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Sofas are integral to the living room. They are among the most used items in the room. However, unfortunately they are also the least clean due to regular usage. You can easily notice the difference. Do your cushions look as good as when they were brand new? If you are unhappy with the way they look, then hire a professional upholstery cleaning service in Dublin.

Restore the health of your sofas because dirty sofas can become hotbeds of mites and bacteria. These can affect your health as well. For instance, if you have dust allergy, you would want to avoid old upholstery. However, instead of buying a brand new one, you can call upon professional cleaners who would work on your upholstery at the fraction of a cost. Steam powered vacuum cleaning works best, but you should leave the job to professionals.

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with the preferred service. There are a few things that you must confirm. Are they reliable? As you would be allowing the cleaner into the privacy of your home, make sure that you are only working with a trusted provider. Check out the client testimonials on their website. Are they verifiable? Is same-day service available in your area? What is the estimate for the cleaning job?

The customer care staff would also clarify a few questions. These include the material of the sofa, and for how long have you been using it. An expert service would know the right materials to use for cleaning depending on the material. Whether you have a leather upholstery, cotton, velvet, polyester, brocade, or linen, professional services are always available for the job. Check out the before-after photos at the service website to assess whether you should hire them for the job.

Ready for Use

The upholstery cleaning executive would arrive at your place at the scheduled time. He would bring in the vacuum cleaner in the van, which would be parked in the nearest parking space. Next, he would closely inspect the upholstery to identify all the areas that need special attention. This would be followed up by a thorough cleaning using localized steam vacuum. The sofa should dry within the next five to seven hours completely to be ready for use.

Carpet cleaning

Along with sofas, dirty carpets also serve as breeding ground for germs. Do you find a lingering stale odour in your home? It is usually due to bacterial infestation in carpets. Combine the upholstery cleaning package with carpet cleaning as well to make sure that your home is fully healthy. A rug cleaning Dublin service would use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other debris (such as food particles) from the surface of the rug. This is followed by adding a mix of detergent and cleaning liquid on the places most affected by stains. The technician would let it settle for some time so that the stains dissolve in the detergent mix. All the chemicals used for cleaning are non-toxic and non-abrasive. Following this, the steam powered vacuum is used to clean the rug completely.

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