10 Smart Tricks on to Make Cleaning So Much Easier

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Cleaning home could be one of the simpler task we could do however, there are times that workloads are too many which restricts us to do these simple tasks. There may also be some task that we cannot do without assistance. Whatever type of home cleaning service, we have to admit we need a professional house cleaner to perform those duties for us.

We wonder how these home cleaners manage to so the task without hassle. They can finish on time and everything they left are amazingly clean. They have techniques and it varies on the type of job they must do.

We can be smart like them suing simple tips that we are going to recommend you.

1. Use household products to remove the markers and stains all around. Let us take toothpaste as an example. This product is regularly used for cleaning out teeth however, it has other usage more than you imagine. You can use this as marker remover in a hardwood floor.

Another example is removing the marker stain from the upholstery. It may seem hard to see it at the start however, there is  a trick for that. You can use three simple ingredients which can be seen at your kitchen. You just need to mix 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid, and 2 cups of water.

Blot the stain using the mixture and a cloth or sponge. Do the same procedure every 5 minutes for 5 to 6 times. Rinse with water and blot again with a dry cloth until it dries up.

2. Shine bathroom sinks regularly. Having a shiny bathroom is good to see. This area of the house requires a professional deep cleaning services because it is a place prone to stains. You do not have to worry if a guest might surprisingly want to use it if it is well-maintained. You can use equal amount of water and vinegar mixed together to clean sinks, countertops, mirrors and faucets. This solution can clean the toothpaste splatters and soap drippings effectively.

Clean4U also provide bathroom cleaning services you can advantage if you are having a hard time cleaning it.

3. Follow up on cleaning daily. If you do simple cleaning daily like sweeping first thing in the morning before you go to work, this can at least lessen tasks you need to do on weekend. You can also wipe the countertops every time you finish cooking so that stains are not collected and will not harden.

If you have a hard time doing this, you can ask Clean4U to assist you with home deep cleaning services.

4. Get rid of hanging things that are not supposed to be displayed. These are commonly seen on  bedrooms. Avoid hanging your shirt anywhere in the room because this is annoying to see. Tie hanging cords, too because they easily collect dusts. You need to tie or roll them up neatly. If you need to hang your belts or bags, you can choose a better place where you can place them in an organized manner. You can hang them at the back of your bedroom door or hanging area of your cabinet.

5. Take off shoes or sandals at your doorsteps. This habit will keep your floor clean and free from stain. You can wear slippers which are intended to be used inside your home only.

6. Clean kitchen mess while cooking. There are times you need to wait for the food to be cooked. While waiting, you can start washing the dishes and other cooking utensils you used.

7. Fold blankets and pile up pillows when you wake up. Do not wait for you to go home after work before doing this one because you may be tired to fix it. If you make it a habit, you will not be used to leaving your bedroom without fixing the mess. It will only take 2 to 3 minutes for you to do it.

8. Separate clothes that are worn at work and home. Having an organized cabinet will lessen your time to look for clothes. This should be done to avoid messing up clothes if you are in a hurry since you are almost late for work. Though cleaner for house can pile the clothes for you, it is still shameful to have them see your messy cabinet.

9. Return things to its proper place after you use them. You will possibly consume a longer time in case you need to return used things one by one to their designated places. This best fits the famous line “clay as you go.” Make this a habit and you will save your time.

10. Do not let your pets sit in the couch. Animal hairs and furs are difficult to clean especially if it goes deeply to carpets and sofas. Aside from that, their smell could remain on the area where they lie down. Animal odor is difficult to remove and even vacuum could not do it. You just need to choose whether you are going to keep your pet away from those areas or you will have a hard time cleaning hair residues.

Maintaining cleanliness of the house is just easy if you have good habits of fixing things during your free time. It is a good way to save your time which you can still spend for other useful things. It is less stressful if you came home from work and your house is totally tidy and neat.

It will give you a sound mind and you can focus on things that should need your better attention. Time management is another way to do a bit of your responsibility on maintaining the cleanliness of your home.

Following these tips are good habits that you can apply in your daily life. In case you need to get an assistance from someone who can do harder chores for you, do not hesitate to call reliable house cleaners near you. They are skilled when it comes to cleaning services in different areas of your home.


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