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Here Is How You Can Speed Clean Your Home

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Cleaning DublinCleanliness is godliness! No premise that remains untidy appeals to the eyes of the onlookers. Also, cleaning is much essential to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the house. Especially when it comes to residences, one has to keep in mind those children, older people, and sick people often reside in homes. 

Someone might have a dust allergy, or a kid might crawl around in a home. To ensure that everyone remains safe and out of the reach of common dust-borne infections, keeping your home clean is essential. 

What makes home cleaning a tedious task is the amount of effort and time-aligned to it. If you want to clean your home carefully without compromising your regular schedule, opt for the best home cleaning services. At Clean 4 U, we offer premium home cleaning services that ensure that your house gets the best cleaning without any hassle. 

From dusting the furniture to deep cleaning the carpets, our services offer end-to-end solutions. What makes all our services a smart choice is the affordable prices we keep for the services. If you want a whole-house cleaning, opt for our services to enjoy hassle-free cleaning. 

Speed Cleaning Method for Home

Here are some of the methods that make cleaning more comfortable and less time-consuming.

Be Strategic and Orderly

Maintaining order is essential to cut down cleaning time substantially. You need to have a plan for cleaning in your mind and must follow the same every time you clean the house. Suppose you prefer cleaning the bedrooms first, and then you move to the kitchen and common spaces. If this is the preferred order for you, maintain the same every time you clean the house. 

This will keep your cleaning time low. If you don’t have enough time to manage the entire cleaning process for your home, opting for our professional home cleaning solutions would be the best idea. All our home cleaning services run the cleaning process in a disciplined manner and clean the home without causing any trouble. 

Clean Top to Bottom 

Do not start the cleaning process from the floor or the furniture lying on the floor. Instead, focus on the dust on the ceiling and blinds first. This will ensure that you do not have to re-clean the floors and tabletops you have already dusted. Move slowly from the top part to the bottom layers of a room to ensure fast cleaning without much ado. 

With years of involvement and professional training, we are one of the best domestic cleaning companies. We have experts who know precisely how to make your house dust-free. Our professionals generally start eyeing for dust from the left most corner of your room and gradually proceed towards the right side to ensure they do not miss out on any dirt. Darting from one place to another and finding dust randomly can only increase hassle and time consumption. 

Special Window Glass Cleaning

Nothing can replace the appeal of the shining window glasses. But, getting the desired level of shine is a challenging task. Once the window glasses start gathering dust and dirt, paper towels might fall short of the requirement. The specialists use professional-grade window squeegee that offers precision cleaning. 

Hence, if you are looking for perfect cleaning, hiring our professional services for speed cleaning would be the best option. If you do not like window squeegee, our professionals also offer window cleaning using microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. For perfectly shining window glasses, you can always depend on our professional speed cleaning services. 

Keep the Equipment Ready

We all need specific equipment and gear to clean the house. A bucket, a few brushes, scrubbers, a mop, hand gloves, etc., are some of the things you need to keep ready within your arm’s reach. If you do not have all the requisite cleaning instruments right in front of you, you will waste time running back and forth to the cabinet. 

Hence, skip the hassle and keep everything ready before cleaning. Our professional cleaners always come with all the necessary things for cleaning. They never miss out on single equipment. Hence, if you plan for speed cleaning the home, make sure to engage our experts to experience hassle-free cleaning. 

Right Duster for Dusting

 You need the right duster for cleaning the blinds, corners, nooks, and other areas. Dusting mostly results in the shifting of the dust from one place to another. If you do not want your tabletop dust to get spread all over the floor, use the right duster. The best quality dusters ensure that the dust does not get scattered all over the place. 

Our professionals come with all the necessary gears to ensure that your house gets a thorough cleaning minus any trouble. Generally, the experts use ostrich feather dusters that ensure zero hassle dusting and spotless cleaning. For heavier traces of dust, we use vacuum cleaners and cloths depending on the requirement. 

Cleaning Kitchen Grease

Dealing with kitchen grease cleaning is probably the most critical part of home cleaning. Apart from efforts, it also consumes a substantial amount of your time. No one deep cleans the kitchen tops and other places where the grease accumulates regularly. This makes cleaning the depositions of grease all more challenging. 

However, our professionals know the right ways to clean the grease without much effort. All they do is mix detergent with warm water and make a solution. Now, they spread the solution all over get greased area and wait a while. After a few minutes, they wipe out the grease easily from the surface without damaging or discolouring it. This is what our professionals do to make sure that no trace of grease remains on the kitchen top or anywhere. 

Cleaning the Rust Patches

Rust patches make the surface look worn out. If you wish to clean the rusted surfaces, lemon can be an effective cleaner at any point in time. Do not forget that rust is nothing but iron oxide, and when it reacts with the acid, it gets dissolved. Hence, you can use lemon juice to remove the rust stains.  

Our premium home cleaning services, Clean 4 U offers thorough cleaning inclusive of rust removal. If you need rust removal for an extensive area, lemon juice might fall short of the requirement. Hence, our professionals come with acid that easily dissolves the rust and ensures perfect cleaning. 

Dress Appropriately

Wearing the right dress diminishes the cleaning time considerably. Think about the hassle of moving, wearing tight pants and uncomfortable clothes. These restrict free movement and enhance the discomfort during cleaning, which, in turn, makes the cleaning process longer. 

Avoid wearing loose dresses as well. When you climb the ladder to clean the ceiling, a loose garment can be a problem. Our professionals always wear appropriate cleaning dresses for cleaning, reducing the cleaning time, and making the entire process hassle-free. 

Cleaning Bathroom Mould

 Bathroom mould is common trouble; almost every household has. These outgrowths seem to be stubborn and reappear shortly after cleaning. It is the moist atmosphere inside the bathroom that promotes the growth of these moulds. 

To keep this at bay, you need professional tricks. Hydrogen Peroxide is the best thing to battle out the moulds. Our professional cleaning services generally spray Hydrogen Peroxide on the moulds and scrub it off after 5 minutes. This process not only cleans the moulds but also keeps them from growing again. 

Be Proactive In Cleaning

A little bit of regular cleaning can save a lot of time while deep cleaning the house. Make sure to clean the shower regularly and mop the bathroom floor after every shower. This will keep the bathroom clean for a long time. Also, loose dusting can save you a lot of time as it won’t allow the dust to gather. For the glass surfaces, you can use glass cleaners. You can also discuss the ways to keep your house clean on a regular basis with our professionals. A few tips can save you a lot of time and effort. 

Throw Off the Unnecessary Things

The thumb rule for declaring something to be unnecessary is to check if you have used it in the last six months or not. If something has remained idle over the last six months, it probably does not have any more utility. We suggest that you go through the drawers, cabinets once a month and take out those unnecessary things and throw those off. This will save a lot of time through speed cleaning. 

Pay Attention

 Willing to keep your house clean is the first step towards ensuring a neat premise. Pay attention to the corners of the house to be aware of the dust deposits. Keep cleaning everything from time to time so that you do not end up spending days cleaning everything at a time. 

If you have a tight schedule to manage and hardly find spare time to invest in home cleaning, hire our expert cleaning services. You can call us any time at 1800 938 831 or 089-452-3433 to book an appointment.

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