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Everyone loves a clean house. No mess, no dirt and no clutter! The only problem is, cleaning takes up a lot of time.  In order to have a beautiful, comfortable home to relax in you have two options: hire a professional cleaning company like Clean 4 U (us!) or learn how to speed clean. Speed cleaning is simply cutting down on your cleaning workload and making the hassle of cleaning less time-consuming.

So from our cleaning experts to you, here is an introductory guide to speed cleaning!

1. Wear something appropriate. Ok, this may sound like a bit of an odd number one but wearing comfortable, suitable clothing makes cleaning so much easier. Forget pyjamas, you won’t actually want to do anything in them. High heels? No. Tight, restrictive jeans? No! There’s a reason why cleaning companies all choose the same style of clothing for their uniforms: it’s comfortable and easy to clean in.

2. Keep cleaning products in one easy-to-reach place in each room. Cleaning a bathroom upstairs? You don’t want to have to walk downstairs to get the bleach and gloves and get distracted by other things on the way. Keep each room’s cleaning supplies in a cupboard in that room (or at least on the same floor in the house!) Trust us, it’s a time saver.

3. Clean as you go (everyday!) Once you get used to cleaning up after yourself, it really does become second nature and so much easier. What do we mean? Make your bed straight after you get up. Clean the shower when you clean yourself. Do a daily clothes wash, start drying/hanging the clothes as soon as the machine is finished and once they’re dry hang them up in the wardrobe. Just had a beautiful dinner? Wash the dishes straight away.

4. Declutter often. When you have less stuff, you have less to clean. Go through cupboards and drawers often, throw rubbish away and anything you don’t use anymore give to a charity shop. Not only are you helping them, you’re also helping yourself and saving wasted hours cleaning useless items.

5. STAY FOCUSED! This is so simple but it’s so easy to get caught up in little cleaning details that don’t add up to big results or simply checking your Facebook instead of doing that oven clean. Stay focused on the tasks at hand and it’ll be over before you know it.

Not a fan of cleaning full-stop? Take the hassle out of keeping your home clean and comfortable and give our expert cleaning team a call on 1800 938 831 or 089-452-3433.


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