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Construction can be an extremely messy affair, at home or in commercial spaces. We know how difficult it is to clean up after the construction is complete. A once-off after-construction cleaning service like Clean4U can help you to easily manage this problem. We have a team of highly experienced cleaners who are capable of handling difficult tasks. 

Construction clean up service is a specialized vertical and it involves different types of cleaning services. The cleaners make sure to leave the property spotless. They tend to the smallest of cleaning chores and our professionals are trained to handle all types of after-builders cleaning tasks. 

Before starting a project, our team would like to discuss your requirements and schedule an appointment for the service. We will review your cleaning needs and provide customized solutions to fulfil your demands. On the fixed date and time, our cleaners will be at your home with all the necessary cleaning tools and equipment. Let’s take a look at the kind of service you can expect from us. 

When Do You Need To Call After-Builders House Cleaning Service?

After builders house cleaning service is extremely useful after any type of construction or property renovation. In most cases, people plan for construction needs beforehand. But, they hardly concentrate on the mess created thereafter. If you are building a new home, it is important to get it cleaned before moving in. Similarly, if you have just renovated your living space, you cannot afford to leave it unclean for a long time. After all, the family needs to get back to the home and it becomes essential to keep it in perfect condition. 

All types of construction lead to a lot of dirt and dust build up. It covers rooms, floors, tiles, electrical fittings and almost every nook and corner of your home. For a homeowner, cleaning up after construction can be extremely challenging. If you too are faced with a similar problem, hire the cleaning services from Clean4U. Our professional team has expert knowledge about cleaning. They know how to treat wooden furniture and marble floors. So, no matter what your requirement is, we can handle it without any difficulty. 

Is There Any Special Requirement For After-Builders Houses To Be Clean?

If you are opting for after-builders house clean, there are certain things that you need to do. Ask your builder to remove any paint spills, silicon residue or plaster from the surfaces. Do not let them leave behind concrete deposits. Along with this, request the builder to remove the rubble before a professional team of cleaners comes to your home. 

If you have made wooden furniture or have plastered walls, the mess is likely to be difficult to clean. In order to make the task easier for the cleaners, let the dust settle down. It is recommended to call them 4 to 5 days after the builders leave your premises. This will provide enough time for the dust to settle down and will provide enough opportunity for the cleaners to thoroughly remove any dirt. Besides, it also eliminates the need for repeat cleaning. 

Do Homeowners Need To Provide Cleaning Material?

No. Homeowners can simply let the cleaners know about their specific requirements and rest assured about the best service. They will bring all the necessary cleaning items and will remove dirt and dust from every corner of your home. The price quoted by cleaning companies includes the cost of cleaning material. They also use specialised tools that ensure the best cleaning and help to remove tough stains.  

Why Schedule A Booking With A Cleaning Company?

A reliable and trusted cleaning company like Clean4U offers effective services for commercial as well as residential projects. There are multiple benefits of booking a cleaning service. Here’s what you need to consider.

Completely Revamps the Look of a Building:

Even if you have built a new home, it doesn’t look good until it is clean. A professional service provider can remove dust and debris from every corner of a building. The cleaners can completely transform the look and feel of a building. So, if you want your building to stand out from the rest, call professional home cleaners.

Professional Cleaners:

A team of trained cleaners can add the much needed difference to your cleaning chores. With years of experience in this field, they know the tricks of the trade. Their specialized skills enable them to provide tailor-made solutions for all your cleaning needs. Whether you need to deep clean a kitchen or bathroom, our cleaners offer the best solutions.

Making Ready to Use Spaces Available:

After construction, most buildings are not inhabitable. Due to the enormous amount of dust and debris, people cannot move in immediately. People opting for home renovations also face the same problem. To avoid such hassles, cleaners go the extra mile to make the space ready to use immediately. Clean4U has a team of responsible cleaners who excel at their job. We know how to guarantee the best services and always strive to fulfil your expectations. 

Affordable Service:

If you thought professional cleaning companies charge a lot of money, you are mistaken. We offer the most affordable rates for our services. We understand your requirements and maintain competitive prices for all types of cleaning. 

You can get in touch with us immediately after the job at your site is completed. However, make sure that all the work is completed before calling us. We follow standard operating procedures to finish the task on time. Since the cleaning procedure can be quite time-consuming, we would like to visit your property only when all construction and renovation work is done and you are ready to move into the property. Our customers also prefer us for post-decoration cleaning. So, if you want to get excellent service at your doorstep, do not hesitate to talk to our team now. 

Below you can see some results of our AFTER-BUILDERS Cleaning services:

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What To Expect From Our Team?

When you opt for a cleaning service at Clean4U, you can rest assured about quality service. To ensure maximum safety of clients, all our professionals are vetted and thoroughly checked. We also get the highest ratings from our clients. Moreover, we allow our clients to completely relax with our fully insured services. In case of worker absence or delays, we offer complete replacement even on holidays. 

Our cleaners use the most sophisticated cleaning tools with HEPA filtration. It assures 99% dust mite removal, which considerably reduces the risk of allergies and asthma. We even provide carpet and upholstery cleaners to keep your home completely dust-free. The state-of-the-art window washing tool available at Clean4U not only makes cleaning easier and hassle-free, it also enables us to achieve the perfect finish on glass surfaces. 

Clean4U is dedicated to offer the following:

After-Builders Cleaning Services dublin

Covering All Your Cleaning Needs

Clean4U is a premier home cleaning service provider based in Dublin. If you have just completed construction at your home or office, our team of professional cleaners are just a call away. We also provide janitorial services, designed to meet our customers’ unique needs. We have been in this business for years and you can expect only the very best standards of service from us. 

Our cleaners are trained to deal with difficult tasks. When you entrust us with cleaning chores, we leave no stone unturned to satisfy our customers. Our friendly cleaners treat each job with great care. Their attention to detail helps us to achieve the very best results without fail. We believe you must also get a taste of our professional cleaning services and enjoy your peace of mind. To know more about our cleaning services, get in touch with us at 1 800 938 831.

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