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Here at Clean4u we’re passionate about cleaning and helping you have a clean, healthy home. Germs just love to hide out in warm, moist places where they can multiply at astonishing rates – doubling in number every twenty minutes. So what can you do to keep your home or place of business as clean as possible? Hire professional cleaners like us! There are hundreds of places germs hide all over the house and workplace, so we’ve come up with a quick list of the most overlooked places when it comes to cleaning.

Number One: Kitchen Sponge and Dishcloth

Think about it. These are the two most-used items in the whole house, used for cleaning dirty areas, wiping up spillages, drying hands and cleaning appliances/surfaces. They usually stay damp for hours on end, providing a perfect place for bacteria to multiply. Most people rarely think to wash the sponges themselves, tea towels mainly get chucked into the washing machine every week or two. It is essential to replace these on a regular basis, otherwise germs are transferred from one surface to another.

Number Two: Chopping Boards

Yet another kitchen-based item, chopping boards consistently score high on bacteria checks. Used for everything from bread to raw meat to vegetables and salads, it is essential to keep these as clean as possible. We always recommend people to use separate boards for raw meat and fish. A thorough kitchen clean by our knowledgeable cleaning team always includes a thorough clean of food preparation areas.

Number Three: Handles, Knobs and Switches

This is a major point that a lot of people forget to do when cleaning. A nice finishing touch for many of our clients, our team always ensures handles, knobs and light switches are given a thorough clean with a disinfectant. Used by everyone that enters the room, they have a big potential for gathering germs. It may not be obvious but a dirty light switch also shows up a freshly cleaned room. Big germ harbourers include refrigerator handles and doors, doorknobs, toilet flushing handles, oven knobs and handles and kitchen cabinet knobs and handles.

Number Four: Sinks and Taps

Sinks come into contact with all manner of things and taps are handled by everyone in the building. Taps if not cleaned correctly can cause bacteria to get into the water that you drink and use. Check under your tap, where the water comes out – is there brown sludge or a black grunge? If so, they need a good clean! Our team are incredibly thorough in tap and sink cleaning, they understand just how important a clean water supply is to you. Sinks are used to wash everything from potatoes to boots to clothes to pets! It’s essential to thoroughly clean them to prevent cross contamination.

Number Five: Electronics

In this technologically advanced society, electronics are being used more and more. Being handled constantly and by different members of the household or office results in a breeding ground for bacteria. For offices, just think of all the different people using the printer, keyboards and phones. For those looking for residential cleaning, think of everyone using TV remotes, phones and laptops. These items are often overlooked and cleaned less often than the toilet, yet they are handled more often by more people!

Number Six: Pet Accessories

Cat and dog bowls are rarely cleaned as often as they should be. Used multiple times a day, sometimes if your beloved pooch isn’t hungry food can sit for hours in the bowl. Would you leave your own food bowls unwashed after a hearty meal? Many pet owners do not even consider the amount of germs left in their furry friend’s dish. Another area that is rarely considered are the cat or dog toys left around the house. Most toys are played with inside the house and outside in the garden, picking up whatever dirt and germs that are laying around at that time. It’s best to give soft toys a go in the washing machine and a wipe down for hard toys. Germs are not good for you and certainly not healthy for your pet!

Number Seven: Cupboard Tops

Rarely considered when giving a room the spring clean, cupboard tops can gather dust and dirt in no time. If people smoke in the room, a build up of residue can also occur. Our experienced Dublin cleaners always ensure to wipe down all cupboard tops to help promote a clean living space with fresh air circulation unhindered by hidden dust. Many items are left on top of cupboards and forgotten about, accidentally adding to the uncleanliness of a room.

Number Eight: Anywhere With Standing Water

This may sound like a bit of an odd point, but standing water is a breeding paradise for bacteria and harmful germs. Whether its a musty shower or an un-scrubbed bathtub, mould and mildew will multiply. Two items that are often overlooked include your coffee maker/coffee pot and your toothbrush holder. Coffee makers will often have a pot or container of standing water to supply the machine. Always rinse and dry these thoroughly on a regular basis, our cleaning team are always more than happy to clean your kitchen accessories. Toothbrush holders often end up catching unseen toothpaste and water after use. If you need your bathroom given a thorough a disinfecting and scrub down, get in touch with our team today.

So there is our quick look into often-overlooked areas within the home that can unknowingly harbour harmful bacteria and germs. What’s the best way to stop bacteria growing in your home? Give us a call today and inquire about our fantastic value for money cleaning services.

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