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Have you hired the right cleaning company? If you have any doubt whether or not you have , we have put together a short list to help guide you in the right direction and towards the right cleaning company!

1. Has your cleaning company provided you with a cleaning plan?

Hiring a cleaning company is just the first step. How they intend to cater to your need is the next step. Your cleaning company should sit down with you and develop a plan that caters to your specific needs.

2. Have you set up a contract with your cleaning company?

Setting up a contract might seem like a big deal but in the end it will ensure that the requirements ye have agreed on in the cleaning plan have been met.

3. Are the cleaning staff trained?

It is important that the cleaning staff are well trained as this will ensure that they hold safety and cleanliness of your premises in high regard. This will also ensure that they provide the best possible care to your facilities.

 4. Do you have good communication with your cleaning company?

You might think that once your initial plans have been made that all of the work has been done. This isn’t always the case, it is vital to both you and the cleaning company that you hold communication high on your agenda. In this way you can ensure that all of your needs are met.

5. Are they using professional cleaning equipment?

When you hire a cleaning company, you do so because you require a professional service. Professional cleaning equipment is essential if you want a achieve a high standard that other materials don’t quite achieve.

6. Are the cleaning supplies safe?

It is important to consider the working environment and the supplies being used. It is important to ensure that the right product is being used at the right time to ensure that the product is effective but not harmful.


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