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Professional in-home care for organization and management of senior houses and properties-both interior and exterior

Older people require Senior Cleaning Services and a healthier environment at home since they become more vulnerable to illnesses as they age. In this case, it is necessary that they live in a clean home whether they live alone or with their family.

Most seniors aren’t that strong enough to do cleaning amenities that is why they opt to get a maid for hire to do the job. The elderly choose to find a maid who can help them with their work and duties inside the house. Clean4U is an accredited service provider that offers a wide array of cleaning services including professional home cleaning amenities for seniors.


Senior Cleaning Services from Clean4U

What do we offer? Our business provides credible as well as professional cleaning amenities that the elderly will surely benefit from. Through our professional cleaning personnel, seniors get the best out of their money. With our highly qualified staff, they can sustain a healthy environment.

We offer a complete and regular cleaning service for residential properties from baths detailed, bed linens, mopping, dusting, trash removal and so on. Our team can also manage clean cabinets and baseboards. Clean4U is your trusted team of local cleaners that caters to a series of private home cleaning amenities. Our senior home cleaning service helps our elderly to live independently on their own. With the amenities we provide, they don’t need to worry about managing things by themselves because they have us to help them with their needs.

As much as possible, we’ll keep them away from any illnesses brought by an unorganized and dirty environment. With smart training and advanced technologies that we use for our cleaning services, we guarantee a high level of clientele satisfaction to elders.


Clean4U – Giving Complete Cleaning Amenities for Elders

We are your leading housekeeping agency that can help seniors in meeting the solutions of their daily needs at home for a manageable and healthy domestic area. We not only concentrate on cleaning your indoors but we also give attention to maintaining your outdoor space. If necessary, we will do mowing the yard, cleaning roof gutters and a lot more. As much as we can, we will constantly develop a closer and more intimate relationship with our seniors to make them feel loved and treasured.

Our complete home cleaning service includes general cleaning, laundry, pressing clothes, making beds, polishing silverware and many more. Basically, we do not only cater to cleaning but more than that, we assist seniors with their basic activities like eating, taking a bath, pressing the remote for watching TV, etc. It is our pleasure to serve our elders with the things that we can do for them. In the least thing that we can help, we make sure that Clean4u is the best cleaning service provider that you can get.


Benefits of House Cleaning Services for Elderly 

As you grow old, you’d want to spend quality time pursuing your interests and hobbies and less time on cleaning and organising. With aging comes physical challenges, pains or illnesses which make regular chores more demanding. Regular cleaning becomes difficult for most seniors and can put significant stress on their health. As such, their homes often appear unclean, dull and shabby.  

This is where Clean 4 U can help. Hiring professional house cleaning services for elderly allows living a more comfortable and independent life. Our team of experienced, courteous and compassionate cleaners provides customised cleaning services that meet the unique needs of our elderly customers. As a cleaning specialist, it is our objective to make the lives of elderly people easier by providing expert cleaning services that exceed their expectations. 

Professional housekeeping services also enable the elderly to live healthily in a clean and hygienic home. This helps reduce the chance of viral or bacterial infections. At the same time, we use 100% safe and non-toxic cleaning products that are eco-friendly and do not cause any health hazard. For instance, we use zero harsh irritants or fumes and HEPA-filter vacuums that help get rid of dust and other particulates. 

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Home Cleaning Services Tailored For You

High-quality cleaning services for seniors mean utmost attention to detail, compassion and understanding their unique needs. We have a team of experienced cleaners who are passionate about providing top-notch cleaning services for the elderly. Our cleaning experts are attentive, meticulous, and will leave no stone unturned to ensure the job is done right…every time. 

Unlike most maid cleaning services that offer a packaged solution for seniors, Clean 4 U offers dedicated services that are customised to address your challenges and lifestyle. Here are our housekeeping and cleaning services we plan to offer:

Light Housekeeping:

We provide efficient cleaning services for the elderly that help maintain independence. This includes light housekeeping services like laundry, general cleaning, ironing clothes, making beds, or providing companionship to help them take a bath, have their meals, etc.

General House Maintenance:

Our cleaning services for seniors also include general maintenance services like decluttering, sorting or organising cupboards, shelves, drawers and closets.

Deep Cleaning:

We are capable of deep cleaning your home, eliminating dirt and dust from all corners and crevices. Our team can deep clean the stove, fridge, microwave, oven, floors, walls, bathrooms, lights, windows and all reachable places.

Move-in/Move-Out Preparations:

Moving into your new home? From helping with moving out from your current home to setting up and organising your things in your new home, we can help. 

Medical Cleaning:

With aging comes several physical challenges and regular cleaning may become difficult. Whether you are living an independent aged life or have an elderly parent at home who needs medical care, we can take care of your cleaning needs. This includes cleaning human and/or animal biological waste as well as incontinence.

General Care:

In many cases, we extend dedicated care services to the elderly, which includes assisting them in basic activities like taking a bath, eating, walking or other chores. It is our compassion and love for our customers that make us stand ahead in the competition.

Cleaning Services for Seniors Near Me?  

The ‘Clean 4 U’ Difference!

Looking for professional and reliable maid cleaning services for the elderly? Here’s why Clean 4 U is the best choice for you: 

Cleaning Services FAQs

Clean 4 U has a team of compassionate and expert cleaners who assist the elderly to keep their homes spick-and-span and hygienic. Our maid cleaning services include everything from general cleaning to light housekeeping, laundry & ironing, outdoor cleaning, mowing the yard, making beds, cleaning roof gutters, and much more.


If you are looking for professional cleaning services in Dublin, Kildare or anywhere in Ireland, we have you covered. We provide best-in-class elderly house cleaning services at affordable prices that fit your pocket. Our pricing plans are customised based on the type and extent of cleaning you want. The cost will also depend on the kind of cleaning products we use for a particular surface or fabric that you want us to clean. It will also vary based on the area we serve.


Regular cleaning is the best way to keep your home spotless, well-organised and hygienic. However, for the elderly, it is often difficult to meet their daily cleaning needs. Hire our professional housekeeping services and we can keep your home looking beautiful and pristine again, ensuring you live a healthy and independent life.

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