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We are a Dublin based cleaning company that covers all of the Dublin 7 areas including:

  • Arbour Hill
  • Broadstone
  • Cabra
  • Grangegorman
  • Phibsboro
  • Smithfield
  • Stoneybatter

In case you have any doubt or query regarding our services, feel free to contact us on 1800-938-831.

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We are a Dublin based cleaning company that covers all of the Dublin 7 areas including:

How to Book Our Post Tenancy Cleaning Services in Dublin?


Pick up a date and time

Working with us is pretty straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:


Make an online booking

Pick up a date and time. You can select the move out date with your landlord or estate agent.

Schedule Appoinment

Sit back and relax

You can use our website or call our company professionals to schedule an appointment.

What Is The Importance Of Cleanliness At Your Home And Workplace?

  • A neat and clean home means you are free from any risk like an allergic reaction, infection, and so on. You, as well as your family and pets, will lead a healthy and hygienic life if you keep your home clean.
  • When you clean and tidy up your home, it gets much easier to find things out at the time you need them. You will not misplace things easily. Also, you will be able to get rid of things which you do not need.
  • When guests come over to your place, they will be impressed because regular cleaning will make your house look good. Impress them with your dust-free, organised home decor.
  • You will sleep more relaxingly when you have a clean and fresh mattress and clean sheets over. You can easily fall asleep without any chaos and confusion.
  • When you keep your office cleaned, the level of productivity increases. Clean ambience leads to motivated mindset.
  • A neat and clean surrounding lead to the physical and mental well-being of your employees.
  • Your colleagues and business partner will be highly impressed by the well-maintained and completely organises set up of your workplace.
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What Is The Importance Of Cleanliness At Your Home And Workplace?

Why Choose Us?

Expert cleaning technicians

Our end of tenancy deep clean services are performed by fully trained professionals. They are thoroughly vetted, background-verified, and insured to make sure you get the best services.

Professional-grade cleaning material

Our cleaners use the best products and cleaning equipment that guarantees superior results. This also enables them to leave a professional finish that is just not possible from using low-grade and easily available materials.

3-day cleaning guarantee

Our end of tenancy cleaning services comes with a 3-day guarantee. So, in case your landlord or real estate agent is not satisfied with the cleaning, we will offer re-cleaning services without any additional cost involved.

Key collection and drop off upon request

In case you are busy, we can arrange for your keys to be collected from a neighbor or a real estate agent. We make all efforts to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Services Includes:

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

You Need Not Buy Any Cleaning Supplies:

It can be quite difficult to buy cleaning supplies as being a common man you will not get access to all the advanced equipment. Also, the prices are quite high. When you hire professional house cleaning services in Dublin 7, they bring their own cleaning supplies. So, you do not have to waste money on buying expensive cleaning equipment. 

Time Savvy:

When you hire an efficient, professional cleaning company, you can focus on other things. You need not spend your weekend leaves by cleaning your home or office. Rather, you can go out, have fun, watch movies and do things that appeal to you. You can leave the task of cleaning on the professional company itself.

Access to the Latest Cleaning Technologies and Equipment:

You cannot get access to all the advanced cleaning technology and gadgets. Neither you have the much-needed knowledge to operate them properly. The fact, however, is that a professional cleaning team always carries all the latest cleaning equipment. They know the right method to use them and also conduct various cleaning techniques that lead to neat and clean surrounding.

Spotless, Gleaming House/Workplace:

A professional cleaning company makes sure that your property looks clean and spotless. So, when you return home after a long, tiring day, you will get a neat and clean home. 

Professional and Stellar Results:

A cleaning company always trains its cleaning staff properly. The staff will always pay attention to even the minutest details. They make sure that every corner of your property shines and gleams without any sign of dust.

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Benefits Of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

Why Choose Clean 4 U Over Others?

There are myriad cleaning services available in Dublin 7, but none of them can match the expertise and dedication of Clean 4 U. Here's why:

Years of Experience

With years of exposure in this industry, our team understands the nuances of various cleaning needs and can tailor our services accordingly.


High-quality doesn't always mean high costs. Our services are priced competitively, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

Eco-friendly Solutions

We're conscious about the environment. That's why we use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for both your home and the planet.

Personalised Packages

Every home and office is unique. Hence, we offer personalised cleaning packages that are flexible and catered to individual needs.

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Cleaning Process

Multiple Services That We Offer To Our Clients

Commercial Property Cleaning:

If you are worried that your gym has started smelling bad, it is because you are not taking care of the cleanliness and hygiene factor. No matter what commercial work you carry out, whether you are a gym owner, you run a school or small business, or you have a tuition centre or office, you need to ensure that the place is well-organised. You have to keep cleaning the place daily or on a weekly basis. Otherwise, your clients, colleagues, students, customers find the place exceedingly unappealing and unhygienic. No one likes a smelly, shabby workplace. Even your employees will not come to work willingly. Hence, it is essential that you get your workplace cleaned up often. However, if you are the owner or boss, you cannot do the task yourself. Also, an individual cannot clean up an entire business centre. So, it will be an intelligent decision to hire the top-notch cleaning services of Clean 4 U.

Domestic Property Cleaning:

Whether you have a plush apartment or small cosy bungalow, you will have to clean it regularly. It gets very difficult to clean your house regularly as you are quite occupied with other important works. But you cannot overlook the dust accumulating over your expensive upholstered furniture. A dirty carpet not just looks and smells bad, but it also faces issues like staining, dust catching and so on. Cobwebs can be seen everywhere if you do not clean your house properly. In such an ambience, your family won’t be able to lead a healthy life. It is therefore advisable that you hire our house cleaning Dublin 7 services to keep your cleaning task sorted. We have a team of brilliant cleaners who offer perfect cleaning service for your home. Here is a list of various cleaning services that we offer for your household:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Power washing cleaning
  • Window cleaning
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Why Choose Clean 4 U Over Others?

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

At Clean 4 U, we don't just promise exceptional cleaning services; we back it with a steadfast commitment to quality and safety. Here's what sets our commitment apart:

Thorough Training: 

Every team member undergoes rigorous training to ensure they uphold our quality standards. They are equipped not just with cleaning techniques, but also with knowledge about product safety and equipment handling.

Regular Audits: 

We conduct periodic audits of our services to identify areas of improvement. This constant self-evaluation ensures that we are always at the top of our game.

Feedback Mechanism: 

We value our clients' feedback. Our continuous improvement model thrives on client insights, helping us tweak our methods for the best results.

Safety First: 

Before starting any cleaning assignment, our team undertakes a safety assessment. We use only those products and techniques which are safe for your space and its inhabitants. Our team members are also trained in first aid, ensuring an added layer of safety.

Transparent Communication: 

We believe in complete transparency. If a job requires a specific product or technique, we'll always inform and consult with you beforehand. Your trust is paramount, and we work tirelessly to maintain it.

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Multiple Services That We Offer To Our Clients

Our Happy Clients!

We have employed Clean4u on a number of our projects in the Dublin region for both weekly welfare cleaning and final handover cleaning. Clean4u provide a very reliable and professional service, always true to their word and on site, on time when scheduled.
Alan Abbott
Senior Cost Manager Glenman Corporation Limited
An extremely professional & thorough service carried out by Clean4u at all times. As a company we have used them for over 3 years now and have always found that they are very accommodating & friendly with the different requests we have from time to time. Would definitely recommend.
Mary TVM
Lead Developer, Flowbase

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