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For any household to be healthy there is a great requirement of regular domestic cleaning services. While self-cleaning was at one point of time what most people did, times have definitely changed! Most modern households in Dublin are extremely busy and people with big properties find it almost impossible to clean big spaces by themselves. To ensure that your house stays free from excess dust and other pollutants, hire the services of the domestic cleaners in our ranks. Our professional cleaners have great experience in keeping a wide variety of households neat and tidy. Hiring our services regularly will surely give your home a fresh and pleasant look throughout the year. If you are wary of letting in strangers into your home, let us address your fears. All our cleaners are trained to treat our clients with respect and legally, you are protected by the public liability insurance. So as long as the responsibility of cleaning your house is in our hands, you can rest assured.

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So what domestic cleaning services do we provide? Here are a few examples to help you out :

Always Included :

  • We provide all cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Competitive prices
  • A Reliable and Trustworthy Service
  • Friend and Approachable Staff
  • Thorough and Detailed Cleaning
  • Fully Insured and Trained Staff
  • Clean4U 100% satisfaction guarantee

All Area Included :

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust/wipe all surfaces
  • Mop and vacuum all floors
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Dust/wipe furniture
  • Dust window sills


  • Blinds
  • Clean baseboards and architraves
  • Clean light switches and sockets
  • Dust/wipe furniture
  • Clean all interior windows
  • Spot clean all walls
  • Clean Venetian blinds

Domestic Cleaning Kitchen:

  • Clean outside of kitchen cupboards
  • Wipe all large appliances (Outside)
  • Clean all kitchen countertops
  • Clean sink
  • Clean stove/oven top and fan
  • Clean inside microwave

Not Included

  • Clean utility room


  • Clean inside oven
  • Clean inside fridge
  • Clean inside presses and drawers
  • Ironing

Bathrooms :

  • Sweep and wash floors
  • Scrub and disinfect toilet
  • Rinse and wipe bath tubs
  • Clean sink
  • Wipe cabinet (outside)
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean showers and shower doors


  • Clean inside presses and cabinets

Bedrooms :

  • Vacuum and mop
  • Remove litter
  • Make beds (if linen left out)


  • Clean inside wardrobes and drawers

The Benefits of Hiring Our Domestic Cleaners

Choose Domestic Cleaning Services as per Your Requirements:

We rank among the top domestic cleaning companies in Dublin and we have a wide range of cleaning services on offer. However, we understand that not all households require the same kinds of services. As a result, we give you the freedom to pick and choose exactly the services that you need.

Choose the Frequency of the Domestic Cleaning Services:

Some people believe that their house should be cleaned on a regular basis, while others are happy even if the cleaning happens twice a week. Depending on what kind of person you are, you can hire our domestic cleaners for some time every day, twice or thrice a week, or maybe even once a week.

We Can Clean Every Part of Your House:

There are some companies that specialize in cleaning bathrooms. Some specialize in cleaning kitchens. And others specialize in cleaning bedrooms. As the provider of all types of domestic cleaning services in Dublin, we are proud to say that we cover cleaning services that are necessary for every part of a modern household.

We Are Always At Your Service:

If you need to discuss your cleaning requirements with us, feel free to get in touch with us. We offer free consultations and promise to figure out the best solutions for your cleaning conundrums. We are also open to negative criticism and we are continuously striving to improve our team of domestic cleaners for the sake of our lovely customers.

We guarantee you an immaculately clean home, where everything looks as good as new. We provide our own professional cleaning products.

Prices are quoted for standard size properties and are subject to change depending on condition,size of property and location. Please contact us on 1800 938 831 and we will be happy to provide you a new quote.

Hire Professional Domestic Cleaning Services 

We Are Dublin’s #1 domestic cleaning company. Kills 99.9% germs and contaminants. Certified technicians. Best Prices

Looking for Domestic Cleaning Services in Dublin? We’re Just One Phone Call Away!

If you want top-notch domestic cleaning services, then look no further than Clean 4 U. We are reckoned for providing high-quality, reliable and affordable domestic house cleaning services with anti-viral disinfection that is effective in cleaning 99.9% of all germs, dirt and dust. Our team of expert cleaners are perfectionists in domestic cleaning, restoring the beauty and charm of your property. 

Whether you are too busy to clean your home regularly or want to hire an expert for domestic deep cleaning services – we can help. We employ highly trained house cleaners at affordable prices, ensuring that your happy abode remains clean, hygienic and spotless without you having to worry about doing it yourself. Our cleaning services are flexible and tailored to fit your schedule to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Why You Need a Professional for Domestic Cleaning Services in Dublin?

Nothing beats the happiness of coming back to a clean and beautiful home – a haven that is spotless, safe and hygienic. However, it takes considerable time and effort to keeping your house clean. Moreover, once-off deep cleaning would require more professionalism and expertise, cleaning every nook and corner efficiently. 

Hiring professional domestic cleaning services in Dublin gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands. Expert cleaners like us have the knowledge and experience required to clean your home with utmost precision. Here are the advantages of working with expert cleaners like us:

Access to quality products:

We use best-quality cleaning products, tools and equipment that most of you may not have in your home. Regular cleaning products may not be suitable to clean stubborn stains, dirt build-up, accumulated dust, grime and contaminants. We ensure to remove all these with efficiency.


Some types of cleaning require special skills. Additionally, if you lack knowledge in how to use a cleaning agent or equipment safely, it might cause harm to the surface and the health of your family too. Seek professional expertise of our fully trained domestic cleaners.

Save Time:

One of the biggest impediments to regular house cleaning is lack of time. Amid our tight work schedule, we hardly get time to clean our homes thoroughly. Hiring an expert cleaner can help you save significant time and ensure complete peace of mind.

Cut Down Cleaning Costs:

DIY domestic cleaning can cause you to spend more money than saving. You need to buy high-quality cleaning products and tools, and yet the results may not be immaculate. We offer affordable prices for complete domestic deep cleaning services, helping you save more with each clean.

Want to Hire Us for Domestic Cleaning in Dublin? 

How it Works?

Hiring the best domestic cleaner in Dublin does not need to be overwhelming. At Clean 4 U, we make the process fast, simple and stress-free.

Bespoke Domestic Cleaning Services in Dublin

Local Business Owners & Operators You Can Count Upon!

Having a stranger inside your property and cleaning your home may pose serious safety risks. Therefore, we recommend choosing a reliable and reputable cleaning company whom you can trust. Clean 4 U is a locally-owned and managed company, offering comprehensive cleaning services in Dublin, Kildare and other parts of Ireland. 

We dedicate our time to screening and recruiting only the best-quality cleaners who have decades of experience in the cleaning industry. All our professionals undergo rigorous screening to ensure they are honest, reliable and trustworthy. Each one is thoroughly interviewed, reference and ID checked to ensure you complete peace of mind. 

Additionally, we are always available a phone call away or via online chat. For any queries or feedback, please get in touch with us and our professionals will be happy helping you for your needs.

The “Clean 4 U” Difference!

Looking for expert domestic and commercial cleaning services? Here’s why you should partner with Clean 4 U:

Cleaning Services FAQs

Our professional domestic cleaning services encompass everything from your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, hallways and staircases. However, cleaning inside appliances, windows, cabinets, wardrobes, etc. is not included in our standard package.


The domestic cleaning cost in Dublin will vary depending on the square footage of your home, complexity level of cleaning, type of stains, cleaning products or techniques used, and expertise of our cleaners.


Domestic cleaning means regular or once-off cleaning your entire home and all rooms and may include exterior cleaning as well.


Our expert cleaning professionals will dust, vacuum, wipe, scrub, mop and wash all corners and crevices to make your home spotless and fresh again. We choose the right cleaning products and techniques depending on the surface we are cleaning. This helps ensure that all dirt and germs and eliminated without damaging the surface or fabric.


Many cleaning companies in Dublin would require you to provide all cleaning supplies. This may cost you significantly in addition to their labour cost. However, at Clean 4 U, all prices are inclusive of cleaning supplies, i.e., we will bring all supplies with us and you do not need to worry about anything.

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