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The average person spends 4000 hours in their bedroom every year. When you spend such a large portion of your time in one room, it’s essential to keep it clean, tidy and dust-free. When we’re asleep, we breathe more deeply and more regularly. This means its incredibly important to rid the bedroom of any dust, dirt and debris you can find. Here’s our list of top tips to help you declutter your bedroom.

Organise your wardrobe

Make mornings so much easier! Instead of living with one high-up beam within the wardrobe, invest in three short rods that can be screwed in. This way, you can hang up long items and shorter items in one space. Coats, dresses and jeans can hang freely and shirts, skirts etc can be stored correctly too.  If possible, install adjustable shelves. This will allow you to change the storage capabilities as your needs change. We love storage cubes – simple yet effective. They look stylish and help keep your folded laundry in order. If you’re lucky enough to have a large wardrobe with plenty of height, pop a few shelves above the clothing rods. You can store a host of accessories/out of season clothes in the space above. Think hats, jumpers, gloves etc. Utilise the space you have. The inside of wardrobe doors are perfect for hanging space for jewellery, scarves or simply a memo board. If your wardrobe is particularly dark, consider getting a light installed – or even a stick on battery operated one. Like every storage space in your home, give your wardrobe an overhaul once every six months.

Keep your en-suite fresh and clean

Try to keep cosmetics, skin-care products and the like grouped together and stored in the same place. Consider investing in a set of plastic drawers and assign a drawer for each category. This is a great way of hiding more personal items in a shared bathroom too. As with all your storage areas, keep an inventory of items that are due to go out of date. Check cosmetics and make-up for their expiry dates, bin anything that’s out of date or unsuitable for use. Never keep medicine in the ‘medicine cabinet’ above your bathroom sink – the humidity of the bath/shower causes them to lose their potency. The less clutter you have around the bathroom, the less places mould and mildew have to grow. This is especially important if your bathroom opens directly onto your bedroom – mould and mildew is particularly dangerous when sleeping.

Line up that linen

One tip we find incredibly helpful time-saving is storing a set of bed linen within the one pillowcase. So much easier to change your duvet covers and sheets, saving you the hassle of scrabbling around looking for the rest of the matching set! Keep anything you use on a regular basis within easy reach (bath towels etc… ), keeping less-used items on higher shelves/out of the way.

Keep personal effects safe and stored away

If you have a large amount of print photographs, they can easily overtake the space they occupy and collect dust. Try to organize them either in an archival-quality photo-box or in separate albums for everyday enjoyment. If you have any soft toys or memorabilia, try storing them in a different room of the house. Cuddly toys are notorious for hoarding dust and exacerbating asthma and breathing problems.

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