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Professional Ironing Service in Dublin

Looking for reliable and efficient cleaning services in Dublin? Look no further than Clean 4 u. We boast of the best cleaning services in Dublin and take care of all your deep cleaning necessities with our team of experts. We also provide ironing services for residential as well as commercial clients.

Ironing is an irksome task for many, especially when you are busy with work. Leave all your ironing services to Clean 4 u and you will be delivered the best service without any hassle. Our experts are trained to perform their tasks with utmost dedication and professionalism.

Professional Ironing Service in Dublin

Perks of Relying on Our Ironing Services in Dublin

Efficient Service:

Whether you are running a hotel or motel, ironing services are essential. We understand the requirements of every industry and are capable of delivering efficient service within stipulated time frames. Similarly, if you need ironing services for companies or homes in Dublin, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Choose Frequency of Service:

Some clients may require regular ironing services, while others need weekly, fortnightly or monthly services. Depending on your preference, set a time and date and we will be ready to offer our services.

Free Consultation:

Get in touch with us anytime and discuss your service requirements with us. We offer free consultations and provide the best solutions designed to cater to your needs.

Why Choose Clean 4 U?

At Clean 4 U, rest assured about the best quality service in Dublin. When you choose to opt for our services, here’s what you can expect.

Reliable and Professional Service:

We are committed to providing expert services in all parts of Dublin. Expect complete replacement cover during holidays or in case of illness of our staff.

Peace of Mind:

Our services are totally insured and offer complete peace of mind.

Customer satisfaction:

At Clean 4 U, the customer is king. We are absolutely committed to offering maximum customer satisfaction.

Competitive Rates:

Enjoy the most competitive rates in Dublin for all types of residential or commercial cleaning services.

Apart from ironing services, you can also get in touch with Clean 4 U for all your deep cleaning needs in Dublin.

Want to Hire Home Ironing Service in Dublin? Clean 4 U is a Name You Can Trust!

Clean 4 U is a professional cleaning company in Dublin, recognised for providing top-notch cleaning and ironing services for over a decade. What makes us stand ahead in the competition is our expert in-house training, dedication and professionalism to exceed your expectations. Our services are fully personalised and designed to meet the varied ironing needs of our customers. We offer high-quality, reliable and cost-effective ironing and cleaning services in Dublin.

For any type of ironing project, we employ only fully trained, reliable and insured professionals who have skilfulness ironing any types of clothes, seat covers, bedsheets, etc. For added safety and reliability, we ensure providing the same ironing specialist every time to make your clothes clean, crisp and neat. Additionally, we are flexible enough to fit your schedules, be it daily, weekly or on an emergency basis.

What do Our Ironing Services Include? 

Clean 4 U is a trusted choice for high-quality domestic ironing services in Dublin and other parts of Ireland. Whatever be your ironing needs, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the best services. Unsurprisingly, our ironing services involve a lot more than just ironing. If needed, we can wash your clothes, iron to perfection and fold them for you. Our ironing experts have the knowledge in sorting clothes the right way and choosing the desired temperature as needed for different types of clothing. This ensures the clothes are perfectly cleaned and ironed, without causing any damage to the fabric. 

Many customers have their particular ways of ironing and ordering their clothes. Our ironers are trained to follow any type of instructions and ensure the clothes are right in the way you want them to. Depending on the type of fabric and clothing, we will choose between dry ironing or steam ironing to ensure the clothes look crisp, neat and tidy. We are capable of ironing anything from baby clothes to shirts, trousers & jeans, skirts, t-shirts, bedsheets, table cloths, seat covers or anything you want to be ironed.       

Want to Hire Professional Ironing Services?

Why Choose Our Specialist Ironing Services?

Looking for an ironing service near me? Here’s why Clean 4 U is the right choice: 

Why Take Advantage of Our Domestic Ironing Services? 

Ironing through piles of clothes can be extremely cumbersome. This is especially true when you have an important meeting, party or date to go. With professional home ironing service, we help reduce your burden, ironing your clothes to perfection so that they look clean and crisp. Have a special dress or a fabric that requires superior care? Our professionals have experience in ironing all types of clothing and take the utmost care when handling special garments. 

If you have your clothes washed, our ironers will visit your home at the scheduled time and iron everything with care and professionalism. Whether you are tight on schedule or need daily ironing, we are there to handle all your needs right on your time and budget.      

Cleaning Services FAQs

Dropping-off piles of clothes to your nearby laundry or not having one in your location can be frustrating. Not anymore. Clean 4 U offers professional and reliable cleaning and ironing services anywhere in Ireland so that you never have to worry about getting your clothes ironed. At any desired date and time, we will reach your doorstep and do all the ironing job for you. If required, we will also do the washing before we iron your clothes. All you need to book our service online or call us at 1800-938-831 to avail ironing service at your home.


The cost of professional ironing services will depend on the type and number of clothing we need to iron and the number of professionals needed for the job. Emergency ironing services will cost more than regular services, and the prices may also vary based on the location we are servicing. Get in touch with our professionals to get a competitive price quote.


That would depend on the type of cloth we are ironing. Typically, our expert cleaners are capable of ironing and folding around 10 shirts and 10 pairs of jeans in an hour. One set of bed linen would take around 30-40 minutes to iron, while we can efficiently iron and fold most types of clothes in an hour, including t-shirts, seat covers, trousers, and more.


Clean 4 U is a professional cleaning company that also offers ironing services. Whenever we have an ironing project in hand, we employ only our best ironers who will do the job with the utmost efficiency. If required, you can also book our cleaning services for which we will send specialist cleaners who are perfect for the job you are looking for.


Maids at Clean 4 U will provide laundry service as an add-on only on customer request. They have specialised training in laundry and ironing, providing the high quality of services that exceed your expectations.

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