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Why should you hire a professional cleaning service? Cleaning can’t be that difficult can it?

Many different types of people come to us for professional cleaning for many different reasons. A professional cleaning service does much more than your average quick clean. Take our team for instance – years of experience combined with an eye for detail ensures every possible speck of dirt is combated. Even the most adamant housekeeper is bound to miss one job off the huge to-do list, and that’s where the role of the professional cleaner comes in. Here’s an in-depth guide as to why you should hire a team of professional cleaners for your cleaning job – no matter how big or small.

1. They do the jobs you don’t want to.

Whether you’re a landlord needing to clean up after your last tenants, you’ve hit the morning after the night before or you simply can’t face cleaning the toilet, a professional cleaning company can help. All the nasty, mucky jobs you don’t want to do, a cleaning team will approach with a professional attitude and a wealth of products and knowledge to get the job done. We get a lot of clients looking for after-party clean ups, end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleans of their homes and after-building work cleaning.

2. They’re experienced and knowledgeable.

The majority of professional cleaners (our own team included!) have years of experience and professional know-how to solve even the toughest of cleaning problems. Something that would take the average person hours to clean up could take half the time with a professional cleaner. Simply put: they’ve been there and done that and as a result they know exactly what they’re doing. You could spend hours trying to clean up a particular spill or stain whereas a professional cleaner would know exactly what product to use to remove it in minutes. Experienced cleaners know the spots most people miss when cleaning. Some things just don’t spring to mind when cleaning needs to be done – do you clean the skirting boards? Above the doors? Door handles? Most people don’t consider these when cleaning a property.

3. It’s easy and convenient.

Hiring cleaners is simple and easy to do. You can then continue on with your day and get your other tasks done, safe in the knowledge your home or work premises are going to be sparkling clean and perfect on your return. Whether you just don’t have time to spend hours scrubbing or simply have better things to do, a cleaning company will clean everything you require to the highest standards.

4. It’s more than just hoovering.

A good cleaning company offers a whole range of cleaning services. Every aspect should be covered, even down to ironing the sheets! Our team at Clean4u perform every aspect of domestic cleaning, office cleaning, tenancy cleaning and ironing. A good professional clean will cover all the jobs you don’t – whether that’s cleaning out the household cupboards or scrubbing the shower. Many households hire us to do their ironing for them, ensuring a perfect presentation for those important business meetings.

5. Unplanned emergencies.

Life is full of surprises, you may have unannounced visits from that picky aunt or a surprise inspection of your business premises. Either way, you need a full clean and fast! If you have other things to oversee or a special dinner to prepare, get rid of unneeded stress and hire a cleaning company to take care of the mundane, time-consuming clean up. You might be unlucky enough to have a burst pipe or destructive dog that you need to clean up after. Can’t face it? Hire someone else to do it and take away the hassle!

6. Difficult jobs taken care of.

Some cleaning jobs require a bit more skill than others. Take carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause a lot of damage and the cost of repairs can go through the roof. Save the stress and time and hire someone that does a difficult job properly the first time round. Carpet cleaning can take a lot of time, requires patience and expensive equipment. Upholstery cleaning requires experience and expertise to see the best results and to avoid any costly mistakes. A badly cleaned carpet is easy to see and makes a lasting impression on the overall room – if you’re looking to make a good impression on your visitors or clients, get the professionals in to do a good job.

7. Saves time and money buying cleaning products.

Doing cleaning correctly requires a lot of specialised cleaning products, there is no magic product that does everything (despite what the label claims!). Running around trying to track down all the products you will need takes a lot of time, effort and money. A professional cleaning service arrives with all the supplies they need to make your property sparkle and smell fresh. Cleaners know which products are the most effective and efficient for the job at hand. Many products claim to be able to remove stains but don’t work, other claim to minimise smells yet just mask odours. A good cleaning time, like Clean4u, know the products that work and the products that don’t.

8. Custom Cleaning.

Any respectable cleaning company will do custom cleaning to suit you. Whether you need a focus on floors or want to do eco-friendly house cleaning, professional cleaners are there to make you happy. Essentially, this is the most important point on the whole list of why hire a professional cleaning company! They are there to keep you happy and complete the clean to your standards.

In short, a professional cleaning company will do the unpleasant jobs you don’t want to, clean quicker and more effectively than most others, know how to handle difficult cleaning situations and work in a friendly, professional manner. So what’s holding you back? Get in touch with us today and see how our team can help you.

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