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On a day-to-day basis, a thorough vacuuming of carpets seems to suffice – it seems to get most dirt, dust and hair out. Sometimes a carpet needs a something a lot more intense. Dust, skin particles and moisture are easily entrapped in carpet fibers and can create an incredibly unhygienic walking surface for you and your family. But are some carpets less likely to hold onto dirt? Is the promise of ‘stain-resistant’ in a carpet possible? We’re going to provide you with all the carpet-related answers you need!

Cleaning Berber Carpet
Berber carpets are among the easiest to clean on the market. They are essentially created from large loops of carpet fiber, meaning dirt and mess can only get stuck under than loops they encounter. Berber carpets don’t tend to suffer from deeply penetrating dirt and stains. They may not hold stains as easily as other carpets on the market, but they do show general wear and tear a lot more easily. This is particularly true if you have small children or pets that like to pick away at the loops.

Cleaning Frieze Carpet
Frieze carpet is the exact opposite of Berber as in it may look cleaner for longer but it manages to conceal a huge amount of dirt in its many layers. Frieze carpet is created by combining many small and twisted fibers that do not stand upright. Due to its structure, the dirt and hair can get lodged in between these fibers and appear completely clean to the human eye. Carpets created out of nylon or wool hide dirt better but are obviously more pricey than the polyester or polyethylene terephthalate alternatives. Frieze carpet requires hoovering every day, but for best results and long-term stain removal it’s best to hire professionals for a dry or steam clean.

How To Improve Carpets In-Between Cleans
It’s essential to lay down an underlay between the bare floor and the carpet covering. Carpet padding comes in many different types and thicknesses and we recommend the thicker options for high-traffic areas (this helps to maintain carpet in general but also makes it look more lush and less dirty). A high quality underlay will ensure spills and stains stay within the carpet itself, the best to try is those made from foam chips and recycled rubber.

Stain-Resistant Carpet – Does It Work?
In short, no. Stain resistant carpet does not work. The long answer is: some forms of carpet are incredibly close but do require the owner to clean up any spills immediately to prevent staining. Nylon frieze is a good example of carpet usually sold as stain resistant – its fibers are created tightly together and stains find it difficult to penetrate. Many stain resistant carpets are sprayed with a chemical compound that provides a barrier between the dirt or spill and the fibers of the carpet.

Summing up – different carpets have different needs when it comes to providing cleaning and long-term care. In order to get your carpets back to their best, give our team a call today on 1800 938 831 or 089-452 3433 and see what we can do for you


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