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Do you have plans to relocate to Ballinteer and wondering where to find the best cleaners in Ballinteer for deep house cleaning? Or are you not aware which one’s is the best cleaning company in this small suburb in Dublin despite staying there for some time? If any of the above situations are true, it’s high time you get acquainted with Clean 4 U and its services. 

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Hire Us As Your Cleaners In Ballinteer!

We offer the most comprehensive house cleaners services in Ballinteer. You may be looking for deep housing cleaning or want us to offer specific jobs like window cleaning or carpet cleaning, we’ll be able to offer you the most impeccable services. 

Read on to know more about our cleaning services in Ballinteer.

Our House Cleaners Services in Ballinteer

We know that not many people get enough time to clean their house diligently. Even if the ones who can manage time to carry out thorough house cleaning rarely know the right techniques of doing the job. As a result, we keep receiving calls from potential and existing clients all through the day. While some of them want us to visit their place right away to help them in getting rid of the mess, others want to make us a part of their life by entering a cleaning contract with us. Here are a few options you’ll get to choose from when hiring Clean 4 U to clean your abode. 

One-off Cleaning Service:

You have suddenly discovered that a particular wall in your kitchen has developed ugly oil stains. As the rest of your house is more or less clean, you’ll not have your regular cleaning operations in the next few weeks. The only saviour you can have under such circumstances is Clean 4 U’s one off cleaning service. 

Our one-off cleaning services can include as many services as you want. For example, carpet cleaning service, upholstery cleaning service, kitchen cleaning service, bathroom cleaning service, etc. You may even call us just to clean a particular stain on your floor, furniture, or carpet.

Periodic Cleaning Service:

If you like our services, we would encourage you to hire our house cleaners services in Ballinteer periodically. By opting for our periodic cleaning service, you’ll make sure that your house looks neat and tidy and remains perfectly organised all through the year. Depending on your requirements, we may visit your place once every week, fortnight, or month for carrying out periodic cleaning. Other than that, if you have a big house or if you are too fussy about cleanliness, you can also hire us for daily cleaning. 

Spring Cleaning Service:

This is one of the most popular cleaners services offered by Clean 4 U. We cater to two types of customers when it comes to spring cleaning. One group wants their spring-cleaning package to include dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. The second group looks for a package that includes disinfecting, scrubbing, and other procedures that make different parts of their house grime and odour free.

When these people contact us with their spring-cleaning requirements, we ensure that our cleaning services include the services needed by people belonging to both groups. That’s because the broader definition of spring-cleaning is a seasonal cleaning service that would clean your home from top to bottom. 

Even before the pandemic hit our planet in 2020, we used to ensure that the seasonal cleaners services offered by Clean 4 U clean houses exclusively for health. Since the day of our inception, we have been using cleaning solutions that kill all the unwanted microorganisms hidden in different corners of the houses we clean. The commercial-grade vacuum cleaners we use come equipped with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters and as a result are capable of capturing as much as 99% of allergens, dust, and other impurities present in various parts of a home. 

By hiring our house cleaners services in Ballinteer, you’ll make every nook and corner of your home dirt, dust, and odour free. Our cleaning technicians will scrub, mop, sweep, dust, disinfect, and shine your bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, patio, and more. To be more precise, you’ll be getting your home deep cleaned by hiring our seasonal cleaners services. Things you can expect us to do as part of our spring-cleaning services include:

    • Kitchen cleaning: We’ll clean all appliances, counters, cabinet doors, ovens and ranges, dishwasher, kitchen walls and floor, etc. 
    • Bathroom cleaning: We’ll clean the toilets, tubs, sinks, showers, floor, and walls. 
    • All rooms: We’ll deep clean all furniture, carpets, windows, floors, walls, etc. Our technicians will also remove cobwebs, and empty trash bins if required.

Before and After-Party Cleaning Service:

This service of ours can be categorised as one of our one-off cleaners services. However, we have decided to mention it separately as we believe that party cleaning has some specific needs. 

For example, when we clean a house before a party, we need to take special care of the upholstery, carpets, and furniture to make them shine. We do so even if they appear perfectly clean. Similarly, after a party, we clean, wash, and also arrange utensils to ensure the hosts don’t need to spend their entire day beside the dishwasher. This service of ours is usually not a part of any other one-off cleaners services

If you hire us for party cleaning, we will allow you to choose from three different packages. The first package would include both before and after-party cleaning, the second one would include only before-party cleaning, and the third one would include only after-party cleaning. You can pick any one of them depending on your requirements. 

End of Tenancy Cleaning Service:

You may be a tenant who is planning to relocate or a landlord who’s looking for a new tenant for a property currently occupied by another tenant, Clean 4 U’s end of tenancy cleaning service would help you immensely. 

As a tenant, you must leave the place you have used for a long time perfectly clean and tidy. This will not only allow you to get some brownie points from the landlord but will also make it easier for you to get back the amount you paid as a deposit. 

Cleaning your property at the end of a tenancy is also crucial if you are a landlord as it will become impossible to get a new tenant if you show them a property that doesn’t look clean and tidy. 

Clean 4 U’s end-of-tenancy cleaning services include a deep cleaning of every room of the rental property. Other than that, if the property is furnished, we also clean the furniture. Depending on your requirements, we may also include driveway cleaning, power washing cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. in our end-of-tenancy cleaning package.

We Also Offer Commercial Cleaning Service in Ballinteer

When in Ballinteer, you’ll not need to look beyond Clean 4 U even when in need of commercial cleaning services. We score as impressively as commercial cleaners as we do with our house cleaners services in Ballinteer. That’s possible primarily due to our dedicated team of commercial cleaning technicians. These people have been trained specifically for cleaning commercial spaces. The commercial spaces our team has cleaned over the years include offices, shops, restaurants, sports facilities, gyms, hotels, commercial garages, warehouses, schools, construction sites, and more. 

If you hire us to clean your office, we’ll not only ensure that the walls, floors, corners, and carpets in your office are clean. We’ll also take care of the computers, doors, windows, and parking area of your office. 

Top construction companies in this part of Ireland rely on us for our impeccable builders clean services. The same can be said even about our school, hotel, restaurant, gym, and sports facility cleaning services

What Makes Clean 4 U the Best Cleaning Company in Ballinteer?

The biggest highlights of our cleaning services are our versatility and ability to complete cleaning tasks flawlessly. There are a number of other companies that offer similar services to people in Ballinteer and its surrounding territories. However, none of them can do the job with so much perfection. This is not something we are claiming. Our clients have informed us about this difference between Clean 4 U and other cleaning companies. 

Some of the factors that allow us to be so perfect with our services are as follows:

When you work with us, you’ll never need to worry about burning your pocket. Despite offering such comprehensive services and being so impeccable with our offerings, we make sure both our domestic and commercial clients find our services affordable. We’ll provide you with a quote after inspecting the areas you want us to clean and will stick to that quote unless you decide to hire us for any additional cleaning service. 

Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Cleaning Services FAQs

If you work with Clean 4 U, you will never need to worry about things like excessive pricing or unreasonable pricing. We are the most affordable cleaning company operating in Ballinteer and its adjacent areas. We’ll plan cleaning packages specifically for you so that they meet both your requirements and budget aptly. 


Our charges depend on the size of your home and the number of services included in your cleaning package. We can inform you about our charges only after visiting your house, inspecting it, and assessing your cleaning requirements. 


Every single person working for us is licensed and duly insured. 


No. At Clean 4 U, we always work using our own equipment. We have a fleet consisting of the most advanced cleaning tools and equipment available on the market at the moment.

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