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Clean4U is a professional cleaning contract service based in Dublin and serving the greater Dublin area. We are a professional team of staff offering a wide range of services to both the home and the building sectors. There is no job too big or too small for our excellent trained Dublin cleaners.

What sets Clean4U apart is our customer service satisfaction guarantee.  Our aim, as a long-standing contract cleaning company is to develop relationships with our clients, ensuring that they truly are our number one priority and working around their schedule and budget for the best possible service available. Reliability is paramount to building solid customer relations and we work hard to ensure that our teams are on time, every time.

Get a range of cleaning services from our professional cleaners.

Professional Services We offer

Home Cleaning

Keeping your home clean and tidy is challenging, whether you are a career-oriented professional or a busy home executive with children at home.  House cleaning is one of those thankless tasks that take time to do properly but within minutes, you could find yourself with the same level of mess that you started with. This is where our team of professional cleaning ladies in Dublin steps in. This team knows how to handle heavy tasks in a highly organized fashion.

It is important to keep your home clean and tidy for both you and your family’s physical and mental well-being (you will be surprised at how clutter can cause you to be irritable or anxious). It’s a good thing that Clean4U offers professional cleaning services, right here in Dublin.

Included in our home cleaning are apartment cleaning services and other domestic cleanings that need to happen regularly, such as window washing, carpet cleaning and we even offer an ironing service.

The type of house cleaning that we do include dusting and wiping surfaces, mopping, and vacuuming, cleaning outside of kitchen cupboards, rinsing and wiping bathtubs and more. Our cleaning ladies will cover your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. There are also extra areas that you can pay for cleaning services that include cleaning inside wardrobes, showers, inside your microwave, and more.

Stop stressing about house cleaning and let us do the work for you. Just choose the time that you regularly want us there, decide whether you want to stay in your home or go out for some time with a friend, and our Dublin cleaners will take care of the rest. We offer these types of high-quality end-to-end services and therefore our clients rely on our team of lady cleaners in Dublin so much.

Building Cleaning

To optimize your company’s image and your employees’ productivity, you must ensure that your office is always sparkling clean. Nobody wants to work in an environment that smells and is not only disorganized but dirty. Clean4U offers small office cleaning to ensure that your office is a clean and hygienic environment for all who visit there.

Our other building cleaning services include industrial house cleaning and construction cleaning services. They do window washing and carpet cleaning, too.

In the office cleaning, our professional Dublin cleaners will clean so that you build trust among the employees and people who visit your office for the first time in time for an important meeting.  They’ll clean your office to the highest professional standard.

Clean 4 U proved window cleaning, fabric cleaning, office cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and advice on key cleaning. They will schedule around your daily, weekly, or monthly life, and make sure that you’re satisfied.

We will work around your schedule, and whatever times work best for you. Also, this isn’t just a “this is how much you pay us” company. We will come to an agreement about what works best around your budget for the building cleaning or office cleaning, whichever type of cleaning service you’re looking for. The customized cleaning service by our team of professional cleaners in Dublin will help you save money without compromising on the quality of service. 

Property Management Cleaning Services

Working for property management companies, we do well to offer an overall comprehensive cleaning package for these companies that require homes, apartments, rentals, and new sales to be cleaned properly before occupation by a new tenant or owner.

Our staff members undergo rigorous training as cleaners and have been taught all the tricks of cleaning that most people aren’t even aware of.  The best feature of our excellent contract cleaning service is that our professional cleaners actually do like what they do, and they take the utmost pride in leaving the properties that they do clean, spick and span.

We have a friendly team of Dublin cleaners that will do what’s best for you. We also have customizable services that you can design in order to meet your requirements.

Real Estate Cleaning Services

For real estate agencies that have to put their best foot forward on show days, Clean4U is hands down the best cleaning company answer for you. We have professional cleaners who offer thorough cleaning guaranteed to make any property shine.

While we can’t guarantee that you will sell the property at the first pitch, we do know that a really clean property does sell quicker than one that has just a quick spit and polish job applied to it.

However, you may look at it, cleaning a small or large property takes a lot of work.  It’s never just a one solution that fits all and Clean4U has really thought about the cleaning services that we are prepared to offer.

We have invested the time and the money into our business and indoor staff who make our business a reality.  Whether you’re after a one-off clean of your apartment, or a regular weekly or monthly, the options are limitless when you speak to a friendly consultant at Clean4U. We will recommend the service that not only fits your budget but also your timing schedule too. We are open from Monday to Sunday at flexible hours that suit your home or office situation.

So, whether you’re looking for house cleaning or office cleaning, our contract cleaning services can just about clean anything. Carefully read through all of the descriptions, and see which cleaning service is best for you, and your building, or home. Now, the best team of cleaners in Dublin is just a phone call away!

Our Specialties 

Power Washing: Most of our clients contact us with the desire of getting their homes/offices restored to their original finish. Unlike most of our rivals, we manage to live up to the expectations of these people primarily due to the advanced cleaning techniques we use. Power washing is one such technique. 

Power washing involves the use of high-pressure water for cleaning different surfaces. We use it to effectively clean cement, concrete, and stone surfaces, brick walls, roofs, graffiti, driveways, tarmacadam, etc. You’ll be happy to know this technique allows us to accomplish one of the most difficult cleaning tasks, which is the removal of chewing gum. 

The professional cleaners representing our company use the latest power-washing equipment available on the market to come up with flawless results. If you hire us to power wash your property once or twice every year from the time it’s built, it will keep looking like a newly constructed property for decades. 

The procedure is a real boon for people who haven’t taken proper care of their property for years. Regular power washing can restore the appearance of the dirtiest of properties. 

Our power washing services can be customised to meet the needs of all sorts of buildings, from large hotels and mansions to small retail spaces and apartments. We are also often hired by local authorities and government departments. 

Carpet Cleaning: Our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services will not only remove nasty odours and stubborn stains from your carpets but will also increase their longevity. The cleaning techniques we use will ensure that the fabric of your carpet doesn’t get damaged and thereby help you to avoid expensive replacements.

Being a company offering professional cleaning services, we clean carpets in residential, commercial, as well as industrial properties with equal expertise. Our services always involve the use of the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment available on the market. 

We always use the highest rated machinery, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, stain removers, and carpet cleaning chemicals. Our certified and fully trained Dublin cleaners ensure that the above-mentioned items are used effectively. 

Window Cleaning: Depending on your needs, we can use both pure water treatment and traditional window cleaning techniques to clean the windows on your property. 

The pure water treatment doesn’t involve the use of any detergent. It removes chemicals, minerals, and dirt from the glass just by using water. We use this procedure mostly when cleaning windows from outside. 

The traditional process, on the other hand, requires the use of detergents and is usually used to clean windows from inside. 

We’re open Monday-Saturday, so if you’re interested in our cleaning services and want to hire our professional cleaners just give us a call at 1800 938 831 or at +(353) 89 452 3433.

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