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As the holiday season arrives, most people spend most of their time in their home and thus, they want a clean and clear home. House cleaning in Dublin may seem a challenging task for most people, as holidays are about fun and enjoyment and not meant for cleaning of home. 

If you are thinking about enjoying holidays without worrying about dust, dirt, and germs, try to contact house cleaning services in Castleknock to get a perfect shining home. Most people don’t know the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Even if you clean your home on a daily basis, you may find an accumulation of dust and dirt in nooks and corners of your home. Deep cleaning services can help you get rid of all types of accumulated dust and dirt. 

Here, we will try to explain to you the difference between regular cleaning and deep power washing cleaning so that you can choose the best maid Cleaning in Castleknock to get a clean house.

Home cleaning vs deep cleaning: everything you need to know

The cleaning that you do on an everyday basis takes care of only the outer surface of your home. Thus, only those parts of your home that are visible get cleaned. For example, we dust off our sofas and different furniture from the outer layer when we do the regular maintenance cleaning. But, the regular cleaning done by you at home also pushes the dust and dirt into different nooks and corners of your home.

You can’t expect any regular house cleaning to help you get rid of the dirt and dust lying into different corners of your home. For example, you can’t use the regular cleaning services to get rid of dirt and germs lying on the cracks and corners of your furniture. Clean 4 U offers deep cleaning services as well as do regular maintenance cleaning tasks. You can choose any of them as per your requirement. 

Certain equipment in your home like fans, kitchens, the corners or your refrigerator and ovens are exposed to dirt every day. Even if you do the rigorous cleaning on an everyday basis, it can be quite difficult to get rid of the pile of dusts. For all these equipment and appliances, going for a deep power washing cleaning is the best option. 

To understand the basic difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning, it is important to look into different factors:

Type Of Dust And Dirt

Dust is present everywhere, no matter where you are located. Dust may include pollens, textile fibres, animal skin, hair, soil traces and different chemicals used on an everyday basis. No matter if you live in a village or a city, it is quite difficult to get rid of dust and dirt. You need at least 2-3 hours of cleaning everyday to get rid of all these accumulated dust and dirt. By choosing maid cleaning in Castleknock, you can get rid of these dusts that accumulate every day. But, if you are not in favour of a maid who visits your home every day, there is no other alternative other than choosing House Cleaning Services in Castleknock like Clean 4 U

Climatic Effect

The climate you live in also plays a major role in the type of cleaning and cleaning agencies you need. Clean 4 U provides the best cleaning experience for people living in Castleknock and surrounding areas. We have been in this business for more than a decade and we understand the cleaning requirement very well. Thus, if you are looking for local house cleaning services in Castleknock, your search should end at Clean 4 U.

Cooking Style

Different households have different cooking styles. While some use less oil and oily products, others may use more oil in cooking. Households that use less oily products may get the best cleaning experience even by choosing regular cleaning services Castleknock. On the other hand, a household that uses lots of oil in cooking may need deep cleaning at regular intervals to get perfect cleaning. 

Cleaning Areas

Certain things in your home like the rug cleaningcarpet cleaning in Castleknock and upholstery cleaning are impossible to do on an everyday basis. Regular dusting may help you in getting rid of dust and dirt. But, deep cleaning is particularly needed if you want to get rid of the accumulated dust and germs. 

Thus, if you have to make a choice between choosing deep cleaning or regular cleaning, you have to pay attention to all these factors. 

What Is Included In A Deep Cleaning Services In Castleknock?

Living room parts

Your living room is the most used room in your home. Thus, it needs deep cleaning as well as regular cleaning services. A neat and clean room will leave a good impression on your guests. Your living room needs to stay clean from morning till night. All the money you spend in purchasing your beautiful couch, stunning paintings, and other decorative items may get wasted if you don’t clean it at regular intervals. 

Deep cleaning services by Clean 4 U will help you in carpet cleaning in Castleknockupholstery cleaning as well as rug cleaning in Castleknock.

Bedroom cleaning

Your bedroom is the place you expect to get needed relaxation and peace of mind. Your bedroom contains a bed, sofa, chairs, and different elements. It needs everyday cleaning; otherwise, accumulation of germs may lead to many diseases. Bed room cleaning by Clean 4 U will help you in getting rid of germs and dirt from all areas of your bedroom. Deep cleaning for bedroom will help you in cleaning of mattresses and carpets lying in the bedroom.

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is of utmost importance as you cook your food there. Unhygienic kitchens can lead to different types of dangerous diseases. You can’t expect to clean each and every element of your kitchen all by yourself. You need professional cleaners from Clean 4 U to get the best quality cleaning experience. Clean 4 U will come up with the best quality cleaning supplies and equipment so that you can get the best cleaning experience. 


Although bathroom cleaning should be done on an everyday basis, deep cleaning is also needed on a regular basis. Your bathroom is susceptible to accumulation of germs and disease causing bacteria. Professionals from Clean 4 U use the best quality disinfectant and cleaners to get rid of all harmful germs and bacteria. If you try to clean your bathroom all by yourself, you may need a day or two to clean it properly. In addition to this, you may not have the necessary detergents, disinfectants, sanitisers and brushes to get the best cleaning experience. Clean 4 U’s team will come up with all these equipment and supplies to help you get perfect cleaning experience. 

deep home cleaning service

Why Should You Choose Clean 4 U For Home Cleaning?

Clean 4 U is one of the most renowned names in cleaning services. We have a team of best cleaners and technicians who will help you get the perfect cleaning experience. Our experience and expertise will enable you to get perfect cleaning in no time. 

The best part about Clean 4 U is that we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Thus, we will walk the extra mile to help you get perfect cleaning experience. Since we have been in the business for a long time now, you can trust and rely on us to get the best cleaning experience. 

If you want to lead a disease free and healthy life, home cleaning is extremely important. By going through the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning, you will be able to make the choice. Not all parts of your home need regular cleaning. Thus, it is important to pay attention to different cleaning needs before you choose a cleaning service provider. We all remain busy in our everyday work and responsibilities and thus, it becomes difficult to get the perfect cleaning. Choose Clean 4 U and get perfect cleaning experience. Let us know if you want to get more details on house cleaning

If you’re looking for a reliable cleaning service in Castleknock, our highly-skilled cleaning team are the solution to all your problems! However big or small you might think the job is, we’re happy to help.

We offer an extensive list of services including (but not limited to):

Residential Cleaning in Castleknock – including spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, scheduled cleaning, window cleaning and once-off cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning in Castleknock – including factory cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, school cleaning and scheduled cleaning.

Tenancy Cleaning/Landlord Cleaning Services in Castleknock – which offers end-of-tenancy cleaning, leaving your property in perfect turn-key condition for the next tenant.

We offer flexible schedules if you require on-going cleaning; you decide the time you would like our cleaning team to arrive and complete the job. We offer daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and even yearly cleaning schedule appointments in Castleknock.

If you’d like to book an appointment or just inquire as to how we can help you, get in touch today on 1800 938 831 or 089 452 3433.

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