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After the dull months of winter, it feels refreshing to have a good clean of the house and prepare your home for visitors and summer parties. Of course, the usual jobs come first but there are many once-a-year jobs that tend to get forgotten about. We’ve come up with a list of 5 often-overlooked but essential places to clean during your big spring clean.

Kitchen Cupboards and Fridge

Spring Cleaning provides a perfect excuse to thoroughly go through all your kitchen cupboards and drawers and give them an incredibly deep clean. Do each cupboard one by one and the fridge separately. Completely empty the item you are cleaning. Go through each thing it contains – if any food is out of date, bin it. If anything is broken, bin it. If you don’t need certain items, either sell them or give them to a charity shop. Have handfuls of delivery menus, condiment packets or disposable cutlery from the takeaway? Bin it. Once that’s done, use a tough cleaner and blitz the inside of each cupboard, drawer and the fridge. Thoroughly dry the insides and place the now diminished contents inside.

Dishes, Silverware and Glasses

Of course you’re doing this in order! If you’re cleaning out your cupboards, you may as well give the dishes a thorough once-over too. Give everything a good soak and a good scrub. Not much point putting dirty dishes back into clean cupboards! While you’re at it, thrown out any cracked, chipped or discoloured pieces.


Often overlooked, radiators accumulate a huge amount of dust and debris. Wear old clothes for this one, it’s messy! You’ll need to purchase a radiator coil brush from your local hardware store (these can be difficult to track down sometimes). Run the brush into every crevice, nook and cranny in your radiator, including the windowsills and skirting boards surrounding them. The brush will knock any dirt stuck inside loose, simply sweep/vacuum it up.

Ceiling Fans

Cleaning the ceiling fans is often forgotten about or pushed off as unimportant. However, your ceiling fan provides the air flow for the entire room its in – do you want that to include dust and dirt too? First thing’s first. Turn the fan off. Either use a damp cloth or a delicate cleaner and wipe down each fan blade. That includes the top, side and base – remember you’ll be looking at the underside so be careful not to leave unsightly streaks.


The external side of your home’s windows get an absolute hammering during winter. They put up with rain, snow and if you live by the sea, salt. Not to mention build ups of condensation moisture helps dirt cling to each side of the glass. A regular glass cleaner is sufficient on both inside and outside of the window and of course it’s essential to finish up with newspaper. Use a large section of newspaper and progress across the glass in circular motions. This will prevent those annoying streaks and marks being left on your nice clean glass!

Here at Clean 4 U, we offer a full spring cleaning service, give us a call on 1800 938 831 or 089-452 3433 to see what we can offer you.

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