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The Importance and Costing of Professional Office Cleaning in Dublin 1 (D1)

If you run a business, you would know how significant it is to keep office space clean. Cleaner office space establishes a favourable impression on clients and other visitors. Besides, it also promotes productivity, enhances indoor air quality, encourages professionalism, and can also boost your overall business. When looking for Office Cleaning Services in Dublin 1 (D1), the first thing that comes to the mind of office owners is its cost. 

Different cleaning services offered include emptying the trash, vacuuming the entire office monthly or weekly, thorough daily cleaning like mopping, disinfecting the restrooms, and waxing the floor. 

When it comes to office cleaning, Clean 4 U offers cost-effective office cleaning services. You may opt for smaller or larger jobs like heavy or light cleaning. Emptying the trash, light cleanings like dusting and vacuuming in a very small office starts from €20-30 for every time you get your space cleaned. The range increases depending on the size of an office. 

The costs may also vary, based on the number of restrooms, the type of cleaning you opt for. If your office has few employees, you will only need basic services, once or twice a week and it will cost you €200-300 per month. Larger cleaning jobs or specialized cleaning will cost you anywhere between €70-90 per visit. Moreover, you may have to pay separately for labour-intensive services like waxing floors, stripping services, carpet cleaning, etc. That said, basic cleaning services for an office space of 2000 square foot will cost somewhere between €2000-4000 per month. The cost will increase with your service requirement.

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The Importance and Costing of Professional Office Cleaning in Dublin 1 (D1)

How to Book Our Post Tenancy Cleaning Services in Dublin?


Pick up a date and time

Working with us is pretty straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:


Make an online booking

Pick up a date and time. You can select the move out date with your landlord or estate agent.

Schedule Appoinment

Sit back and relax

You can use our website or call our company professionals to schedule an appointment.

Things required for Office Cleaning Services in Dublin 1 (D1)

To maintain the hygiene of your workplace, and keep your employees healthy and productive, it is crucial to hire an office cleaning company like Clean 4 U that has all the required supplies. However, the supplies that you will need for your office depends greatly on the size, type, and specific requirements of your workplace. Let us know a few basic things that all small to medium scale business owners will need to get their office cleaned effectively. 

List of Supplies our Office Cleaners always have: 

  • Baking Soda to clean sinks and countertops.
  • All-Purpose stain and spot remover.
  • Bath tissues.
  • Disinfecting Wipes.
  • Dustpan, broom and brush.
  • Feather duster.
  • Facial tissue.
  • Dish soap.
  • Floor cleaning solution.
  • Windows and glass cleaners.
  • Disposable gloves.
  • Hand Soap.
  • Disinfecting counter sprays, Sink scrubbers.
  • Microfiber cloth to clean.
  • Sponges, and sponge mops.
  • Paper Towels.
  • Toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Vinegar that can be used as a surface cleaner.
  • Trash bags.
  • Wood polish, if your workspace has wooden surfaces.
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Things required for Office Cleaning Services in Dublin 1 (D1)

Why Choose Us?

Expert cleaning technicians

Our end of tenancy deep clean services are performed by fully trained professionals. They are thoroughly vetted, background-verified, and insured to make sure you get the best services.

Professional-grade cleaning material

Our cleaners use the best products and cleaning equipment that guarantees superior results. This also enables them to leave a professional finish that is just not possible from using low-grade and easily available materials.

3-day cleaning guarantee

Our end of tenancy cleaning services comes with a 3-day guarantee. So, in case your landlord or real estate agent is not satisfied with the cleaning, we will offer re-cleaning services without any additional cost involved.

Key collection and drop off upon request

In case you are busy, we can arrange for your keys to be collected from a neighbor or a real estate agent. We make all efforts to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Services Includes:

Daily Office and Workspace Cleaning

Choose to hire a company like Clean 4 U that has all standard supplies. Availability and implementation of the required supplies is the key to maintain a healthier, cleaner office. We offer them all such as:

Daily Office Cleaning Services in Dublin 1 (D1)

Daily cleaning tasks for the reception and entire office area include:

  • Dusting all horizontal surfaces of desks, tables, chairs and every other furniture piece. 
  • Empty waste receptacles and replace the liners. Washing them, if required. 
  • Damp wiping the surfaces with disinfectants. 
  • Removing marks and fingerprints from door frames and light switches. 
  • Removal of cobwebs from the front entry and the immediate surrounding areas. 
  • Spot clean walls and all painted surfaces. 
  • Clean automatic doors and windows inside out. 
  • Polish all bright and brass work on the doors and cabinets. 
  • Wipe all internal glass. 
  • Vacuum all mats and carpets, rug cleaning.
  • Mop all hard floors with disinfectants. 
  • Vacuum all hard floors. 
  • Ensure all areas are clean and arranged adequately. 

Kitchen, Restrooms and Breakroom Cleaning services.

Clean and Sanitised washrooms and kitchen areas are crucial in every workspace. Hire expert office cleaning services in Dublin(D1) like Clean 4 U who will take care of all your office cleaning needs and ensure to reduce the risk of spreading germs. 

  • Empty waste receptacles and wipe them if needed. Replacing the liners when required. 
  • Stock hand towels, toilet tissues, hand soap and facial tissues. 
  • Clean and polish mirrors. 
  • Wipe hand dryers and hand towel dispensers. 
  • Polishing all bright and brass work. 
  • Clean and sanitize the basins and sinks. 
  • Spot clean internal glass in doors.
  •  Remove splash marks from walls and the partitions present around basins. 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing toilets and urinals. Wiping them dry from all sides. 
  • Sweep all hard floors.
  • Mop clean kitchen area and restrooms with disinfectants.
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Daily Office and Workspace Cleaning

Specialised Cleaning Services

Weekly Office Cleaning

Professional office cleaning services in Dublin (D1) offer specialised monthly and weekly cleaning services as per needs. It also includes services like upholstery cleaning and driveway cleaning.

  • Cleaning all glass present inside and outside office space with a squeegee. 
  • Dusting mirror tops, partitions, and frames

Monthly Cleaning

Monthly cleaning services provided for your office space include: 

  • Vacuuming vents and chairs.
  • Windows cleaning and glass cleaning inside out, removing cobwebs, etc.
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Cleaning Process

Steps Carried Out by Professionals to Clean Offices

Professionals know how to thoroughly clean an office setting so that a healthy and comfortable working environment is provided to the employees. When you choose Clean 4 U, our professionals help you in following ways: 

Preparing Office Area:

In the beginning, they gather all necessary cleaning equipment, and accessories after examining the office space. In areas where mopping and extensive cleaning is required, they put up closed for cleaning signs and also with correct wet floor cautions to keep staff away. 

Daily Cleaning Procedures:

  • At first, they check the area visually and check the accumulation of any kind of debris or dust. They pick all waste items properly and dispose of them. 
  • Vacuum all dirt and dust that cannot be cleaned by hands. 
  • They then look for spots and stains. If found on floors, carpets, furniture or baseboards, they wipe them off using a stain remover and disinfectant the surfaces.

Weekly Cleaning Procedures:

  • Dusting surfaces such as desks, cabinets, shelves, cubicle walls, etc. 
  • Empty trash cans and replacing garbage bags. 
  • Wiping desks, keyboards, calculators, telephones, using a disinfectant spray or a disinfecting wipe. 
  • Dust heating vents, door jambs, ledges, and window sills. 
  • Dust mop hard surface floors, then sweep up all the debris. 
  • Wet mop all hard floor surfaces. 
  • Vacuum carpeted floors and clean all runners, mats, carpets, etc.

Monthly Cleaning Procedures:

  • Clean all wall-mounted units such as hand dryers, towel dispensers, using a disinfectant spray. Cleaning all fixtures in the restrooms. 
  • Wipe down all vertical surfaces using all-purpose cleaners. 
  • Spray buff all hard surfaces or burnishing floor procedures. Scrubbing all particularly dirty floor surfaces. 
  • Polish desks, chairs, tables, and all other wooden surfaces using furniture polish. 
  • Vacuum or dust the vents, overhead circular fans, and hard to reach areas, like behind the tables and cabinets. 
  • Clean all windows using glass cleaners and disinfecting them.
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Specialised Cleaning Services

Wondering what Does a Cleaner Do?

Additional services, apart from common services, are also offered by Clean 4 U depending on the type of services a business opts for. 

  • Cleaning Internal Windows. 
  • Polishing silver or brass surfaces. 
  • Help de-clutter. 
  • Washing and special care cleaning for delicate surfaces. 
  • Tidying up areas. 

However, clients are charged separately to get additional cleaning done. 

Hire professional office cleaning service partners like Clean 4 U in Dublin that offer extensive office cleaning at budget-friendly rates. Customized packages are offered as per needs and this way you only pay for the services you opt. 

Fully insured and vetted cleaners provide flexible cleaning services. Quality services offered by fully trained cleaners. Make a great impression on all your visitors by keeping and maintaining cleaner office spaces. Connect with professional cleaners to eliminate dust, odours, dirt from your office space. Offer a highly productive environment to your employees. Restore the life and shine of your office. 

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Steps Carried Out by Professionals to Clean Offices

Our Happy Clients!

We have employed Clean4u on a number of our projects in the Dublin region for both weekly welfare cleaning and final handover cleaning. Clean4u provide a very reliable and professional service, always true to their word and on site, on time when scheduled.
Alan Abbott
Senior Cost Manager Glenman Corporation Limited
An extremely professional & thorough service carried out by Clean4u at all times. As a company we have used them for over 3 years now and have always found that they are very accommodating & friendly with the different requests we have from time to time. Would definitely recommend.
Mary TVM
Lead Developer, Flowbase

Opt for Clean 4 U for a Sparkling Office Space in Dublin 1 (D1)

A clean office is not just a necessity but an integral part of creating a work environment that boosts productivity, improves mental well-being, and leaves a positive impression on visitors. Our tailored cleaning packages ensure that you get the best value for your money without compromising on quality. Our fully insured and vetted professionals are trained to tackle every nook and cranny of your workspace, delivering unparalleled cleaning services in Dublin 1 (D1). Don't compromise when it comes to the cleanliness and hygiene of your office. Choose Clean 4 U for professional, reliable, and comprehensive office cleaning services.

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