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As the days get longer and the barbecues take up most of our afternoons, it’s easy to let cleaning slip by the wayside. Let’s face it, who wants to be cooped up inside scrubbing when the sun is shining? Here at Clean 4 U, we’ve come up with a list of secret insider tips to help make your cleaning jobs easier and quicker.

1. Lemons are in season! Make the most out of this refreshing fruit – once it’s done its job on your plate or in your drink, use it for its cleaning prestige. Lemon is amazing for cleaning stainless steel and taps/metal sinks. All you need to do is give the dirty object a good rub with the lemon, then a quick wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

2. Pre-clean your used grill. After a barbecue, while the grate is still warm (but obviously cool enough to touch!) get a wire brush and start scrubbing. You’ll thank yourself next time you plan on having a barbecue. If it’s an absolute mess that just won’t shift, try a little oven cleaner and then go in for another attack with the wire brush. You’ll need gloves for this messy job!

3. Mayonnaise – an unlikely cleaner. Make sure it’s full fat for this one to work. If someone’s split water all over your wood table and not bothered with a coaster, pop some mayonnaise on the ring that was left behind. Leave it for around 60 minutes, then wipe away. You’ll be amazed!

4. Sticky fingerprints. If you have appliances with a glass or shiny finish, you’ll know what we mean immediately. Whether its kids or adults, someone always leaves their sticky fingerprints in the kitchen. Our solution? Use a furniture polish that’s citrus-based. They leave an unnoticeable oily residue on surfaces which combat fingerprints.

5. Avoid smelly washes. If you’re lucky enough to get get weather, the last thing you’re going to think about is your washing machine. However, the humidity can have a detrimental effect on it. Mould will start to grow, leaving freshly washed clothes smelling like they’ve been in storage for years. The simple remedy? Do an empty wash with the highest temperature water option you have and don’t forget a drop or two of sweet-smelling detergent.

6. Pool fun. Best way to keep swimwear looking its best and not fading? Wash it straight after wearing in fresh water. Avoid wringing out items as it kills the elastic keeping them flattering. While you maintain your pool on a daily/weekly basis, don’t forget all the toys and floats that get used in it too! Softest cleaner to use? Vinegar on paper towels. Give pool items a quick wipe down and rest assured there won’t be any harsh residues or nasty side effects when the kids use them next.

7. Air rooms out daily. With the good weather, there’s no excuse not to air out each room every day. Make sure curtains are drawn back and given a good breeze through too. This is particularly important for bathrooms, simply opening the window for an hour or two minimum each day will help fight the battle against mould and mildew.

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