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Our team offer a wide variety of cleaning services in Terenure and the surrounding area.

Whether you are looking for domestic cleaning or commercial cleaning, we’re here to help! We are a well-established cleaning company in Dublin with a team of highly-trained professional. Our value for money is unbeatable, and our cleaning is flawless. Whether you need once-off cleaning service or a scheduled cleaning rota for your premises, our helpful staff can create a bespoke cleaning plan for you.

If you’re looking for help cleaning after building work, we offer specialist cleaning services to clean up the mess left after the builders are gone. We offer after-party cleaning in Terenure if you’re in a rush (or just left in a delicate state after the night before!). We leave properties on every job we do smelling fresh and looking fantastic. Our team aim to leave a property looking like it’s never been used before.

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Cleaning your home is one of the most important parts of your regular life. If you own your own shop, office or run a restaurant, then too, you are responsible for the cleaning of your properties. However, we understand that you are way too busy to do all the cleaning job. Even if you hire maid cleaning Terenure then too it is not the task of an individual to clean the entire property in a single day. So, the only way out is to hire local house cleaning services.

If you are unsure about which company to hire, Clean 4 U is indeed the best cleaning company which offers the best cleaning services to all its clients. We are a team of expert cleaners, which work hard to offer the best ever services to all the clients. All our cleaners are highly trained, have years of experience, and are capable of handling all the advanced equipment and tools. We have a huge client base, and this has been possible because we adhere to quality performance delivery. We have been consistent with our high-quality house cleaning services Terenure as well as commercial services.


If you are in doubt whether to hire professional cleaners or not, these reasons will let you make the right decision:

Experience and expertise:

A professional cleaning team will always have years of experience. This experience makes them all the more capable of offering premium cleaning services to the clients. Always hire a professional cleaning company to reap the benefits of its expertise and knowledge.

Access to the latest equipment and tools:

A professional cleaning company will have access to all the latest cleaning tools and gadgets which are otherwise unavailable for the common people. Also, they have the knowledge of using these tools aptly.

Fully trained cleaners:

A professional cleaning company always hires experienced cleaners. These cleaners have to undergo rigorous training. Such companies also get the backgrounds of these employees checked. They are fully trained, knowledgeable and dedicated.

Professional contract:

Professional cleaning companies always let you sign contracts. This makes them accountable for providing you with the best services. Individual cleaners do not show much sign of professionalism. 

Stellar cleaning services:

When you hire the services of a professional cleaning team, it ensures that you get the best ever cleaning service. Their level of service will actually be unmatchable. They will work hard to match international standards. You will be able to witness the excellent cleaning service for yourself.


There are so many factors and features which set us apart from the rest of the competitors. We know that in order to outshine, it is necessary to have certain USP. That’s why we have kept ourselves different by offering better and unique services.


We offer a multitude of services to our highly esteemed clients. Clean 4 U is like a one-stop-shop for all your domestic and commercial cleaning needs. You can hire different services as per your needs.

Local house cleaning services: When you realise that your house has become way too dirty to live in, you need to hire our services as soon as possible. Also, you can hire our services for getting your carpets, rugs furniture cleaned. Clean 4 U is a brilliant cleaning company which offers top-notch house cleaning Dublin services at an affordable cost. These are our various house cleaning services:

Rug cleaning:

If you have a few rugs, lying on the chairs, floors, here and there, and they are getting dirty with every passing day, then contact us to get your rugs cleaned quite conveniently.

Carpet cleaning:

If you have an exotic carpet and need to wash it and remove the stains, then worry not. Clean 4 U team will remove even the most stubborn stain and make your carpet smell fresh and look newish. We are quite popular among our clients for our carpet cleaning service.

Driveway cleaning:

If you want your driveway to shine and look clean and dust-free, then know that our driveway cleaning is the apt service for you. We use power washing technique to clean your driveway.

Upholstery cleaning:

If you have upholstered furniture, then our upholstery cleaning service will definitely be of great use to you. We have fully trained cleaners who clean your upholstered furniture with utmost perfection and proficiency.

Power washing cleaning:

We offer power washing cleaning for clearing and washing dirt off hard surface areas like cemented surface, rock or brick surfaces etc. We use heated water to clean the oil, grease and grime effectively.

Mattress cleaning:

Clean 4 U offers premium quality mattress cleaning services which make your mattresses look fresh, fluffy, clean and hygienic once again. Keep pests at bay by hiring our mattress cleaning services.

Bathroom/kitchen cleaning:

Our team of cleaners are experienced enough to clean your kitchen/ bathroom properly. We give them a complete makeover by making each nook and corner dust and dirt-free.

Curtain cleaning:

If you want to clean your fancy and delicate curtains to look clean but do not know how to wash them, we can help. Clean 4 U offers exquisite curtain cleaning service.

Window cleaning:

Clean 4 U offers expert window cleaning service. We use advanced as well as conventional cleaning technologies to make your window panes scot-free.

Commercial cleaning services Terenure:  Not just your home, but your workplace needs to be clean and maintained as well. Here you will welcome all your clients and business partners. So, the place needs to be dust free and gleaming.  Also, your team and employees deserve to work in a healthy ambience. Hence, it is necessary to hire commercial cleaning services. We offer apt commercial cleaning services and assign the exact number of cleaners to clean your property.


Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Cleaning Services FAQs

We offer various other ways of booking. So, you can easily hire our services by using other means such as connecting with us over the phone call or dropping us a message at the mailing ID.

At Clean 4 U, we offer multiple discounts and vouchers which you can redeem by entering the code in the required box. For this, you have to book our services online.

Yes, of course! We offer extensive post-construction cleaning. We have trained our cleaners for post-construction cleaning services.

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If you wish to hire cleaning services for your home or office, then get your cleaning done by us at Clean 4 U.

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