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The importance of cleaning your home or office properly should never be underestimated, as bacteria thrive in dirt and your family or staff members’ health can be compromised with illness caused by this bacterium build up.  We know that it is challenging for most people today to thoroughly clean their home. More often than not, many people think that their spaces are clean but have overlooked major areas of concern that only the professionals are aware of.

It is possible to hire a housekeeper or a maid, but for many people the cost of keeping a housekeeper or maid full time is expensive – the average housekeeper salary is €21 000 – €25 000 per annum. Using Clean4U’s contract cleaning services gives you the flexibility of not having a permanent employee working for you and of choosing the frequency and times that your cleaning service works.

Clean 4 U is a licensed and fully insured contract cleaning company offering daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly cleaning services as well as a once-off service for change of tenancy contracts for property management companies or real estate companies.  We offer:

House Cleaning

Building Cleaning

At Clean 4 U, we understand that for many of our customers, time is their most valuable commodity and we offer contract cleaning services using teams of two people at a time to service both our domestic and commercial clients. There are many, cleaning companies working in Dublin, and we aim to set ourselves apart as a long standing, customer oriented contract cleaning service company. A flexible, 7 days a week offering for our clients to work their schedule around is a key element of our customer service program.

We want you to enjoy your time away from the stressful task of ensuring that your house or office is spotless after a deep cleaning.

As a top rated cleaning company we have qualified cleaners who have undergone an extensive and comprehensive training program, and we know all the tricks of our trade concerning fast and efficient deep cleaning of your premises.

Working in teams of two, our professionally trained cleaners report to a supervisor who ensures that the work is excellent before the team leaves the property. This ensures that Clean4U‘s high cleaning standards are met every time. Clean4U knows that customer service is built by consistency and we therefore will send the same cleaner’s team to your property, when possible. Most of our Dublin cleaners have been with us for many years, and we trust them with our most valuable asset – our customer.  They understand and agree that our customer is the most important factor of our business, and they work hard to ensure that they maintain a professional friendly attitude at all times.

We are so confident of our excellent rating for cleaning home cleaning and office cleaning that we do not tie our clients into long contract agreements. As a contract cleaning company, we are happy for our clients to use us as long as they are satisfied with the high standard of work that we offer.

If in the unlikely event that the client is unhappy with our cleaning services, we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can always expect Clean4U to offer you, our valued client:

  • Safety – the staff members of our cleaning company are interviewed, screened and identity verified to ensure that they are reliable and honest with a commitment to hard work.
  • Peace of mind – knowing that we are fully insured is important for our customers.
  • Reliability – should one of our team members be ill or on holiday, we will always ensure that you have a replacement cleaner available for your booking.
  • Customer satisfaction – if you are not satisfied, we will rectify the situation

We use the most up to date equipment for all aspects of our contract cleaning services. This ensures a fast and efficient method of cleaning that does not impact our customer’s time schedule.  Our HEPQ Filtration cleaners remove 99% of dust mites, which are known for causing allergens and asthma flare ups. Our hot water extraction for carpet cleaning are excellent for removing even the most stubborn stains in carpets and upholstery.

All detergents and cleaning materials are provided by Clean4U which eliminates this high cost to our clients.

How To Book A Clean4U Service

Simply contact us by telephone, email or through our website (numbers and addresses are listed below) and chat to one of our friendly consultants who will discuss the size of the house or office that you require the cleaning service for, the frequency and duration of your contract cleaning session and provide you with a quotation that fits your budget and your schedule.

We have standard lists of our cleaning services available for our customers to review and any extra requests will be added on to the customer specific list as required.  These lists are available to review on our website.

Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the offer, they will book the date and time of cleaning for you and discuss whether or not you would like to be on the premises while the cleaners do their work, or if you feel secure enough to provide us with access to the property while you are out.

Cleaning Services​

We Offer Professional Cleaning Services In The Greater Dublin Area

We are Clean 4 U, the most loved and revered cleaning company operating in the city of Dublin and its hinterland. We are known to offer cleaning services of the highest quality for the most reasonable prices. You may be looking to get your place deep cleaned or might want us to visit you regularly for periodic cleaning. We will be able to impress you with prompt and impeccable services in both cases. Read on to know more about our services. 

Why Choose Our Services?

We Are Represented by Checked and Vetted Certified Cleaners:

Every cleaning professional representing our company needs to undergo a rigorous screening process before being hired by Clean 4 U. We only employ certified and insured cleaners.  

We Work 7 Days a Week:

We know that people in Dublin and its surrounding neighbourhoods may look for professional cleaning services at any time during a week. So, we also work on weekends. What’s more, unlike most of our rivals, we don’t charge higher fees for jobs done during weekends.  

We Offer 24/7 Customer Support:

Our customer care executives will be there to answer your questions all through the day. You can call them or meet them online for a chat. 

We Offer Honest Quotes:

Once a client calls us and explains his cleaning needs, we send a team of experts to his place to carry out a detailed assessment. This allows us to determine the kind of services the client requires and come up with accurate quotes. Our professionals would ensure that you are not burdened by any hidden expenses such as extra charges for shifting furniture. 

We Use Proven Cleaning Solutions and Advanced Cleaning Tools:

We manage to maintain the quality of our services even when handling big cleaning projects due to the kind of products and equipment we use. We keep adding cleaning equipment boasting advanced technology to our collection and also ensure that the cleaning solutions we use are powerful enough. Despite being powerful, none of the products used by us is harmful to the environment. 

Hire Our Professional Cleaning Services to Have Clean Your Home and Office

Home Cleaning Services: You may live in a big house or a small apartment, Clean 4 U would be able to make your place neat and tidy. Our experienced and trained cleaners will exceed your expectations when it comes to the quality of services. Our basic home cleaning services include the following: 

Office and Business Cleaning Services: If you are a business owner, you must ensure that the places representing your business look organised and clean. Clean 4 U has a dedicated team of professional cleaners who are specially trained to keep these places dirt, dust, spot, and mess-free. 

If you cannot keep your office, shop, or warehouse clean, you’ll not be able to provide your employees with a hygienic work environment.  

Unclean workplaces often become breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms, which leaves people working there at high risk of developing infections and other diseases. This means if you don’t take care of the cleanliness of your office or warehouse, you will soon see your employees missing work due to various illnesses. 

Only professional cleaning can prevent such events. So, if you want your staff to showcase 100% productivity, you must ensure that you get your office/business cleaned by a professional. Keeping your shop, office, or restaurant clean will also help you to impress your customers/clients and thus positively impact your performance as a business. Our business cleaning services also include janitorial cleaning services. 

Other Useful Services We Offer

You can contact Clean 4 U for a range of other useful services. Read on to know about them. 

Cleaning Services FAQs

Dublin is home to houses of different sizes. The costs of our cleaning services would vary depending on the size of your house. That’s because the size of your house would decide the number of cleaners we’ll need to appoint, the type of cleaning products we’ll need to use, the kind of equipment we’ll have to use, etc.


A reputable cleaning company would definitely offer both domestic and commercial cleaning services. Additionally, you’ll also be able to hire them to clean your carpets, windows, driveway, upholstery, appliances, and more. Top cleaning companies also offer janitorial cleaning services.


Janitorial cleaning services will help in keeping hospitals, offices, and other commercial setups clean by doing everyday jobs like mopping floors, emptying trash bins, dusting furniture, etc.

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