Why you should hire Cleaning Services to clean your hard floors

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Homeowners and business owners understand that cleaning hard floors and surfaces can be extremely difficult and time consuming. This is especially so, if the proper skills and techniques are not utilised. To be sure that a floor or surface is cleaned properly and is not damaged during the procedure, the proper tools and products for that floor have to be used.

Today, you have a whole variety of options available for cleaning floors and countertops. The typical homeowner likely doesn’t have the knowledge or resources to effectively clean a marble countertop or a hardwood floor. To prevent possible damage to these surfaces by doing it yourself, we suggest that you hire local cleaning services that know what to do to clean your home. Here are different procedure that cleaning specialists use to clean materials in you home.


The typical mop and broom were traditionally the most reliable ways to clean a floor that is of hardwood. While these are great for everyday spills, the idea of a mope and a broom is only novel on paper. What actually happen when using a mop with water is that the dirt is only move around the area. Water is actually what makes dirt soak into the hardwood, rather than remove dirt from it. So in summary, using a mop only makes your floors dirtier!

Hardwood floors can possibly build up grime for a number of years that cannot be removed by yourself. Your local cleaning service is capable of effectively cleaning hardwood floors using special brushes that lift dirt off of the surface without doing damage to the wood. Because of this, your hardwood floor will last longer than without professional cleaning care.

Softwood floors made of pine or cedar require as little moisture as possible when cleaning. You can clean softwood by wiping with a damp mop, followed by a dry mop.


Stone and marble floors and countertops look beautiful, which is why they are popular choices for kitchens and bathrooms. Natural stone is essentially classified into two categories, depending on the proper ways to clean them.

Siliceous stone is a durable stone that can be cleaned with mild level chemicals in mind. Calcareous stone is less durable than siliceous and cannot be cleaned with any chemical-based products. If you are unsure which stone you have, then you don’t know the best way to clean it. Your cleaning service can help determine which type of stone floors and/or surfaces that you have in your home.


Professional cleaning experts advise against sealing masonry surfaces on your own, as brick, believe it or not, has to breathe through its porous outer layer, or it will end up cracking. No matter if your brick floors are sealed or not, professional cleaning services will know how to clean them. To clean brick, in most cases, you cannot include too much or too little chemicals.


Concrete is mainly for driveways, basement floors, and sidewalks. There are different kinds of concrete, which means each require a different method to clean it. These methods all involve pressure washing, which uses a force of water to blast away dirt and grime. A pressure washer with at least 3000 pounds per square inch will get the job done in most cases. In other scenarios, for instance, if the concrete is caked with paint, grease, or oil from previous projects, a chemical can be included to help the blast of water effectively remove any and all irregularities. Keep in mind that your garden hose is not a viable substitute for a pressure washer used by professionals.


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