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We Offer Cleaning Services That Meet All Your Needs

We provide all-inclusive house cleaning services all across the city of Dublin and its surrounding territories. You can also hire us to offer tailored services such as home-office cleaning services, move-in or move-out cleaning services, cleaning services for senior citizens, and more. Click here to get an online cleaning estimate and mention the clean4u discount in the comments for your 10% off.

Special Offers Bring in Special Benefits

The Offers Tied to Our Services Make Them Highly Affordable

 Clean 4 U offers outstanding cleaning services for extremely reasonable prices. You may call us for spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, or periodic cleaning, we will ensure that we get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without busting your budget. 

We Are Represented by Trained and Experienced Cleaners

The cleaning professionals representing our company are highly skilled and are known for their cordial behaviour. They will remain entirely committed to your work and will ensure that you get the best value for the money invested by you. Additionally, every individual working for us is fully insured.

Your Home Will Be at Lesser Risk of Having Bugs and Rodents

By removing dust and debris from your home and making it a perfectly clean place, we will ensure that bugs and rodents cannot thrive in your abode.

You Can Keep Bacteria and Viruses at Bay

Dirty homes often become the breeding ground for various kinds of unruly viruses and bacteria. The more will be the quantity of dust entering your house, the greater will be the number of unwanted microorganisms present around you. 

Indeed, wiping the floor, walls, and other surfaces regularly helps in warding off some lesser bugs. However, such measures are unlikely to eradicate the more powerful and harmful germs. Our deep cleaning service is the only way to get rid of such germs.

The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home Will Improve

You can hire us for cleaning your furniture, walls, floors, carpet, and every single room in your house. This will help in removing allergens like pet dander, dust mites, pollen, etc. from the house and thus improve its air quality. 

While the above-mentioned allergens can cause mild, moderate, or even serious allergy symptoms, poor indoor air quality can leave you at high risk of several debilitating infections and illnesses.

Our Packages Are All-Inclusive

Some of the services included in the cleaning packages we offer are as follows:

  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Kitchen cleaning (we also clean appliances)
  • Bathroom cleaning 
  • Sofa cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Power washing

House Cleaning Offers

Deep Cleaning/One-Off Cleaning

Looking for Once Off house cleaning? We are here to help. 

  • Start Deep cleaning the right way with a 10% discount Plus Oven free and 15% Off of your next Regular Cleaning
  • This promotion will run until the end of October 2020, so hurry up and cash in on the saving

Office Cleaning Offers

You’ll be eligible for the promotional offer of a 10% discount even if you hire us for offering office cleaning services. There will also be attractive discounts attached to each of the following office cleaning packages you buy from us. If you are lucky, you may also be greeted with free gifts like a free device cleaning service. 

Some of the jobs we do as part of our office cleaning service are as follows:

  • Floor mopping and polishing 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Deep cleaning 
  • Scheduled cleaning once every week or once every month 
  • Waste disposal 
  • Fabric cleaning 
  • Bathroom cleaning 
  • Desk cleaning 
  • Advice regarding the right ways of facing different cleaning challenges along with required support 

End of Tenancy/Move in/out

Moving is a stressful and expensive time for anyone. Clean4u has a perfect promotional offer of 10% off for cleaning between tenant and Get Carpet Shampoo cleaning 20% off to make your life easier and save your money

(Please note that carpet cleaning discount only apply when you book an end-of-lease cleaning)

If you’re new to Clean 4 U Cleaning Services, we will arrange a visit to your home to assess your requirements and discuss the kind of services that would meet your needs aptly. Our services are tailored according to your needs and no job is a big job for us. Once the plan is ready, we will schedule the clean according to your convenience. Our cleaners will reach your place on the decided date and carry out the cleaning services flawlessly.

For existing customers, please email or call our office and we can schedule a cleaning service for you.

The price is set for standard deep cleaning; however, it can change depending on the type of houses or any extra cleaning service required by the customer. Please contact us for more info.

Services you Can Expect Upon Hiring Us for Once Off Clean/Spring Cleaning


We also have a referral program as part of our special offers. If you refer a friend, you’ll get a flat 10% discount when you’ll hire Clean 4 U the next time. This means you will not only get your house cleaned by us but will also enjoy the services for a much lower price. 

Packages You Can Try

To enjoy the most profitable cleaning offers, you can book one of our pre-designed packages.

If your requirements don’t match the services provided by any of the above packages, we’ll customise cleaning packages exactly according to your needs. Don’t worry! Those tailored packages will also be reasonably priced and come with attractive discounts. 

Our Carpet Cleaning Specials

We have promotional offers tied even to our carpet cleaning services. On most occasions, you will enjoy a discount of 10% on your total carpet cleaning bill. However, you can get even a bigger discount if you are hiring us during the holidays or the festive season. 

Our carpet cleaning team consists of experts with several years of experience in this segment. Once you contact us and hire us to clean your carpets, you can rest assured about the fact that you’ll see your carpets/rugs get back the shine they used to have during their initial days. Our cleaners have the knowledge, experience, and skill required to clean carpets made using different materials and fabrics. 

They always use cleaning methods that will remove dirt, dust, oil, debris, and other unwanted components from the carpets without causing any discolouration or damage to the material. 

We use different state-of-the-art carpet cleaning techniques to come up with the best possible output. Our cleaners always ensure that the cleaning methods they are using are hypoallergenic, pocket-friendly, and eco-friendly. 

This means you’ll not need to worry about the well-being of your kids and pets. They will never get exposed to any harmful chemicals if you hire us to clean your carpets. Moreover, our techniques will ensure that all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria get removed from the carpet. 

Cleaning Services FAQs

Dublin residents and business owners hiring us can enjoy attractive discounts on the various services we offer. The promotional discounts offered by us range between 10% to 20%. Additionally, at times, you may get certain services done free of cost upon buying one or more cleaning services from us.  


The cost of cleaning your home or office would vary depending on the magnitude of the job. However, we ensure that all the services offered by us are reasonably priced. Our promotional discounts make our services even more affordable. 

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