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When was the last time you gave your house the deep cleaning which it needs so badly? Does your office smell like dust? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a homemaker, you must know the significance of cleanliness. Your surroundings need to be neat and clean so that you can live a healthy life. Besides, the messy surrounding will never facilitate productivity and will give rise to chaos and confusion. 

At the same time, we understand that it is exceedingly difficult to take time out for the cleaning of your home or workplace. You are already occupied with your business meetings, late-night parties, household chores, jobs, studies and whatnot. Besides, you alone cannot manage to clean an entire building. Also, a layman does not have access to all the cleaning equipment which are necessary for absolute cleaning of any property. Hence, it is advisable, to hire a professional house cleaning or commercial cleaning service if you wish to get that perfect shiny, dust-free workplace or home.

In case you are wondering where to look for the best house cleaning services in Dublin 6, Clean 4 U can be your ideal option. We are a professional house cleaning Dublin 6W company and have been catering to the cleanliness requirements of multiple residential properties. Not just domestic properties, Clean 4 U has multiple clients from the commercial sector as well, like malls, schools, gyms to name a few.

Want to get a clean-up for your premises? Clean 4 U is the perfect place to seek help!

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Clean 4 U is the one-stop-solution for all your cleaning related issues. Whether you want your bathroom cleaned, or you need to make your entire office dust-free, we are here to help you out. We are capable of managing the cleaning services for both domestic and commercial properties. We understand that it can be a quite intimidating task to clean our property entirely on your own. The work can be way too exhausting and intimidating. You will need assistance, and then too, you will not be able to clean up the place in one single day. Also, you will miss out on some of the basic areas which untrained eyes very easily ignore. Hence, it is an intelligent decision to hire the services of a professional cleaning company.
  • Domestic Cleaning: If you have been looking for a “local house cleaner near me”, then know that you are in the right place. Clean 4 U is a completely reliable house cleaning service provider in Dublin 6 region. Our team works in close connection with you, thereby forming a proper cleaning plan that caters to your requirements and suits your budget. You can very conveniently choose a time and day for cleaning up your domestic property as per your lifestyle and schedule. Our entire teamwork in perfect unison to give you a seamless, premium experience by delivering top-notch cleaning service. Our variety of domestic cleaning services include:

Rug Cleaning:

If we are looking for an efficient company for rug cleaning, then Clean 4 U will help you out. We have trained cleaners who can give a deep cleaning to your rugs. Our efficient cleaning makes the rugs allergen-free. You will no longer face the risks of allergic reactions. Regular cleaning of rugs also makes them durable and long-lasting.

Upholstery Cleaning:

It is necessary to clean up your upholstered furniture every once in a while. Otherwise, they will gradually look dusty, dull and old. Clean 4 U offers world-class upholstery cleaning to all its clients.

Window Cleaning:

Are you busy typing “window cleaner near me”? We at Clean 4 U offer premium quality window cleaning service and use multiple advanced technologies to clean your windows completely. We leave your glass windows stain-free and wipe off all dirt from the window sill as well. 

Carpet Cleaning:

Have you bought that premium quality carpet a year back? Are you worried now about its cleaning? Have your kids and pets already dropped ketchup and mayonnaise on your favourite, exotic carpet? Worry not, as Clean 4 U offers deep cleaning of your carpet. We use multiple steps and techniques to remove all the dirt, dust, food crumbs etc. from your carpet. We are capable of removing even the toughest stain from the carpets. 

Power Washing Cleaning:

Power washing cleaning is a very effective cleaning technology that can be used for driveway cleaning and many other purposes. We use hot water along with other cleaning agents to remove the grime, oil, grease and dirt efficiently. We want to inform you further that power wash cleaning is different from pressure cleaning. In the latter case, normal water is used and not heated water.

Commercial Cleaning: At Clean 4 U, we offer a multitude of commercial cleaning services. We have been serving numerous clients in different sectors, for instance, medical cleaning, retail cleaning, office cleaning, school cleaning, hospitality cleaning and so on. We have ample experience in catering to the needs of the commercial sector. Whether you own a gym or a school or office, we know how to incorporate the accurate number of cleaners to cater to your requirements. We know how to incorporate the accurate number of cleaners at a specific place to get the work done. Also, the quality of service that we have been offering has helped us garner a huge client base even in the commercial sector. You can rely on Clean 4 U for top-notch commercial cleaning service.

Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

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Dublin 6W Cleaning FAQ

We are capable of offering professional house cleaning as well as commercial services. We have a team of fully trained cleaners who give their best and always try to deliver top-notch services to our clients every time. We have all the necessary insurances and are a certified company. By hiring our services, you can actually experience complete peace of mind.


We always try to ensure maximum efficiency from our side. So, we would request you to pick up and set aside any clothing or toys from the floor. It will be really nice of you if you find a place to keep your pets comfortable while we clean up the entire premise. If you are not available during our clean-up session, kindly provide us with the key beforehand to access your property in your absence. In case we do not get access to your premises on the scheduled date and time, you will be charged with a penalty.


We are available seven days a week. So, you can fix an online appointment beforehand as per your schedule. We are available 24×7, so there will be no timing issues.We can reach out to you as per your convenience or availability. We always value the privacy and lifestyle of our clients.


Clean 4 U team is a completely well-managed and organised team of cleaners. We treat each and every client of ours in with the same respect. So, there will be almost 0% risk of damaged articles at your place during our service. In case we accidentally break or damage any of your prized possessions, we will take the complete responsibility to replace or repair the product.


At Clean 4 U, we try our best to offer the best cleaning service every time. We never leave a scope for any kind of mistake. To make everything perfect, we organise our first consultation. At that time, we prepare planning to make the cleaning service absolutely full-proof. We make room so that we can cater to all your specific requests. Our priority is to accomplish complete customer satisfaction. However, in case we accidentally miss out on anything, we will rectify our mistakes within the first 24 hours and charge no additional cost for it.


Clean 4 U will take care of any kind of personal liability related to work-related injuries, social security taxes etc.


Absolutely not! You need not provide us with any cleaning equipment or supplies. Our team arrives always geared up with all the advanced gadgets and equipment. We use high-end equipment to provide complete professional cleaning service at your commercial or residential properties. We are completely responsible for carrying our own equipment and cleaning solutions.


Clean 4 U understands that life can be highly unpredictable. In case you feel the need to alter the schedule of cleaning service, you can let us know at least 72 hours ago the scheduled time. We will set the next best schedule as suitable to your routine.

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