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The majority of us feel really good about a weekend long deep clean in our homes and offices. But, are we really getting things clean, or are we just getting the surface? If you’ve never had the opportunity to work for or with a professional cleaning service, then you may not understand all of the places that you’re missing. Tidying up and putting things in their proper places isn’t even half the battle.

Our homes are high-traffic areas, and few people realise just how much dust and dirt they accumulate throughout the day. Just running the sweeper over the obvious messes definitely won’t yield truly clean results. If you’re only cleaning up the messes that you can see, then you’re missing more than you know.

In order to truly and thoroughly clean your home or business, you’ll either need the help of professionals or several days and a step-by-step guide to deep cleaning. The average person doesn’t have the time or the patience to go through their homes piece by piece in order to clean and sanitise the entire area. Trying to do the same for a business is almost out of the question. This is when it’s a good idea to get in touch with a professional cleaning company. They’ll have the staff and procedures already in place to carry out the kinds of services that you need.

Not everyone will have a carpet cleaner or professional grade chemical cleaners on hand. A cleaning service has access to all of the things needed to get the space spic and span. They can offer everything from regularly scheduled residential or office cleaning services to one-time services for unexpected get togethers. Is it your turn to host Christmas and your house is a wreck? Calling in a cleaning service can eliminate that stress! Many landlords will also use contract cleaners in Dublin in order to get their properties ready for new tenants. These are just a few of the services that real professionals can provide:

Sanitisation and Treatment of Mildew

A true deep cleaning service is going to use special chemicals to sanitise both the shower and the toilet when providing services. They will pay extra attention to shower doors, ceilings, fixtures, and vents that may be neglected otherwise. There are times when they will actually pull vents or shower fixtures off in order to treat the entire area. You can also expect your grout to be scrubbed and brightened as needed. If mildew is detected, they will need to decide how to proceed. Some moulds require a different kind of intervention, but standard mildew can be treated with chemicals. A good deep cleaning service can treat the mildew and stop it from growing back.

Appliance Interiors

Many cleaning services will clean the kitchen’s surface, mopping, wiping down, and degreasing. A deep clean involves opening everything in the kitchen and cleaning there as well. This can involve the emptying and cleaning of cabinets as well as any drawers. Next, they will completely clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator and stove. These appliances will be pulled away from the wall, and that area will be cleaned as well. The microwave and dishwasher are generally done on an as-needed basis.

Detail Cleaning

This will involve washing and dusting each individual knick knack by itself, and then replacing them on an equally clean surface. Deep cleaning also calls for the ceiling fan to be thoroughly dusted, and cobwebs collected. The tops of doors, crown moulding, and baseboards will help to finish this out. This eliminates most of the extra dust that finds its way into your home.

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