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Why do you need the best gym cleaning services in Dublin?

Today, most people are doing job or running business that require them to sit for long hours. They seldom get the time to move around while doing their daily tasks. However, fitness is pretty important. In the present pandemic situation, everyone wants to stay healthy. One of the biggest factors that determine our health is exercise. With the scary pandemic, people get afraid even to attend the gym session.  It is quite natural as there are many equipment and areas that are touched by several people in the gym. People get sceptical whether they should visit the gym or not. If you are a gym owner, the recent pandemic must have impacted your business negatively. But, there is no need to worry or think that there is not a solution. In this post, we have come up with best tips that can help you in getting perfect gym cleaning services. 

In this write-up, we will help you understand every little detail about gym cleaning services. We will also help you provide information about how you can choose the best gym cleaning Dublin

Thus, there is no one-size-fits-all concept when it comes to gym cleaning. Many power washing cleaning providers charge as per hour rate as well as square foot rate.  Every gym has different gym equipment and they are home to lots of bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Clean 4 U can help you in getting the best gym cleaning Dublin at the most affordable price. 

The company can also ask you to sign a 12-month contract so that they can provide you regular cleaning services for your gym. Make sure to read the clause and ask as many questions as you can to the cleaning providers. 

To get a free quote from Clean 4 U, you can call or message. You will need to provide information about the area of your gym, type of cleaning you are looking for, traffic available at your gym on an everyday basis. You can also ask for any other extra cleaning requests if you want.

gym cleaning services Dublin

To clean your gym, you need three major product and process:

Follow these steps to clean gym

  1. Use a high-quality sanitizing product when you are going for a gym cleaning procedure.
  2. Make sure to wipe the surfaces and equipment by using wet wipe that is soaked in quality sanitizer.
  3. You may need a separate cleaning product for carpet cleaning, driveway cleaning, upholstery cleaning and window cleaning.
  4. Fill up a spray bottle with an ammonia solution that can work as the best disinfectant.
  5. Try not to use any unsafe material that may cause infection or allergies to the gym-goers.
  6. You can use a quality wipe that is soaked in sanitizer to clean the gym equipment. Make sure to use a clean and dry wipe to clean the equipment again so that it can dry off easily.
  7. Try to use right cleaning technique to clean different areas in your gym.
  8. Dust and vacuum the floor as well as the carpet. You can also ask for carpet cleaning services by Clean 4 U to get the best quality cleaning for carpets.

Different types of cleaners for gym equipment?

Following are the best cleaners that are used to clean gym equipment and gym area:

Compostable kitchen wipes

Don’t worry, the kitchen wipes can also be used to clean gym equipment. You can also look for quality bamboo wipes to get perfect cleaning of all gym equipment you have. Try to look for unscented wipes to get a perfect cleaning experience as the scented wipes can cause allergies to different individuals.


You can use a readymade disinfectant as well as DIY disinfectant to clean all your gym equipment. Best DIY gym cleaner may consist of tap water, capsule of salt, vinegar, and chlorine. The best part about this disinfectant is that it won’t cause any type of allergies to your gym members.

Mop kit

You also need a quality mob kit if you want to clean your gym perfectly. Make sure that the mop kit is easy to install and easy to use. The mop kit can help you in floor cleaning as well as window cleaning. Try to look for a reusable mop kit. When you choose a gym cleaning team from Clean 4 U, you don’t have to worry about getting your own mop kit or any other material used for gym cleaning.

Wash spray

It is one of most commonly used cleaners in a gym.  The wash spray can be used to clean those areas and equipment that can’t be wiped and moped. For example, the wash spray can be useful to clean yoga mats and other equipment like the medical ball present in your gym. 

Laundry detergent

If your gym also has lots of windows and curtains, you will also need upholstery cleaning. Thus, using a high-quality laundry detergent can be helpful in getting perfect cleaning experience. You may think that laundry has nothing to do in a gym facility, but that is not the case. All those curtains and other clothes such as towels need to be cleaned regularly. 

Are you looking for the best gym cleaning in Dublin? If yes, choose Clean 4 U to get quality cleaning services. We have a separate cleaning team that can help you get the best cleaning experience for your gym. So, boost your gym business by offering clean and sanitized gym cleaning services. Let us know if you want to get more details about gym cleaning.

Cleaning Services FAQs

Cleaning at the gym is different as compared to other cleaning services like upholstery cleaning and window cleaning. Gym cleaning is not limited to wiping and mopping. You need to use the best sanitisers and disinfectants to get the best cleaning experience for your gym. You might need to use some different chemicals to disinfect the whole area and disinfecting all the equipment. 


From disinfectants to mop kit to wash sprays to laundry detergents, there many cleaners used for gym cleaning. They all have a different purpose; hence, the choice of cleaner depends on what you want to clean. These days sanitisers have become a very important aspect of gym cleaning. 


You need different cleaning tools and materials to clean different gym equipment:

Free weights – Weights get dirty quite quickly. Thus, you need to clean the weights quite often. All you need to do is use regular anti-bacterial wipes to eco-friendly wipes to clean the free weights quite easily. 

Boxing gloves – Boxing gloves are major gym equipment that needs regular cleaning. Make sure to disinfect and sanitize the boxing gloves after every use. You can wipe the gym gloves by using a clean cloth to get rid of extra moisture. You can also use specific boxing glove deodorisers to get rid of the unpleasant smell inside the gloves. 

Bicycle – Since all gym-goers like to spend a few minutes doing cardio training on a bicycle, you need to clean the bicycle easily. You can use a quality brush and good sanitizer to clean the nooks and corners of the bicycle. 

The cost of Gym cleaning in Dublin can be dependent on different factors like the size of gym, the type of cleaning you need, quality of cleaning, location of your gym, as well as the duration of cleaning. If the cleaners are offering you to clean your gym on an hour basis, you can expect to pay anything between €25 and €60. On the other hand, if the company is offering you services in terms of per square foot, you can pay something in between $0.05 and $0.20 per square foot. Deep cleaning services like driveway cleaning and carpet cleaning services may need you to pay higher charges.

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