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If you’re looking for a reliable, professional cleaning company in the Dublin 15 area, you’re in the right place! Clean4U has years of experience providing our unbeatable cleaning services in Dublin and the surrounding counties. We provide both commercial cleaning in Castleknock and home cleaning in Castleknock.

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House Cleaning Services in Castleknock

We can provide you with a tailored cleaning plan for your needs. Here is an example of one of our scheduled home cleaning service plans:


  • Dust furniture and fixtures
  • Dust windowsills and skirting/boards
  • Wipe down doors and mirrors
  • Vacuum/mop floors
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Wipe/vacuum sofas when applicable


  • Dust furniture, fixtures, blinds, skirting boards and wipe down doors
  • Vacuum under the beds


  • Clean and sanitize counter-tops, sinks and faucets, toilet, shower, and bath
  • Clean exterior cabinets
  • Vacuum and wash floors


  • Clean and sanitize countertops, small appliances, sinks, faucets, outside of the refrigerator, microwave and top of the cooker
  • Wipe down exterior appliances
  • Clean exterior cabinets, table, and chairs
  • Vacuum /wash floor (as required)

Whether you need a repeat commercial cleaning service or a scheduled housekeeping service like above, we can create the perfect bespoke cleaning plan in Castleknock for you. Our extensive cleaning services also include once-off cleaning sessions for those emergency cleaning needs, after-party cleaning or post-builders cleaning. If you’re looking for help cleaning after building work, we offer specialist cleaning services to clean up the mess left after the builders are gone. Our team is experts in after-party cleaning in Castleknock if you’re in a rush (or just left in a delicate state after the night before!). We leave properties on every job we do smelling fresh and looking fantastic. Our team aims to leave your property looking like it’s never been used before.

Advanced Cleaning Service in Castleknock 

Power Washing: We have succeeded in retaining our position at the top since the day of our inception particularly because of our ability to evolve. We keep adding new equipment to our fleet and never hesitate to use newly introduced techniques to clean the homes, offices, and belongings or our clients. One such cleaning technique is power washing. It’s possibly the biggest highlight of our cleaning services in Castleknock

We have a dedicated team of power washing technicians. These people are trained to carry our power washing and cleaning jobs with ultimate precision. 

We use the most advanced power washing equipment available on the market. This allows us to come up with the best possible results for all our clients. Here, we would like to mention that we don’t use this technique unless the condition of your property demands it. To put it more bluntly, we’ll be the ones deciding whether a particular cleaning project required the use of power washing tools. 

The cleaning jobs that usually involve power washing are:

    • Fence cleaning 
    • Garage floor and driveway cleaning 
    • Widow and grill washing 
    • Outdoor furniture cleaning 
    • Vehicle and equipment cleaning 
    • Patio and deck cleaning (good both for tile and concrete patios and decks)
    • Exterior wall cleaning 
    • Exterior walkways and stairways cleaning 

Carpet Cleaning: We are by far the best carpet cleaners in Castleknock. Our carpet or rug cleaning services are the most elaborate ones you will find anywhere in Dublin. 

Before we begin to clean a carpet, we carry out a thorough inspection of the same. This allows us to understand the exact condition of the rug and come up with the most effective cleaning strategies. The inspection also helps us to spot areas that might require extra attention. 

Once we determine how dirty the carpet is and find out the stubborn stains and spots, we will apply our special soil lifting solution all over the dirty carpet. This solution has been formulated to break down oil, dirt, sugar, and various other gummy or sticky substances. Getting rid of these sticky substances is a must if you want to prevent bacterial growth and dust accumulation. 

If your carpet is extremely dirty or is filled with mud and other debris, we’ll apply an anti-microbial sanitiser or deodoriser to it. Other than removing pet odours from the carpet, this deodoriser will also eliminate bad smells resulting from bacterial growth. 

Next, our cleaners will perform hot water extraction or steam cleaning. We use industrial-grade carpet cleaning equipment in this step. These high-powered machines will leave your carpet 100% dirt and dust-free. The rinse we use is highly efficient and keeps carpets and upholsteries completely residue-free. 

After steam cleaning the carpets, we begin spot treatment. We can proudly say that we are capable of removing spots that no other cleaning company in Castleknock and its surrounding territories will be able to eliminate. It might be a new spot or an old one or it might be a spot caused by a coffee spill, we’ll be able to come up with the best possible solution for it. 

Once we succeed in removing the stubborn spots, we move to the next step i.e. application of a carpet protector. We do so to increase the longevity of your carpet. However, if the condition of your carpet is not too good and we feel that you may need to replace it within a few years, we’ll not apply the protector. That’s because we don’t want you to spend much on the carpet before you opt for carpet replacement

Once all the above steps are over, we’ll reinspect your carpet. This time, the inspection is done to make sure that we have completed our job perfectly. If we find that there are still issues that we failed to solve or there are stains we never noticed, we will reclean the carpet free of cost. 

Other than cleaning carpets perfectly, we ensure that your expensive carpets don’t bleed during the cleaning process. The material of the carpets will not undergo any kind of damage and there will also be no discolouration. 

Commercial Cleaning: Other than getting homes cleaned by professional house cleaning technicians, we also clean commercial spaces in Castleknock. You may hire us to clean restaurants, shopping malls, stores, warehouses, gyms, schools, offices, and all other kinds of commercial properties you can think of. 

While we treat both domestic and commercial cleaning projects with equal importance, we know that commercial cleaning might require us to use a bigger workforce or we may need to use more powerful cleaning equipment. Clean 4 U never fails to plan a commercial cleaning project exactly according to its needs. 

Are you wondering where I will get a window cleaner near me to get the windows of my showroom cleaned? Do you want the curtains of your office cleaned right away? Are you looking to get rid of all the debris in the driveway of your restaurant? The one company you can rely on in all the above situations is Clean 4 U. 

We do everything from upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning to floor cleaning and window cleaning. You may also hire us to clean the devices and appliances in a commercial space.

The Highlights of Our Cleaning Services in Castleknock

If you’re looking for more than the usual cleaning services, you’re in the right place:

Clean 4 U’s Commercial Cleaning in Castleknock includes factory cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, school cleaning and professional scheduled cleaning.

– Clean 4 U’s Tenancy Cleaning/Landlord Cleaning Services in Castleknock which includes end-of-tenancy cleaning, leaving your property in perfect turn-key condition for the next tenant. Our open day/viewing day cleaning services are particularly popular (providing a great chance to get that latest property spotless and sparkling before potential buyers/tenants view it).

Our team caters to both residential cleaning needs and commercial cleaning requirements. If you’d like to book an appointment or would like more information, get in touch today on 1800 938 831 or 089 452 3433.

Our professional cleaning team covers all the Dublin 15 area including Blanchardstown, Castleknock, Coolmine, Clonsilla, Corduff, Mulhuddart, Tyrrelstown and the Dublin part of Clonee, as well as Ongar. All of our staff members are covered under public liability insurance– so your property is in safe, capable, and trustworthy hands.

Our Castleknock and Dublin 15 cleaning services include:

-industrial cleaning -carpet cleaning -sofa cleaning -upholstery cleaning -rug cleaning -end of tenancy cleaning services -office cleaning -floor cleaning -mattress cleaning -kitchen cleaning -window cleaning -apartment cleaning -school cleaning services -window cleaning -power washing

For a free quotation or to discuss your needs in full, call 1800 938 831 or 089 452 3433 and speak to one of our friendly team members today.

Below you can see some results of our House Cleaning services:

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