaning services to keep your home tidy, spotless and shiny. As professional house cleaners, we are sure to accommodate our services regardless of the setup of your home. Right from cleaning your bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, courtyard, driveway cleaning, etc., we handle it all. We have courteous and trained professionals who are versed in covering all aspects when it comes to home cleaning. 

Safe cleaning products and tools are used to adequately clean spaces. Save a considerable amount of time, energy and money by hiring professional cleaners in Drumcondra. Clean 4 U provides a high level of specialized cleaning services customized to suit the needs and requirements of different households. 

Checklist to Hire the Best Cleaning Services in Drumcondra

Refer to the list that you must note before booking deep cleaning services for your home.

Get the best Drumcondra house cleaning service by Clean 4 U!

Clean 4 U is your reliable cleaning company in Drumcondra that offers different services to get cleaning tasks done for households systematically. We offer window cleaning, carpet cleaning service, for our clients to get the most of our services. Book the right  cleaning services today to acquire hassle-free cleaning services. 

Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

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Cleaning Services FAQs

The average cost of getting your house cleaned is $90-$150. However, a lot of factors are responsible for deciding accurate rates. 


Regular house cleaning services include dusting countertops, tables, chairs, furniture, faucets, sink basins, etc. Light fixtures, bathrooms, baseboards and picture frames are also cleaned. 


We recommend going for regular cleaning of your house at least once every week and getting it deep cleaned at least twice a month.

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