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Scheduled Cleaning and Regular Cleaning in Dublin

Whether you are looking to get your company’s offices cleaned or simply can’t find the time to do the housework at home, the Clean 4 U team can help. Our dedicated cleaning specialists can make your property sparkle on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly basis. We currently offer all of our services as a scheduled cleaning service in Dublin. We cover all of the Dublin area and surrounding towns. 

The services we offer as part of our regular cleaning in Dublin include:

Our highly skilled cleaning team can help keep your premises spotless with regular cleaning on a day/date of your choosing. Our cleaners turn up on the time you designate, fully insured and wearing our official uniform. All of these factors add up to peace of mind for you.

Scheduled Cleaning and Regular Cleaning in Dublin

Types of Regular Home Cleaning Services We Offer

Struggling to think of the jobs that need doing on a daily or weekly basis? Here are some of the services we offer as part of domestic scheduled cleaning and regular cleaning in Dublin. 


Do you have pets? Are your kids the naughtiest ones in your neighbourhood? If yes, then you’ll have to get in touch with us and hire us for period hoovering. Hoovering is a cleaning procedure that involves vacuum cleaning of dirty objects and corners in your house. 

You can call us for hoovering if you feel that the furniture, carpets, bedsheets, etc. are getting filled with pet dander and pet hair. Doing so is extremely important if you want to protect yourself against allergy attacks. Here, we would like to mention that pet dander and pet hair are two of the most common allergens. If you don’t get rid of them regularly, you or your family members might develop severe allergic reactions. 

Hiring us to hoover your home is a must also if you want to get rid of the mess caused by your little ones. For instance, if you hire our hoovering service once every week, you can rest assured about the fact that the dirt and dust the kids bring in from outside will be cleaned before they become difficult-to-remove. 

We use state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners, which ensures that dirt, dust, pet hair, etc. get removed from the deepest layers of your carpet, mattress, rug, etc.

Appliance cleaning (ovens, fridges, dishwashers, toasters, etc):

Homeowners usually never forget to hire professionals to clean floors, walls, furniture, carpet, etc. However, when it comes to appliances, they feel that regular wiping or dusting will be enough to keep them tidy. They call professionals to take care of appliances only when the machines stop working or start malfunctioning. 

If you want to increase the longevity of your appliances, you should make sure that they are cleaned regularly. The daily wiping will only remove the visible dirt. Hire us for periodic cleaning to get the units cleaned inside-out at regular intervals. 

Are you wondering how a company that cleans furniture and carpets, windows and doors, floors and walls would clean your appliances? Rest assured. We have professionals duly trained to clean the most advanced kitchen and domestic appliances. You can rely on these experts completely. They are fully insured and certified. The appliance cleaners representing Clean 4 U will ensure that your expensive appliances don’t get damaged.

Washing floors and carpets:

If you want to ensure that the flooring and carpeting in your home keep looking brand new for years, hire us for deep cleaning them at least twice every year. Here, we would like to mention that getting carpets and floorings cleaned as part of a regular house cleaning service is a must if you want to keep the environment of your home healthy. 

The floors turned out to be the dirtiest places of a house in most of our projects. That’s because floors come in direct contact with our shoes and you must know how much dirt, dust, bacteria, debris, etc. shoes can carry. If you hire us to clean your home regularly, we’ll make the floorings of your room absolutely free of all those unwanted substances. 

Carpet cleaning is also a part of our regular cleaning as we believe that the carpets are often the breeding ground for harmful microorganisms.

Dusting Cupboards and Furniture:

You can hire us even to carry out regular dusting jobs. If you don’t have time even to wipe and brush your cupboards and furniture, we’ll do the job for you and here also you will see us maintaining ultimate precision. Hire us every week for regular cleaning service and we will ensure that none of your belongings has a single dust particle on them. 

Other than offering the above services, we also clean doors, frames, skirting boards, switches, sockets, lights, fittings, etc. as part of our regular house cleaning service.

Regular Commercial Cleaning Service

The team at Clean 4 U is capable of cleaning all kinds of commercial spaces. While you can always hire us for one-off cleaning jobs depending on your immediate requirements, it would be a good idea if you opt for our regular cleaning service. Read on to know how we can help you with our regular commercial cleaning services. 

Cleaning Services FAQs

Regular house cleaning would include dusting, wiping, hoovering, and washing your property and belongings. You can expect us to clean everything from your floors and walls to your furniture and appliances as part of our regular home cleaning services.


The costs of our regular house cleaning services vary depending on the size of the houses we clean. Allow our experienced cleaning technicians to visit your property to inform you about the exact expenses you’ll have to bear to get your home cleaned. What we can guarantee is that we will do the job for the most reasonable price. 


We usually don’t need more than a day to clean a 3-bedroom house. However, we’ll be able to tell you the exact time we’ll need to clean your 3-bedroom apartment only after inspecting it.


You should hire a house cleaner for regular cleaning at least once every month. It would be even better if you can hire professional cleaning services every week.

We guarantee you an immaculately clean home or office, where everything looks as good as new. Oven cleaning involves a €35 additional charge. We provide professional cleaning products that are family-friendly, including children and pets.

Before we begin a regular cleaning job, we prefer inspecting your property to find out the exact cleaning requirements we have. This allows us to come up with a perfect quote. 

Here at Clean 4 U, we can create a bespoke cleaning plan to suit your needs and budget. Get in touch on 1800 938 831 or 089 452 3433 today and see what we can do for you.

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