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When it comes to creating a warm, welcoming ambiance for your home, nothing can beat a warm and comfortable carpet to walk on. Carpets can change (or create) the whole look of a room, the mood of the people sitting in it and even influence the impression people make of your home. Here at Clean4u, we’ve created a helpful list of the top benefits of cleaning your carpet.

1. Health Benefits.

Carpets are notorious for being refuges for a serious amount of germs and dust. If you have a family member who suffers from allergies or asthma, a carpet can cause them serious breathing difficulties. For carpets and rugs that have a serious shag pile going on, hair, dander and dirt can lay trapped. A thorough hoovering can sometimes cause dust particles and mites to rise into the air and not settle. Although sucking up some of the dirt, hoovering does not remove everything. It’s best to get your carpet/rug professionally cleaned to ensure all dirt and dust is removed for good. For those with newborn babies or toddlers just starting to crawl, a clean floor covering is essential, you don’t want them picking up anything nasty!

2. Carpets Look Like New!

Nothing beats a brand new carpet or rug in your room. The colours are vivid and eye-catching and the new smell is lovely! Over time and with daily use though, carpets and rugs begin to fade. Stains appear from accidents, they start to smell musty or dirty and you’ll want to start avoid walking on them. The situation is easily saved – carpet cleaning. The majority of stains can be easily removed by professional grade cleaning detergents and equipment. The Clean4u team haven’t met a stain that beat them yet! After a thorough washing, carpets take around an hour to dry and after that, they look and smell like brand new. Colours are revealed once the dirt is gone and the shampoo smell lasts for weeks on end.

3. Mini Room Makeover

Many people overlook the influence a carpet or rug has on a room. A well-matched rug can bring a room together, highlight a colour scheme or bring extra light and a happy atmosphere into a dark room. A dirty carpet makes an incredibly bad impression on a room. No matter how clean the rest of the room may be, everyone notices a dirty floor the moment they step through the door. Bring the overall attractiveness of your room back to where it should be with a thorough carpet cleaning. A clean carpet invites people to relax, take a seat and feel at ease in the room. A dirty carpet makes them wonder what else hasn’t been cleaned recently!

4. Appeal to New Owners/Tenants

If you’re looking to sell your property, do not overlook the importance of a newly cleaned carpet. Prospective buyers do not want reminders of anyone else living in the house, they want to envisage making it their own home. Cleaning your carpets is particularly important if you have pets, kids or smoke in the house as these factors all take a heavy toll on any carpet/rug. For those looking to rent out their property to new tenants, it is essential to get professional cleaners in and revive your carpets. Clean carpets will entice new tenants in – they also do not want any reminders of previous tenants living habits.

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